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Boys are so amusing

Mmmmm, boys.  Cute HOT boys specifically.  So much more amusing than you wankers!!  I had a quite amusing Saturday night…went out with this guy I’ve been flirting with here and there.   He is super good looking, but idk, still  a toy for Me.  Def not boyfriend material, which made it so fun just to get My kicks!  I made him take Me out to an expensive dinner (Princess loves a good steakhouse!), then out for drinks afterwards.  I was wearing this super hot low cut Sky dress, My gorgeous tits were just SPILLING OUT OF IT!!  He couldn’t keep his eyes off them all night and I enjoyed watching how pathetic it made him lol.  Boys are SO dumb.  He totally thought he was going to get some, esp after I made out with him and pressed My sexy body up against his.  Then I made a quick exit with some generic excuse, hailed a cab and went home!! Laughing the whole way of course.  It was just so fun to toy with him, esp because he was sure he was going to get some of My fine ass.  Cocky motherfucker, I am the bitch to put you in your place.  Of course, he wants to see Me again ASAP! Lol.

On Sunday, after buying My new sexy white leather rockstar bed (so excited!), I took a luxurious pink fluffy bubble bath,  true princess style.  I called My fuck buddy over to give Me exactly what I want…a real man with a serious cock!!!  Want to hear more???   Then call Me and beg loser!!!

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