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Read this page entirely before filling out the form!!

Filling out the form below is the best way to become a true and dedicated slave to Bratty Nikki, the hottest Financial Domination Femdom Goddess on the net. I will use this info to explore your fetishes, deepen your devotion to Me, and mold you into what pleases Me. Remember that you are only here for Me…there is no you. your only role, your only desire is to serve Me, please Me, worship Me, and spoil Me. Do not take this application lightly.

you are REQUIRED to send a tribute with your application! If you do not include a tribute, your pathetic application will be deleted immediately. Check out My SPOIL ME page for more info on tribute options.





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Terms & Conditions

you understand that you are here for Me. your only wish and desire is to serve Me, worship Me, spoil Me, and please Me. ONLY ME. you will not serve or worship any other Goddess while you are My slave. you will be on probation for the first 2 months if I decide to allow you the pleasure of serving Me. During that time, if you displease me in any way, you are aware you will be dismissed immediately.

you have voluntarily shared this information with Me of your own free will. you know that a monthly tribute is required of you and you are happy to do so! you are also required to spoil Me whenever possible and to serve Me in whatever ways I demand without hesitation

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