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Findomme Friday Pic Tease 10/6/11

Hey idiots!! Its Friday and your paycheck is mine.  Time to serve your financial domination Goddess as you should.  Be grateful that I am providing a hot photo to motivate your financial fetish…your unworthy eyes do not deserve to see this, but of course I know how to make you weak.  I know how to get what I want from you.  Now hand it over!!!

Photo on 2011 08 12 at 23.35 300x225 Findomme Friday Pic Tease 10/6/11

Spend your loser money slave weekend worshiping Me!! I deserve all your cash and its not like you are going to do anything worthwhile with it anyway.  Give it to Me and I will spend it having FUN and buying expensive clothes for you to drool over!

Now make sure you buy lots of clips in My clips4sale store, which will be updated all weekend –

And shop My wishlist to please Me!!

Want to contact Me and serve Me live?? Use Skype or Yahoo and have your credit card ready to spend!

I will be taking niteflirt calls on Friday, totally absent on Saturday, then may be around on Sunday.  Catch Me while you can losers because I live a very busy and fun-filled Princess life!!!

Call My Niteflirt lines to worship Me –

My ignore lines will be online all weekend, call to listen to My pool party ignore phone!!

Later boys!!

Findomme Pic Tease Friday 9/23/11

Hey losers and financial domination addicts!! Being a spoiled financial domme, I have a very busy weekend ahead of Me, partying with My hot friends, shopping, you know, the usual.  I know exactly what you will be doing, My money slave – worshiping ME!!!!

Here is a teaser pic to remind you why you wallet belongs to Me and Me alone (click for full size):

Photo on 2011 08 18 at 23.59 300x225 Findomme Pic Tease Friday 9/23/11

Damn, I am one seriously sexy financial dominatrix!!!  I see you drooling over My $1200 shoes, My short skirt, and My tight luscious ass.  This means one thing – you need to open your paypig wallet to Me!!  Of course, being the generous money domme that I am, I make it so very very easy for you to do this!!!

My addicted little money slave, you can start with Amazon gifts and gift cards!!  I need plenty of new things for My new home and of course, being the My findomme pet, its up to you to provide Me with all the lovely new things I want!! So get that credit card out and send your findomme Princess Nikki something expensive for My awesome new place!!

wishlist banner Findomme Pic Tease Friday 9/23/11

I really love amazon gift cards, send them to ! (copy/paste My email so you don’t mess up!)

Remember, send to
Now I will be online intermittently this weekend or not…make sure you message Me when you see Me on if you would like to beg to worship Me!!  My life is getting busier and busier and as a successful money domme, I am making more money than ever!! Yes, its pretty fucking awesome being Me!  Therefore, I am not online as often and only make Myself available for those money slaves I actually like and have big fat wallets for Me to drain.  Now if you are new to Me or not quite rich, that doesn’t mean I don’t have any time for you, just very little…make an effort to impress Me, make sure you message Me when I am available!
Of course, when I am not available you can always worship Me by buying clips via Niteflirt, Kinkbomb, or Clips4Sale!!
Have a great weekend serving Me boys!!!

I’m finally back losers!

Have you missed Me losers? Of course you have!! your paypig life is so worthless without Me! So you’ve probably been wondering why I haven’t updated or been online, exploiting your financial fetish for My personal gain. I had an absolutely wonderful time in Jamaica – enjoyed it more than I thought I would, especially for a family trip. It was absolutely beautiful and completely relaxing. A bratty princess trip review with pics will be coming up, so I will tell you more about Jamaica then. Unfortunately, I came home to bad news and had to rush home and stay with the other side of My family. Sucks, but I guess life is all about ups & downs, highs & lows, even for a financial domination goddess. Luckily My highs are have no limit and I don’t see many lows in My princess life! It was good to be with My family, but I am so so glad to be getting back to My city life! And I am definitely glad to get back to raping your wallets!!

My first day back I get a message from My dick lover, derek. derek loves to party, loves dick, and I’m pretty sure he’s a spoiled brat rich kid with some daddy issues, but he loves to spend on his money domme and I certainly enjoy taking his cash any way that I can. He loves to hand over his cash all day and night, partying and fantasizing about cock until he’s broke for Me!!! And not only does he hand over his cash, he does it in a major way…check out My tributes from Saturday!!

tribute00009 300x133 Im finally back losers!

$500 start from My cash princess addicted money slut! But oh wait, there’s more. Lots more!

tributei00008 300x61 Im finally back losers!

Yes another $500. Good dick lover. Everything for dick, right derek? Teehee!

tributei000081 300x61 Im finally back losers!

I also received several more tributes in the $100-150 range!

tributei00007 300x63 Im finally back losers!

tributei00006 300x63 Im finally back losers!

tributei00005 300x60 Im finally back losers!

tributei00004 300x63 Im finally back losers!

tributei00003 300x62 Im finally back losers!

tributei00002 300x70 Im finally back losers!

tributei00001 300x60 Im finally back losers!

Wow, seems like a HUGE financial fetish wallet draining right? And sure it is…but if you are Me, you want MORE. Always want more!! And so derek loves dick sent $1k in gift cards to pay for My hotel room next month when I go visit GcupBitch for her birthday!

tribute00010 300x224 Im finally back losers!

I love it, I love being a financial dominatrix and draining wallets in a major fucking way!! Talk about a fantastic welcome home and no cam either!! I hit the bong all day while talking to him on the phone and draining his account 🙂

Oh and before I left for Jamaica, I had another wallet draining session with him. He was begging Me to drain him any way possible, so I purchased Myself some SpaFinder gift cards on his Orbitz travel account. I am pretty sure his daddy is picking up the tab for these!! I could give fuck less, all I care is that they are in My greedy little hands!

pic2 300x225 Im finally back losers!

Yes 6 of them, but for how much you ask?

pic1 300x225 Im finally back losers!

Yes, $3k in SpaFinder for your financial domination Princess!! He gets fucked up and spends it all and I take full fucking findomme advantage.

So besides draining derek dick lover, I have a TON of new gifts. I will feature them in a gift post later, but first I want you to check out My hot new shoes…$1200 of pure luxury!! I fell in love with these shoes and HAD to have them!! Highly coveted, hard to find, and totally expensive. More expensive than My other expensive shoes. Of course, since I make so much $$$ being a financial domme and draining your wallets, I didn’t hesitate, I just bought them! I do plan on making a sexy financial fetish/leg & heel worship clip featuring these stunning beauties and expect it to be priced higher than usual…you high heel fetish and leg worship bitches WILL be paying for them one way or another!

pic4 300x227 Im finally back losers!

Mmmm, leather so soft and buttery…

pic6 250x300 Im finally back losers!

Total shoe-icide!

pic51 300x219 Im finally back losers!

Ouch!! My wallet definitely got a spanking. Thanks Barneys!

pic7 300x254 Im finally back losers!

My perfect size 8 foot in these stunners for the foot fetish freaks! A high quality leg & heel worship photo set will definitely be coming soon, but I couldn’t resist giving you losers a quick tease!


So I haven’t been around much lately, but as you can see I’m draining wallets when I can and still making tons of money! I leave for Vegas in less than four weeks though, so I expect you boys to be ready with tributes so I can spend, spend, spend in Sin City. I can’t wait to see My girl, GcupBitch, so we can party our asses off together!!! We always get treated like gold in Vegas and its so fun watching idiot boys drool over us and using them to our hearts content!

My Jamaica post will be coming next, then My gift post featuring My macbook, My Linea Pelle travel bag, new Glam Rock Watch and more, lots more! I hope to have some new clips out this weekend…in the meantime, here are My recent hottest clips in case you missed them. I didn’t have time to promote them before taking off to paradise. Buy them immediately and worship Me!

Ultimate Tease

perfecttease Im finally back losers!

Shut Up & Spend

ideserveyourcash Im finally back losers!

Snobby Cocktease

paymysnobbyass Im finally back losers!

Princess Tits

princesstits Im finally back losers!

Bratty Princess Worship

brattyprincessworship Im finally back losers!

Expensive Short Shorts JOI

myassismoney Im finally back losers!

I’m outta here losers!

seeyabitch Im finally back losers!

KBstudio120x60 Im finally back losers!

Also, I’ve added a bunch of hot new things to My Amazon Wishlist, be sure to please your financial domination goddess by shopping and spoiling Me!! I really want all the sexy new workout clothes from bebe and the bebe wedges right now. And I’m wanting something big again. Yes all you losers will be paying for it. Don’t worry, you’ll find out soon! Lol.

wishlist banner 300x38 Im finally back losers!

Later losers!!!

Bratty Princess Gifts for Me!

Hello, My pets!! I have an awesome gift post for you financial fetish losers. I am such a spoiled bratty princess and I love to brag about it!! And the best thing about this post? I have held some gifts back!! Yes, this is not quite all the gifts your favorite money domme has receieved…My newly addicted shopping fiend aussie matt has sent Me a TON of bratty princess gifts and those will be featured in My next gift post once everything arrives tomorrow. I love being spoiled and this money slave knows that and delivers. you’ll see.

Anway, lets get started with My many gifts!! These first few pics of gifts are from My local slave…this findomme loser was BEGGING to take Me shopping even though he only had about $1k to blow on his spoiled bratty princess. Obviously, I want to spend more and you really can’t get many good designer items for under $1k, but oh well. I love to shop! Plus, I really wanted a new xBox!!

Image00003 300x247 Bratty Princess Gifts for Me!

Xbox Kinect + Extra Controller + Games = $600 gift from local paypig mark

Image00005 300x221 Bratty Princess Gifts for Me!

New tee and cargo pants from Armani Exchange from local paypig mark

Image00007 300x300 Bratty Princess Gifts for Me!

Products from Bath & Body Works and Sephora from local slave mark

Image00006 300x280 Bratty Princess Gifts for Me!

Lingerie from La Senza & Aldo costume jewelry for femdom clips from mark

Image000041 300x230 Bratty Princess Gifts for Me!

Panties and tank tops from VS Pink from local money slave mark

Not bad for a cheap shopping day huh? I love being a financial domme!! So. Fucking. Spoiled. Now on the rest…

Image00001 300x258 Bratty Princess Gifts for Me!

New Sky dresses from usemeplease

Image00012 300x242 Bratty Princess Gifts for Me!

2 Sky tops and a Marciano tank from submissive aussie

Image00002 300x285 Bratty Princess Gifts for Me!

Uggs I made mr non magnum buy for My BFF

Image00008 300x133 Bratty Princess Gifts for Me!

Sexy heels for My femdom clips from mr non magnum

Image00009 300x224 Bratty Princess Gifts for Me!

Sexy outfits for femdom clips from mr non magnum

Image00010 300x254 Bratty Princess Gifts for Me!

Roberto Cavalli shades from mr non magnum

Image00011 300x229 Bratty Princess Gifts for Me!

Sexy stuff from hottiechaser, your_little_slave, and some anonymous jerkoff

Image00013 300x224 Bratty Princess Gifts for Me!

New Rock & Republic jeans from money slave usemeplease

Image00014 300x174 Bratty Princess Gifts for Me!

New Luli Fama bikini from submissive aussie and new L Space bikini from usemeplease

Gmail Gift certificate has been activated. 1300290508138 300x126 Bratty Princess Gifts for Me!$200 gift card to from My new money slave loser craig…purchased a HOT bikini with this, coming soon!

Well, those are all the gifts (besides ones from aussie matt) and as you can see, I am a super spoiled cash princess. I have a whole ‘nother box on its way to Me with even more gifts for this money mistress, so be sure to check back for that.

Also, I need a new macbook boys!! I have started to make each one of you tribute towards since after all, you paypigs get use out of it too!! And in just over a week, I am very close to My goal. Those of you that have yet to tribute, get on it asap. What’s weird is that some of My regular slaves are missing from this list of those who are good to their spoiled bratty princess…you paypigs know who you are and better be prepared to make it up to Me in a BIG way.

  • $100 – roosterdude
  • $300 – loser craig
  • $100 – sand monkey minion
  • $400 – aussie matt

Not far to go now and I’m sure I will have that shiny new Macbook in My greedy princess hands very soon!! If you haven’t tributed towards this yet for your money domme, click the link below and DO IT NOW!!

Send gift cards to



Bratty Nikki on Kinkbomb!

KB latex468x601 Bratty Nikki on Kinkbomb!

Losers, your greedy femdom money princess has another way for you to give Me your cash!!! Yes, I know I’ve taken forever to get My KB studio together, but damn, princess life is busy. Anyway, I’ve added a bunch of My clips so you Bratty Nikki addicts need to start go clicky click click on everything and put some sales in My account to make Me happy. Of course, My financial domination spoiled brat clips are only the start of your addiction…you will keep clicking and buying and become more intrigued, curious about this insanely hot goddess you are watching. Of course, your curiosity will overcome you and will be DYING to contact Me, going crazy wondering if I’m as beautiful as you hope (I’m more beautiful than you can imagine!), begging for Me to clean out your wallet like you deserve. So start clicking!!!