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Findomme Friday Pic Tease 10/21/11

Hi boys! Findomme Friday Pic Tease time!  Drooling already, aren’t you??  Here you go My money slaves…

Photo on 2011 08 23 at 23.27 300x225 Findomme Friday Pic Tease 10/21/11

So while you are drooling over your financial mistress, you better get those credit cards out and melt them on Me boys. your perfect cash Princess was bit by a freaking scorpion late monday night!!! I spent early tuesday morning in the ER on an iv because I had such an awful painful reaction.  I am still in a great deal of pain and can’t really get around without help.  This is extra frustrating for Me because I am soooo independent.  I had to cancel My halloween trip to vegas, which really sucks.

My birthday is Monday!! I will be 25!!  I am excited, but still bummed since I am not sure if I will even be able to do lunch and shopping.  At this rate, its not looking like it unfortunately.  However, I can ALWAYS shop online!!!  you can be a wonderful money slave to Me and send Me Amazon Gift Cards for My birthday to My email (

you may also buy Me a gift directly by shopping My Amazon Wishlist! Spoiling Me is the perfect way to please Me, especially during My birthday.  I expect to receive lots of gifts, expensive ones.  So be generous and do your part to make Me happy!!

wishlist banner Findomme Friday Pic Tease 10/21/11

I want you to do your very best to make Me happy.  I certainly do not deserve to be in pain, I deserve lots of tributes and gifts to put a smile on My gorgeous face.  Don’t be selfish.  Any so-called money slaves that fail to spoil Me for My birthday will be banished from My world and denied any contact with Me.  This is not a place for cheap, selfish broke asses.

My clips4sale store has been updated with some super hot new clips, go worship  and get weak for Me watching them, then spend spend spend!!!

Denied Ass Worshiper

deniedassworshiper Findomme Friday Pic Tease 10/21/11

Seductive Boobs & Legs Domination

seductiveboobswallet Findomme Friday Pic Tease 10/21/11

My Life Is The Best!

mylifeisthebest Findomme Friday Pic Tease 10/21/11

Boob Zombie For Nikki

boobzombiefornikki Findomme Friday Pic Tease 10/21/11

Beg to See My Bikini

begtoseebikini Findomme Friday Pic Tease 10/21/11

Anyway, wish Me a speedy recovery and a happy birthday the best way you can!!!!  Get on it boys!!

Findomme Friday Pic Tease 10/14/11

Its Friday!!!  Time to tempt My financial fetish addicts into spending even MORE on Me!!  I am a super greedy and spoiled money domme and I want you to blow your entire paycheck on Me this weekend.  I deserve it!!

Photo on 2011 08 12 at 21.23 300x225 Findomme Friday Pic Tease 10/14/11

I am sure you are feeling weak already, money slave!!!  Time to hand over that cash!!!  And since it is My birthday in 10 days, take your horny self and your credit card straight to My wishlist!!!

wishlist banner Findomme Friday Pic Tease 10/14/11

you deserve to spend for Me like the human atm you are.  I know you cannot resist My perfect curves or My bratty cash princess attitude and I am going to take full advantage of your weakness for Me.  Since its My 25th birthday, I deserve even MORE than usual!! I know, seems impossible right?  No!! Nothing is impossible!!! Now use My sexiness displayed above to motivate yourself into true financial domination and servitude!!

Worship Me further by spending loads on My financial fetish clips in My Clips4Sale store –

Want to contact Me and serve Me live?? Of course you do, money slave!! But you better be prepared to spend and spend big.  If you contact Me and are not ready to pay Me as I deserve, you will be blocked without a second thought!!  Now go buy one of My messenger id’s from the front page ( or you may email Me at…be prepared to tribute or better yet, TRIBUTE BEFORE CONTACT!!!

Go spend boys!!!

Findomme Friday Pic Tease 10/6/11

Hey idiots!! Its Friday and your paycheck is mine.  Time to serve your financial domination Goddess as you should.  Be grateful that I am providing a hot photo to motivate your financial fetish…your unworthy eyes do not deserve to see this, but of course I know how to make you weak.  I know how to get what I want from you.  Now hand it over!!!

Photo on 2011 08 12 at 23.35 300x225 Findomme Friday Pic Tease 10/6/11

Spend your loser money slave weekend worshiping Me!! I deserve all your cash and its not like you are going to do anything worthwhile with it anyway.  Give it to Me and I will spend it having FUN and buying expensive clothes for you to drool over!

Now make sure you buy lots of clips in My clips4sale store, which will be updated all weekend –

And shop My wishlist to please Me!!

Want to contact Me and serve Me live?? Use Skype or Yahoo and have your credit card ready to spend!

I will be taking niteflirt calls on Friday, totally absent on Saturday, then may be around on Sunday.  Catch Me while you can losers because I live a very busy and fun-filled Princess life!!!

Call My Niteflirt lines to worship Me –

My ignore lines will be online all weekend, call to listen to My pool party ignore phone!!

Later boys!!

Financial Domination Pic Tease Friday 9/9/11

Hello addicts!!! I will be posting a hot pic every Friday for as long as I feel like it or until I get bored with you idiots Lol.  My real reason is to tease you findomme addicts every single Friday…making sure you cannot stop thinking about Me or wanting to please Me and spend all your cash on Me. I am going to drive your weak little paypig money slave brain crazier and crazier!!!  Time to submit to a HOT Spoiled Princess Money Domme!!

Photo on 2011 08 11 at 23.56 31 300x225 Financial Domination Pic Tease Friday 9/9/11
It’s another gorgeous hot sunny weekend here, so I plan on wearing this bikini from one of My pets out to a pool party…turning heads and teasing boys all weekend of course!!!  I really don’t care what you’ll be doing, I’m sure it will most likely be LAME, just like you haha.  Most of you will probably be sitting around wanking as you always do, so be sure to spend some CASH on My awesome femdom financial fetish clips in My Kinkbomb store or My Niteflirt page or My C4S store!!!

Ready to contact Me and really serve Me like a proper money slave??? Here is how you can contact Me below:
skype small Financial Domination Pic Tease Friday 9/9/11yahoo small Financial Domination Pic Tease Friday 9/9/11

Click one of these messenger ID’s, pay for it like a good boy, and contact Me with CREDIT CARD IN HAND!!!

DO NOT CONTACT ME IF YOU ARE BROKE, CHEAP, OR UNWILLING TO SPEND!!I am not interested in you. I am for the elite, for those that love to spend and serve a super hot super expensive findomme.

you may also contact Me via email and be prepared to tribute!!!  Better yet, start off with a gift from My wishlist or an Amazon Gift Card BEFORE you even email Me.  Gift cards and emails should go to …if you are annoying or worthless, I will just delete you without a second thought, so please don’t waste My precious time or your loser time with the stupid emails some you worthless wannabes some of you send!!

Later boys!!! Spend your weekend SPENDING ON ME.