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AVN 2016

This years AVN trip to Vegas was short, sweet and fabulous! I didn’t have the energy for a long week of shooting and partying in Vegas after my crazy Miami trip, so it was Friday and Saturday nights only.

I flew in on Friday afternoon, first class as usual.

Image9 300x150 AVN 2016

On my way to airport, blood orange margarita while waiting, and FIRST CLASS ALWAYS!

I decided to stay at Aria Sky Suites this time and had their Escalade pick me up from the airport.  Love that service! My suite was absolutely gorgeous. Panoramic floor to ceiling windows, stylish decor, heated toilet seat (love that in the middle of the night!), touch screen controls and a beautiful sexy bathtub. Perfect!

Image10 300x300 AVN 2016

Aria Sky Suites…fabulous!


I had planned to shoot a bunch of sexy clips in that big beautiful suite, but the universe had other plans for me. After primping myself to serious lingerie glam, I turned on my camera and guess what? DEAD. And no backup battery in sight and no charger either. Dammit! I didn’t both to get too upset though and just figured I was meant to party and nothing else!! My lingerie was insanely hot though…guess I’ll need a financial slave to pay for that suite again and soon 😉

Image11 300x300 AVN 2016

After my non-filming fiasco, I got ready while texting my friends and ready to start the party! I needed alcohol since this was clearly not much of a work trip at all. That’s okay though because networking has the word “work” in it and that’s my favorite type of work – the social kind!

I wore a red BCBG bandage dress (purchased by a loser!) with my nude Louboutins and new leopard Loubiposh clutch. I am OBSESSED with this clutch!!! I planned my whole outfit around it and can’t wait to get more colors.  Only $1300 to spoil me with another Loubiposh…someone WILL buy me the pink one.

FullSizeRender5 225x300 AVN 2016

That evening, Princess Ashley and I headed to Nobu at Caesars Palace (our favorite restaurant) to meet up with Princess Kaelin and Princess Breanna. I love these girls!! My Vegas Crew. Perfect party brats. We had an awesome dinner, though we didn’t take pics of anything. My $160 bill still needs to be covered wallets.

IMG 0694 300x185 AVN 2016

Princess Breanna, Princess Kaelin, Princess Nikki, & Princess Ashley

After Nobu, we headed to XS at Encore. Straight to a VIP table as usual. It was fun, but all of my friends had a long day of shooting and I was tired from traveling, so we didn’t stay long.

xs vip 300x225 AVN 2016

Saturday morning, I woke up not hungover because I was a good girl the night before. Went to Forum Shoppes to look for a party dress since I packed terribly and hated all of my clothes. I love the Holt store and found a gorgeous hot pink sparkly mini that was PERFECT.

FullSizeRender6 225x300 AVN 2016

Miss Tierra met me at my suite for some pre-drinking…Dom Perignon of course!

Image12 300x300 AVN 2016

Once Kaelin and Ashley arrived, it was off to the party at Hyde at the Bellagio. This is the best clip site and we love them because they treat their models awesome! We were spoiled as usual with 3 dance floor tables, the best ones in the entire club. The Dom Perignon Champagne Campaign continued as the servers brought out not one, but 2 Dom P Magnums with tons of sparklers and even a Rocky theme haha!

IMG 9647 300x200 AVN 2016

IMG 0695 300x225 AVN 2016

IMG 0678 e1454716124172 225x300 AVN 2016

Breanna and I happened to get the best picture…are we IWC models or VS angels?

tumblr o1q7n963yW1twqtwbo1 1280 300x200 AVN 2016


What a fabulous night!! Thanks to iWantClips for doing it right – premium tables, premium champagne, private security and a professional photographer to capture it all!! I had a wonderful time 🙂

After Hyde, I had a few friends over for a small after party. We polished off the rest of the champagne and I went to bed praying I didn’t wake with a hangover (as usual lol). Luckily, Dom Perignon agrees with me very much and I woke up fine. I ordered room service and finished up packing before taking the complimentary Escalade to the airport.

Image13 300x300 AVN 2016

From Dom Perignon at Hyde to chicken fries in first class! LOL!

All in all, it was an easy and fun trip! No work, all play…just like it should be!

IMG 0356 300x200 AVN 2016

Thanks again to for a fabulous night with fabulous women! Loved meeting Mandy Flores & Sexi Raven Rae for the first time and it was great to see Sarah Diavola and Jason Ninja for the first time in awhile too. I was super excited to meet Miss London Lix as I have great admiration for her and she’s just as awesome as I thought she would be! Tierra, Breanna, Kaelin, and Ashley….you’re my girls for life, love you all!! XOXO!!

What You Missed In 2014

Hi guys! Welcome back. In my last proper blog, I shared my trip to Vegas that was not my best and I’m just gonna pick up there and zoom through the rest of 2014.

In August 2014, I went to Michigan to visit my family as I do every summer for my Grandma’s birthday. I also get to see Princess Mandy! I love going this time of year. AZ is just miserably hot, but MI is perfect, green and has Tim Horton’s Iced Cappuccinos.

micollage1 300x168 What You Missed In 2014

My airport travel style, green for miles, and my beloved Iced Cap!

While I was home, I took my mom out for a really nice seafood lunch by the waterfront. It was a really nice day for just the two of us.  I miss being by water so much!! Also, I still want to be reimbursed $100 for this. Send tribute at

lunchwithmomcollage 300x300 What You Missed In 2014

After some family time, I met up with Mandy to go to her place on the lake. She took me to get green juice and off we went!

beachcollage1 300x300 What You Missed In 2014

mybeautifullegs 300x300 What You Missed In 2014

Bugs love me! I have to keep my beautiful legs covered in bug spray!

beachcollage2 300x300 What You Missed In 2014So pretty up there! We ate well, walked on the beach, enjoyed sunsets and made REESE SMORES. OMG.

In September, the once-in-a-while financial drain addict popped up with a brand new Saks credit card. You may remember him from this blog post and this blog post from Ceara Lynch. $4k limit. What else is a Princess to do but max it out?? I had him buy me a $900 pair of gorgeous hot pink YSL Tribute sandals, 2 pairs of Louboutins around $1k each, a Gucci hat and belt, some clothes and an Alexander McQueen scarf. We went over the $4k and he had to pay it or I would not be a happy Princess! I always get shoes from him because, well, I love shoes, and I also like to tower over him. He’s a short little man haha. Height humiliation is so fun!spoiledbrat 300x168 What You Missed In 2014

In October, I pretty much skipped my birthday. My Grandma was really sick in the hospital and I went home to stay there with her. I love her so much and I’m sooooo happy to say she has fully recovered! Thanks to everyone for their well wishes and prayers.

Oh and I plan to have a birthday BASH this year haha. Wallets out!

November was pretty much just me getting back to normal, back to enjoying financial domination, making hot fetish clips, and draining wallets. I worked off all the bad food I ate when I was back home, ate healthy, worked out, walked my dogs, the usual. I had a nice, easy, low-key Thanksgiving at my brothers house and I needed that. I also loved my outfit!

thanksgiving 300x168 What You Missed In 2014

December started off with a big financial domination bang! An occasional drain addict of mine came around begging for a  major wallet rape. Ok sucker! He started with $1k and as I teased him in my bikinis and lingerie, I made him send me $10k total. Once the cash was in my account, I made a really hot custom video with it to really fuck him up! He probably won’t be back around for months, but I guarantee he can’t get me out of his head lol!

10kcollage 300x300 What You Missed In 201410kgif2 300x169 What You Missed In 2014$10k Stroke Session

Now guys, don’t get scared. I’m not going to turn you away because you can’t afford to give me $10k. I know not all finsubs can spend at that level (hell, this guy definitely shouldn’t have been! but he needed to!) and don’t expect that from everyone. I do have high expectations as far respect for my time. Whether you buy a 10 minute cam session for $100 or you go crazy showering me with cash, as long as you are respectful, there is a lot better chance the whole experience will be a lot of fun. Obviously, the more you spend, the more fun it is. This is findom after all!

December continued with some extreme spoiling like I deserve. Check out my piles of boxes! Mostly from my sissy Morgan/@PenisNonGrata and a couple piles from other slaves. Morgan helped me reach my biggest one day pile of gifts ever at 35 boxes! Impressive, though I am already excited to blow that 2 digit number out of the water. Yes, I want someone to make sure I get 100 boxes in one day. And yes, it WILL happen. I’m a spoiled findomme, of course I’m going to get what I want! Mmmmm and its going to be SO HOT.

spoiled findomme 300x225 What You Missed In 2014

Hmmm, what else? Oh yeah, I got highlights somewhere mid-December and I love it!! I don’t know how I had dark hair for so long. I totally forgot how much I LOVE my hair caramel blonde and I’m so so happy it’s light again!

picstitch 300x300 What You Missed In 2014

I really look hot both ways, but its always fun to switch it up!

I ended the year having a great time partying at a new club here, Livewire. Morgan paid for my girls and I to get a table and we drank Dom P and danced all night! Morgan loves to be a #GoodGirl4PrincessNikki 🙂

Image 225x300 What You Missed In 2014I’ll catch you guys up on 2015 soon! We have to talk about Vegas and Miami! Remember to buy my clips, worship & tribute at and buy me lots more gifts at!


Hawaii With Goddess Jessica

Hehe. So in my last blog on May 15, 2014 I said hopefully I wouldn’t leave you guys hanging for another 4 months. Only 2 months this time! Not bad huh? You’re welcome boys.

So lets talk Hawaii and my visit with the beautiful financial domme Goddess Jessica! I was so super excited to see her. When we were in Vegas, it was so much craziness that we didn’t get to hang much beyond the partying. Or really at all lol! Which was fabulous & fun don’t get me wrong, but I knew she was a super cool chick that I wanted to get to know better. In fact, I knew that from when I first saw her pop up on the scene and reached out to her when she was a baby domme. I respected her unique style & quick rise to the top! Ambition is one of my favorite qualities in a person, plus she’s also laid-back AND gorgeous AND looks great in a bikini! This past May it was finally time to go visit her on Oahu! Yay! I think we click because we both have a fabulous glam side and rum drunk beach babe hippie side. A recipe for a fantastic vacay!!

My flight was covered by my moron, who has been covering the majority of expenses from each trip lately. NOT ALL. This pisses me off, yet also makes me smile lol.  I know he wishes he could cover every expense for every trip, but Miami did some pretty major damage! Ooopsie!! I sometimes break my toys!! I always give them inspiration & motivation to earn more and repair themselves though #financialmuse #brattytherapist #tease #greedybitch #iwearalotofhats 🙂 Other expenses were covered by #bikinibitch, @bratnikkiownsme & maybe some others , though I can’t remember who covered what now because its been so long. Just be happy you losers got a shoutout.

Ok so back to the good stuff…Goddess Jessica and I!

Jessica picked me up from the Oahu airport around noon when I got in and guess what? SHE LEI’D ME. How many people can say that?? Only her loved ones and a select group of beautiful women! Gorgeous fresh Hawaiian flowers that smelled intoxicating. Aloha!

photo 3 2 234x300 Hawaii With Goddess Jessica

First we went to her place to drop off my luggage. Her home is beautiful, the entire neighborhood has gorgeous lush landscaping, and the guest bedroom was super comfortable with a sophisticated beach theme. PERFECT. A huge thank you to Jessica for hosting me!! She is a great hostess.

Since I live in the desert, I was super excited for fresh seafood so we went out for sushi at Banzai on the North Shore (I think?). A money slave picked this up of course and I can’t remember who, nor do I care to. I do however remember the excellent meal and the beautiful company, so whoever covered it…thanks for the memories! Enriching my life more than you ever could your own. You’re welcome again!! Anyway! We had drinks called Sake Sunrise and Asian Mist, plus a sashimi trio and a couple rolls. Delicious and a great welcome to Hawaii!

It was rainy off and on and getting later in the day so we skipped the beach for some sight seeing. She took me all around and everything was so so beautiful!! The air just smells amazing in Hawaii, especially at Waimea Valley. I really wish I had taken more pics! So many different species of flowers and trees, all coming together for breathtaking sights. The waterfall was especially pretty and here we are looking especially pretty next to it!

photo 5 225x300 Hawaii With Goddess Jessica

Goddess Jessica and I at one of the Waimea Valley waterfalls

We drove around for some coastline views, a bit of light rain, a bit of sunshine. A nice break from Scottsdale for sure. Stopped at an awesome fruit stand, which I wish I had gotten a pic of!! So many options, which was honestly a little overwhelming lol. I let Jessica take the lead here. I don’t even remember what she chose, but it was definitely delicious!

Dinner that night was at Roy’s and was super yummy, though I didn’t eat a lot. I think the booze and sodium from the soy sauce, plus the long flight, had me completely worn out. Back to Jessica’s where I crashed hard into the comfy bed with a cool Hawaiian breeze blowing on my face and sweet beach dreams for the next day.

Unfortunately the sweet beach day did not come. We did have a sweet drunken day though! It rained ALL DAY, like poured. With high hopes of the sun coming out, Jess and I threw on our bikinis headed off to a resort for some beach babe fun. Beach babe fun obviously includes day drinking and since Jessica is a great hostess, the first thing she offered me was a mimosa. Sure pretty lady!!! Her boy toy @cucksbowdown was around to drive us too! Like I said, great hostess 😉

photo 4 2 191x300 Hawaii With Goddess Jessica

New Luli I hoped to rock on the beach 🙁 Haven’t touched it since this day lol

Hoping it would clear up, we all dashed in the rain to the resort pool bar for drinks and lunch. Again, all picked up by money slaves. I had a Lilikoi frozen something and Jess had a cucumber drink that she really liked. Then we had more. And then more. Because it kept POURING. No beach pics today, but here is a pic of our cute feet as we drank up.

photo 5 2 252x300 Hawaii With Goddess Jessica

Back to her house for more drinking and chatting!! It was really nice just chilling and drinking at her home, getting to know each other better without distractions. Time flew by as we polished off the rest of the champagne and some vodka too!

Soon it was time to get ready and go to dinner and @cucksbowdown was around to drive us again. Very needed because we were pretty f’ing close to smashed lol.  Good thing too because I needed liquid courage for dinner. She took me somewhere I would most likely never go on my own and I love her for that! Jess is a major foodie and I’m a wannabe baby foodie lol, so I appreciated the push to be more adventurous. Maybe she can fill in some details in the comments because I can’t remember the name of the place or most things we ate. I know I had some fresh amazing tuna and also some chicken liver and heart I think??? And other things too OMG. Most of it was delicious, some ok, and some I didn’t touch after I knew what it was (the heart!!!). They were smart not to tell me what anything was til after I ate it. I totally believe life happens when you push yourself out of your comfort zone and try new things, so it was all great. Definitely a meal I will never forget due to all the new food and more importantly, the fantastic company 🙂

Goddess Jessica and Bratty Nikki 300x225 Hawaii With Goddess Jessica

Yes, she sat in the back with me while @cucksbowdown drove #spoiled 

After dinner, we went to a restaurant bar in Waikiki and proceeded to get more wasted. FAST. LOL. Well I guess not all that fast because we did drink all day long, but we sobered up a little before going on like good girls! We are bad girls at heart though because we were soon laughing our asses off and taking silly drunk pics. It seems every time Jess and I hang out we end up with a succession of pics where we are drunk off our asses at the end of the night and either hanging off each other or the nearby furniture! Same thing happened in Vegas #camerawhores haha. I love it.

The next day was gorgeous and sunny! Yay! My last day and beach time was definitely required. Hello, we are the 2 dommes that live in paradise and are always in bikinis.  We NEEDED beach time together!  At the beach, we grabbed some food and worked on our tans, opting NOT to drink due to the previous nights damage. We also took lots of hot pics, which you have seen privately from either Jess or I if you are one of the good boys.  Lots of feet pics, toes in the sand in high resolution. Foot boy heaven! I’ll share ONE of those here for free, the rest have already been posted publicly on my Instagram.

 Hawaii With Goddess Jessica

Send me back!!

photo 2 2 300x225 Hawaii With Goddess Jessica


Bratty Nikki and Goddess Jessica Toes In The Sand1 300x225 Hawaii With Goddess Jessica

Foot pile in the sand! This pic is a fraction of its original size. Pay up for high res!

photo 3 225x300 Hawaii With Goddess Jessica

Ok, ONE more beach pic! You’re welcome. 

After the beach, Jess and I went back to her house to shower and get ready to shoot clips. 2 of them have already been released and I’ll post them below. Be sure to buy and rate 5 stars for both of us! Both are extra humiliating, so enjoy bitches!

nobodylovesyou2 Hawaii With Goddess Jessica

Nobody Loves You

Wow this clip is brutal! Goddess Jessica and I really cut deep in this clip because we really want you to know the truth…NOBODY LOVES YOU. No one. you love us, but we fucking hate you. We just use you for your money because we know we deserve it and you don’t. That turns you on, doesn’t it? Fucked up pathetic horny loser!! We humiliate you from head to toe, inside and out because you are just so worthless and undeserving of love. And of course, the more we do it, the more you love us!! How fucked up and awesome is that?!! Loser. 

goodcopbadcop Hawaii With Goddess Jessica


Good Cop Bad Cop

Nikki and I are feeling devious, we want to play a game with you. You want to jerk s0o0o0o0oo bad, go ahead, do it! While Nikki winds you up and commands you to jerk, I’ll be sabotaging you with humiliating comments and unsavory visuals. Think you can cum during this devilicious JOI session?

Yes, I am so red on my chest and REALLY should have put bronzer on my neck.. Oh well. Just look at my tits haha.

For my last night, we headed to Honolulu to eat at this super special place that is Jessica’s favorite. Nanzan Giro I think its called. A real Japanese place with a set menu that changes monthly and the amazing yuzu sake you probably saw us tweeting about recently. Weird, different, unique, amazing dishes. AMAZING. Jess, I love you forever for taking me here!! I will go every time I visit Oahu for the rest of my life. Thank you 🙂

Later on, we walked around Waikiki and graced everyone with our beauty. We definitely turn heads together, a perfect blonde/brunette combo. As you guys are checking us out, we are laughing at how pathetic you are! Finding any excuse to talk to us, so funny lol. Our fine asses ended up at the Westin Moana Surfrider hotel, which was stunning and provided a lovely hallway perfect for #selfiewhores!

bratty nikki and goddess jessica westin moana surfridermaui 224x300 Hawaii With Goddess Jessica

We like mirrors.

This was also where we met the awesome gay guy that started talking to us by complimenting our shoes. He told us to go to Wang Chungs, so of course we did because gay men know whats up. What a cute tiny little bar! We bonded more over yummy key lime pie drinks with graham crackers sprinkled on top (KEY) and a mutual love of camera whoring.

wang chungs with goddess jessica 225x300 Hawaii With Goddess Jessica

Wang Chungs in Waikiki

A perfect last night to a much too short trip! The next day Jess drove me to the airport for my 12pm flight and it was over just like that 🙁 I must go back and soon!!! I loved all the tropical drinks & fruit, the crazy food I got to try, the beach of course, everything. A huge thank you to Goddess Jessica again for being such a lovely hostess! I had an amazing time and can’t wait to see her again!

Read Goddess Jessica’s blog about my visit here –>

And while you are at it, check out her AVN/Vegas blog too!  –>

In closing, we both have something very important to tell you…

fuck you very much 300x225 Hawaii With Goddess Jessica


Pay 4 Princess Life 3-22-14

I’ve decided you inferior male wallets need to pay for MORE. I love financial domination and I love My spoiled bratty Princess life!  My life is so fab and luxurious and it really shouldn’t cost Me anything, don’t you agree?? Good. From now on, you will be picking up My tabs! Even the small ones. Each tab you pay comes with a photo of Me enjoying your cash. Now be a good boy and pay for My bratty spoiled life!! 

jubyreceipt Pay 4 Princess Life 3 22 14

$25 on green juice? Who cares? you’re paying! 

btn ext buy now 136x34 Pay 4 Princess Life 3 22 14


gasreceipt Pay 4 Princess Life 3 22 14

Premium gas in My BMW on YOU! Thanks loser! 

btn ext buy now 136x34 Pay 4 Princess Life 3 22 14


grabbagreenreceipt1 Pay 4 Princess Life 3 22 14

Another $50 on green juice…pay for it weakling! 

btn ext buy now 136x34 Pay 4 Princess Life 3 22 14 

bloomreceipt1 Pay 4 Princess Life 3 22 14

I spent the day relaxing in the sun, so of course I needed some premium green!! I love that I am literally lighting your cash on fire. PAY! 

btn ext buy now 136x34 Pay 4 Princess Life 3 22 14


you’re welcome.

– Princess Nikki

Bikini Brat Domme Pay To View Photos

Hey boys, I know you want an update, but I’m clearly too busy having fun in My bikinis.  End of summer is the time to party, drink, relax, and fuck off and I’ve been living it up like I deserve! Lucky for you, I’ve taken plenty of photos and you can get a taste of My perfect brat life by paying up on Niteflirt. I’m so curvy, tan, and bratty, you can’t resist Me!

First up is party photos from the pool parties I had in August! So much fun! you wish you could come to a party like this. Bentley’s, Ferrari’s, and sexy dominant females living it up at My mansion in paradise!!

nikkisbratparty Bikini Brat Domme Pay To View Photos

16 pics!! $50

btn ext buy now 136x34 Bikini Brat Domme Pay To View Photos
I loved having My hot friends out and entertaining, but damn it was exhausting!! And I had it staffed with a caterer, bikini bartenders, and a dj, but still! So much sun and drinking and going out lol. Good thing I don’t have to work 9-5 as well, OMG! My spoiled bratty ass couldn’t handle that!

Since I went on a party bender with all My friends in town, I spent Labor Day weekend chilling out and relaxing.  Only a few people over, guavaberry coladas, reading books about positivity and the law of attraction, and working on My tan. Just enjoying Princess Life like I should be!! Step into My world with these pic sets, slave boy! I bet you would love to be My pool boy, wouldn’t you?

thumb Bikini Brat Domme Pay To View Photos

Sexy nighttime photos relaxing rich bitch style in My hot tub 8-30-31

btn ext buy now 136x34 Bikini Brat Domme Pay To View Photos
thumb1 Bikini Brat Domme Pay To View Photos
Oiled up in the sun, but not for you!! 8-31-13

btn ext buy now 136x34 Bikini Brat Domme Pay To View Photos

thumb2 Bikini Brat Domme Pay To View Photos

Perfection in paradise…wanna serve Me poolside slave? I’m very bratty and demanding!! 9-1-13

btn ext buy now 136x34 Bikini Brat Domme Pay To View Photos

I also took the time to put out a fun and sexy new game on Niteflirt! This one is Me at My finest, wearing everything that makes Me the most perfect, luxurious, enticing brat! I know you can’t resist!

NIKKIADDICTDRAINGAME1 Bikini Brat Domme Pay To View Photos

Only $10 to start! This game has everything you need to be a full blow NIKKI ADDICT! I show off in cute bratty socks and short skirt, a glam expensive dress, a flirty dress, a hot brazilian bikini, expensive Louboutins AND lingerie, which I almost never wear for you inferior males. Get addicted now!!

– Each level has 3 doors
– One door contains 5 pics and a bratty mp3, the other 2 just rip you off!
– Each door is $10…so each round will cost you anywhere from $10-30 depending on your luck!
– The final door has 12 PICS, plus an extra long mp3 AND a countdown!!

btn ext buy now 136x34 Bikini Brat Domme Pay To View Photos

Ok boys, update coming soon…hopefully lol! Lots going on this month, but I’ll be around here and there. I do have clips set to release regularly throughout September in My Clips4sale Store, so check regularly and worship Me!


The Babe Squad In Vegas

Goddess Destruction referred to us as The Babe Squad and its definitely appropriate! So now in all of our trips together I will be referring to us as The Babe Squad because it totally fits. I just got home from seriously one of the best trips to Vegas I have ever had.  And as someone who has been there somewhere around 30+ times, that is saying a lot!

Ok, lets jump into the fun! We all planned to get in later, around 9pm.  Princess Lyne and Goddess Destructions flight was late, so I edited My bratty femdom clips while waiting for them in baggage claim haha. We got picked up in an Escalade and went straight to our suite at the Wynn!

findom Bratty Nikki picked up in style 225x300 The Babe Squad In Vegas

Escalade pickup slave paid of course! he remains nameless because now I think he sucks.

Since it was so late, we were in a major rush to get ready.  Such a fun girly fest when we are getting ready together, especially in a hurry. Music, champagne, “should I wear this?”, “do these heels look cute?”, makeup, hair, toasts to a fab night, etc.  I love it. you boys would DEFINITELY love it! Oh to be a fly on the wall.  Anyway…

Our friend had a table at The Act, so we went there first. We looked fabulous of course!

Bratty Nikki and Princess Lyne femdom bratty princess life 300x300 The Babe Squad In Vegas

There were several group pics with My face. HOT drunk sexy ones! $elect eye$ have seen them. Not here tho!

Bratty Princess Nikki at the Wynn 225x300 The Babe Squad In Vegas

Princess Lyne snapped this pic of Me walking away and I LOVE her for it!! Thanks babe!

fuck you from money dommes bratty nikki and princess lyne1 244x300 The Babe Squad In Vegas

Fuck you!! Haha!

It wasn’t very busy there, so we hopped over to Tryst to go to another friends table. They were kind of boring, so we ended up on the dance floor for a good hour!! So fun!! The music was great and we had a great first night, especially considering we didn’t leave the room until 1am!!

spoiled bratty princess bratty Nikki dancing the night away1 225x300 The Babe Squad In Vegas

Having a great time on the dance floor obviously!!

We came home early, which in Vegas is 4am-ish.  A big day on Friday, needed some beauty sleep!

Friday…our pool day at Encore Beach Club. Super sexy, super expensive.  Oh and paid for entirely by our bitch Heelslave haha.  We ordered an $80 room service breakfast paid for by Lynesmundaneloser. We ate it in our bikinis too!!  How sexy!! Thanks bitch.

spoiled princess life off to Encore Beach Club 225x300 The Babe Squad In Vegas

Headed to Encore Beach Club. Cover up from heelslave.

What a fun day!! They gave us a lilypad right up front because we look hot as fuck obviously and the hosts just love to hook us up. We had sooooo many drinks…strawberry mojitos, skinny cucumber somethings, frozen tropical mojitos, pomegranate margaritas and more. Menu sampling is so fun!! Especially when money slave funded. Oh and champagne. Of course.  Our addicted little wallet heelslave coughed up $1k ($500 trib to both Princess Lyne and I) for this fabulous day!! Good job loser!

Bratty Nikki at EBC with financial dominatrix Princess Lyne 225x300 The Babe Squad In Vegas

Wearing heelslaves money (the bikini) AND sitting on it too (the lilypad)! Princess life is so fab.

the life of a spoiled bratty princess 300x183 The Babe Squad In Vegas

Goddess Destruction, Empress Delfina, Me, Princess Lyne

spoiled bratty femdom life at EBC2 e1374720683478 225x300 The Babe Squad In Vegas

Encore Beach Club BEFORE it got busy

Once it got crowded and too many drunk loser guys started hounding us, we decided to leave.  The atmosphere totally changed the later it got and it was time to go! Next time we will probably go to somewhere a bit more chill, smaller, and more upscale. Don’t get Me wrong, it WAS an expensive day and it WAS fun…but I wouldn’t call it an upscale crowd.  Too many horn dogs, gross!!

Hung out in the room for a bit, ordered room service (love the Wynn bc their room service food is SO GOOD), and relaxed some more before we had to get ready.  We started getting ready by popping a bottle of champagne.  Theme of the weekend lol.

spoiled financial domination princesses always drink champagne while getting ready 300x225 The Babe Squad In Vegas

Champagne and room service!!

money domme Bratty Nikki always looks fabulous 230x300 The Babe Squad In Vegas

I love this dress on Me!

We had reservations at Hyde at Bellagio, which I think is now My favorite club in Vegas. Every time I’ve gone, I’ve had an absolutely fabulous time. This night was the ABSOLUTE BEST!  They gave us a front and center table right in front of the DJ booth. All the hosts kept coming over to introduce themselves and gush over us. Of course they did! Look how hot we are!

Beautiful financial fetish Princesses at Hyde 300x228 The Babe Squad In Vegas

Fab drunk moment when Princess Lyne posted this on Twitter that night…she shows it to Me and goes “is this ok? Because you are totally a star!” And of course, I was all “I love it!!” and gave her a hug 🙂

We had such a fabulous night! I don’t think any of us sat down the entire night.  The music was perfect, we had excellent service, and it will go down as one of My best club nights EVER.  Love these girls!!We went to Drais for afterhours, then home about 5am.   In bed just before the sun comes up and blinds the hell out of you lol.

Saturday was a pretty chill day.  We slept til about noon, then went for lunch at Terrace Point cafe at the Wynn. Bloody Marys and mimosas to revive us!  After lunch, we went to the relaxed regular pool for some sun and swimming, which felt so so good.

bikini worship financial dominatrix Bratty Nikki 249x300 The Babe Squad In Vegas

Big tits, pouty lips

My legs and feet and everything hurt from all the dancing the previous night.  Lyne too, so we went to the Fashion Show mall across the street for some mini massages.  $75 each, also paid by heelslave! Felt soooo amazing too, just what we needed to revive us for a fabulous last night.

Since it was Goddess Destruction’s birthday, Princess Lyne and I returned from our massages with a bottle of champagne and a Nutella s’more to surprise her! We love champagne obviously and she had mentioned craving Nutella earlier that day so it was perfect 🙂  The Nutella s’more from the Wynn was sooooo good and I don’t even like Nutella lol.  The massages, champagne and sweets were the perfect combination to get us in the mood for our last fab night. We had reservations at Nobu!!

glamour findomme Bratty Nikki 300x292 The Babe Squad In Vegas

I wore My hair up and it was SO GLAM! More head-turning than usual!

Toast to the good life femdom goddesses deserve1 235x300 The Babe Squad In Vegas

Toast to the GOOD LIFE!

spoiled goddess dinner at Nobu2 225x300 The Babe Squad In Vegas

Nobu tacos…lobster and wagyu…barely bigger than a Tootsie Roll. $9 EACH! So we had 5 lol.

300 Nobu tab paid for by a money slave1 225x300 The Babe Squad In Vegas

Of course, it doesn’t matter when you know a money slave will pick up the bill!

So so good.  Even better now that the tab was reimbursed!! Our plan is to always do a sexy trendy fabulous sushi spot every time we get together and NEVER have to pick up the bill. Got it boys??

From Nobu, we went to a friends table at Chateau.  Not My favorite choice, but it was another friends birthday and we ended up having a GREAT time!! It all comes down to who you are with, right?  We danced and drank up on the banquettes of our VIP booth, great service, lots of eyes on us of course.  Somehow, the night flew by! That always happens to us findomme Princesses because life is just a fabulous blur 😉 Stopped by Body English for a bit of afterhours, then home at almost 6 am!

Bratty Princess Life1 300x300 The Babe Squad In VegasAgain…$elect eye$ have seen the good pics!!

Seriously, My very best trip to Vegas in a long time!! I want to thank Princess Lyne and Goddess Destruction for inviting Me out to celebrate.  I’m there anytime!!  Love these girls. I cannot wait to vacation with them again!! I’m sure it will all be money slave funded of course.  These boys love paying for our fun!

Bubble Butt by Major Lazer was the theme song of our trip!! Every time we heard, we HAD to get up and dance!


Some more quick tidbits about our trip:

– We did naked yoga.  In fact, we walked around naked or just in a thong A LOT.

– I’m not allowed to wear Louboutins when we are going to be dancing a lot anymore. Too painful! Moderate dancing at most for Loubs…but if I’m with Princess Lyne, I KNOW 100% we will be dancing a lot!

– We agreed not to drink any Patron or Red Bull to avoid hangovers. We won! No one puked haha, which is awesome for 3 girls partying in Vegas for 3 days straight.

– We didn’t get in a single clip.  Oops!  No time for financial domination clips when we are having this much fun!! However, we did take about 150ish pics. Select eyes have seen them already.  Unworthy ones have not.

– A quickie massage is now always necessary after a night of dancing literally all night.  My booty muscles were SO sore, but couldn’t get them massaged in the mall lol.

– We managed to run up a room service bill of almost $1200…champagne adds up lol. What else would you expect from gorgeous spoiled Dommes?

– Next time we travel together, I want one of you inferior weakling money slaves to pay for hair and makeup on the last day when we are worn out. Let them get us ready while we relax!! And you pay haha.

And finally…I know all you males are completely horny and stupid right now, so I’m going to direct you to the last vid we shot together. I am discounting it to $50 from its original price of $80 because I know you are so very very weak right now! Buy it for $50 while you can, price goes up again in a week!

poorforourperfecttits The Babe Squad In Vegas

 Poor For Our Perfect Tits 

Princess Lyne and I have a goal! We want you poor.  Depleted and defeated because our boobs are so perfect and you are are so stupid for them. Cards maxed, bank accounts emptied, then kicked to the curb like you deserve!  We can tell you want it sooooo bad.  Look how hard you are!!

A clip with lots of My face AND Princess Lyne, so yeah, its expensive. PAY UP LOSER!!


buynowinstant The Babe Squad In Vegas
btn ext buy now 136x34 The Babe Squad In Vegas

Til next time boys!!

–Princess Nikki

The Good Life…

I hope you boys are THRILLED I’m taking the time to do a quick up date before taking off for another party weekend!!

I’m in the midst of packing, primping, choosing outfits, getting a few online things done before going back to Vegas again and here I am giving you a little bit of time.  Ugh. Who is the spoiled one?!! I suggest you hit up My wishlist!!

Anyway, I haven’t been online much this last week with family in town. I had a great Independence Day! Definitely one of My favorite holidays. I spent it drinking pina coladas made in My slave purchased Margaritaville drink maker and laying by the pool. I spent much of the weekend like that haha. It was great seeing My family, but I’m looking forward to getting back home and spending a day out there completely solo.  Wearing a SKIMPY bikini, not a family friendly one!! Anyway, here is Me in My still cute appropriate bikinis this weekend!

bikini domme collage 300x300 The Good Life...

Went to a party on the 4th at a friends villa on the mountain…obviously I had on the CUTEST outfit of anyone there 😉

findom bratty nikki1 126x300 The Good Life...

Ah yes, Vegas again in 2 days. And I’m excited! Of course, I am, We are so fucking spoiled, its ridiculous!! Ridiculously HOT. Escalade pickup straight to our suite, music loud, champagne popped, getting ready for a hot night out, then all of a sudden its 5am and we are crashing. LOVE IT!! Definitely better than your Thursday night.

I love having so much paid for…today one My slaves (hashtag #panties4nikki) picked up the tab for our Escalade pickup.  Do you really think girls like us wait in a cab line like you common folk???? EW, no way!! We get in a sexy black SUV and go to a suite at a top hotel!!  Heelslave picked up the tab for our $1k pool party cabana day, $500 tribute to both Princess Lyne and I without hesitation, only gratitude. Good boy. Unfortunately the “slave” that was supposed to pay for our sushi dinner is a no show.  Go figure. Blocked forever.

The good news is that tab is opened up for someone else to pick up.  Which I’m sure someone will because this trip so far has almost zero cost for us haha. Keep your eyes posted to our Twitter accounts for updates and opportunities to pay for our fun and luxuries!

Bratty Nikki’s Twitter

Princess Lyne’s Twitter

Ok, I’m off to continue packing, hit the gym, get a spray tan. Go buy My clips, new ones set to release through the weekend. Enjoy!!

— Nikki

Super Bratty Wallet Drain Game On Niteflirt

Hey boys!! I have a new way for My financial domination addicts to blow their cash on Me!! A new super fun, super SEXY game on Niteflirt.  The first Pay To View message is only $2!! Of course, the price goes up…it wouldn’t be financial domination if it didn’t!! This game torments you through incredibly hot photos and super bratty mp3 recordings. HOT!!!

superbrattywalletdrain Super Bratty Wallet Drain Game On Niteflirt

$2 to start loser!! Each Pay To View message contains a HOT image AND a SUPER BRATTY mp3 recording, plus a button to get to the next step.  Keep clicking and paying for Princess Nikki!! So hot and bratty, My photos will make you melt and My sexy voice will make you totally stupid. How much will I take from you?? Haha, that is for you to find out. I only have one rule…no cumming until you get to the LOSER symbol!! Why? Because I think you are a total LOSER obviously!!!

btn ext buy now 136x34 Super Bratty Wallet Drain Game On Niteflirt

Be A Gentleman

What a concept. Gentlemanly behavior.  Pretty much dead save for a small percentage of you.

Here’s a hint boys: gentlemanly behavior makes you look GOOD. We are impressed when a potential money slave asks for financial domination/female domination WITH MANNERS. You would think this would be obvious to the inferior males, but trust Me…it definitely needs to be spelled out!

Don’t message with “hey” or “wassup”.  It makes you sound poor.  “Hi Princess/Goddess, I hope you are having a wonderful evening” is a kind thoughtful way to start and lets us know you can actually put together a full sentence (something you must be able to do to earn a proper income). Do not waste a superior females time. After your polite intro, ask for what you want…”I was wondering if I might be able to worship you on cam” or  “I’d like to pay you for some chat time” or whatever it is you are seeking.  All of you want something from Us. At the very least, you want some attention in some way…politely ask for what you want and you are much more likely to get it!

Another major don’t: Begging for attention on twitter. How tacky and classless some of you are!! Dangling an “I’ve got money” carrot is so unattractive and will only draw the lowest of “dommes”.  If you are truly interested in serving, contact Me in a private manner! You can email Me, use the contact form on My site, tweet Me and say you would like to DM and won’t waste My time, buy My messenger ID’s, etc. Its very easy.  So many “men” will post a pic of their casino winnings or bank balance with a “come and get it girls” type of tweet. Ew.

How you present yourself is everything. Do you want your first impression to a financial domination Goddess to be a good one or a bad one?  Being a gentleman, even if you are not a big spender, will take you much much farther than being a bratty asshole twat will. An entitled lazy attitude will get you nowhere but a blocked list.  Stand out from the crowd of self-absorbed fake money slave wankers by presenting yourself in a positive and desirable manner. Easy!

That is My financial domination slave advice for all of you…BE A GENTLEMAN!


Quick update subs!

Back from Vegas…for 10 days.  I have had one crazy week and lucky for you boys, I’m taking a bit of time to blog about it right away!

So last Sunday, I’m supposed to drive to LA and the most suck-y thing ever happened…hit some debris in the road and it fucked up My BMW, ripped the front bumper off and it was left barely hanging on!!  So I had to call My insurance company in tears, get a rental car, figure everything out and I got to LA super late 🙁 What a fiasco.  On the week I plan on doing two road trips, My car gets fucked up and I’m in a shitty Rav4.  Boo. Looking on the bright side, at least I’m not putting the miles on My car and when I get it back, the stone chips in the bumper will be gone 🙂  $1500 in damage, which isn’t too bad. Of course, if you are a good boy, you will tribute towards that whether its $50$100, or $500.  you can also find tribute buttons towards the bottom of My Niteflirt Profile.

LA…stayed at a nice hotel in Beverly Hills, got a great workout in the gym, then shot some really hot clips. I headed out with My man for sushi and of course stopped at the Sky Boutique.  How cute is this outfit? I love it.

img1 174x300 Quick update subs!


Casual shopping look. Raybans from heelslave and they look fantastic on Me!

Came home the very next day (Tuesday) only to leave for Vegas on Saturday! It was JessicaGBanks bday party and obviously I wasn’t missing that!!! Miss Tierra and Empress Delfina came out as well, along with some other friends and we had a great time. It was insane hot in Vegas this past weekend, like 120 degrees in the daytime and 110ish at night. Being at Tryst at Wynn with the waterfall right next to us, it got pretty hot and sweaty from all of our dancing. It definitely made for some sexy drunken photos!! Don’t ask to see them, inferior males will only be able to see them if they are given the opportunity. If you have to ask…the answer is no!

I will be very kind and generous by sharing this photo of My hot shoes with your inferior male eyes…

bratty nikki foot fetish financial domination photo 300x225 Quick update subs!


Slave purchased of course! Who? Can’t remember!

Sunday morning, Empress Delfina and I took JessicaGBanks out to brunch at the Four Seasons for a little quiet time and it was really nice, very upscale and delicious. Loved the fresh watermelon juice they served!! I will definitely have to revisit when I am less hungover because all I could enjoy was one pancake and a delicious vanilla latte.

I am now back home, recovering from all the drinking. I was sooooo tired and whiney yesterday, but today I got up, went to the gym and worked out hard, bought all healthy groceries, made fresh green juice and feel like the amazing spoiled bratty Princess I am. I need to get in excellent shape because I am BACK to Vegas again in 10 days with Princess Lyne and Goddess Destruction! It looks like Miss Tierra will also come out for one day/night and of course, Jessica G Banks and Empress Delfina will be there as well. I am so excited!!

Princess Lyne and I have pretty much used heelslave almost entirely for Our trip! He sent Lyne a gift card for our suite, which was obviously over $1000. He also sent a $300 Southwest gift card for My flight. Since we made him buy us expensive new bikinis AND coverups, today I told him he needs to pay for a poolside cabana at a hot pool party!! Of course he happily agreed and gave thanks for the opportunity!  You know those poolside cabanas are expensive!! We’re a group of really hot chicks though, so it won’t cost nearly as much as it would for a group of males. Don’t worry heelslave, we will still find a way to spend whatever you save on our sexy Princess cabana 😉  Lol!  We are also going to Nobu, paid for by one of My boys. I have ordered another boy to pay for us to order breakfast in bed, but I can’t remember who that was! Lol! I’m sure someone will pay for it. Of course someone will. We are spoiled findom Princesses!

Anyways, I’m really excited for that trip even though I just got home from Vegas. I’m already planning My outfits lol!! I’m such a girly-girl. I start planning outfits as soon as I book a trip! I am definitely wearing the new Sky dress I bought in Beverly Hills and the bikini from heelslave in the cabana he paid for.  Probably with the Raybans he bought too because they will look really cute with that particular bikini. What a lucky bitch!  I’m looking forward to filming more clips with Lyne and soon I will release the other one from the trip in April. Hey, waiting makes it that much more pleasurable right??

Alright, I’m done, going to edit some clips tonight, then enjoy the rest of My evening by doing some beauty treatments.  Til next time boys!!