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It’s spring and life is awesome :)

Hi boys! I thought I could maybe be generous and give you idiots an update. As you can tell from the title, My life is awesome…as usual!! It’s spring in the desert, the flowers are blooming big and GORGEOUS, and its been in the high 80s/low 90s every day for the past few weeks. And yes, My hot findomme body has been wearing a new bikini every day!! Have yet to repeat one this year!! No surprise though, considering I am the proud owner of over 50 bikinis 😀 Yes, I got them all out and counted when I was spring cleaning. Speaking of that, I hate cleaning!!! UGH. Why hasn’t one of you idiots paid for maid service for ME? So unfair for Princess!!!

Anyway…My friend Princess Mandy has been visiting. We have been spending A LOT of our time sunning ourselves and drinking by the pool!!!! So much fun hanging with My BFF. I really thought We would be going out and partying more, but its so so nice out that we’ve been drinking and partying outside during the day!! I really enjoy partying in My bikini, even more so than a short tight dress. We threw a birthday pool party for one of My girlfriends and it was great. I bet you idiots would LOVE to spy cam on that!! Hmmm, clip idea?? Maybe!!

Other than relaxing and living the life a cash Princess deserves, Mandy and I have been shopping and lunching a lot…real housewife style lol. I haven’t been online much I know. Can you blame Me? you idiots are fucking boring and the real world is so vibrant and fun and pretty…My world anyway!! Lol!!

I have to say, I am not pleased with quite a few of you. YOU ARE FUCKING SLACKERS. Seriously!! Does My happiness mean nothing to you? I do not need you. you need Me. Think about how much you have spent on Me in the last month or two…if its not impressive, I hate you. Now get your fucking act together and spoil Me like I deserve!

wishlist banner Its spring and life is awesome :)

Yes, I have cleared a lot of items off My wishlist. I want certain things purchased so I’m not giving you losers a bunch of options til you show you care about pleasing Me. MY ABSOLUTE #1 WANT AND NEED IS MARRIOTT GIFT CARDS. I need these for a trip with family in June…I love them, but I am sure as hell staying at My own hotel!!! And I am definitely not paying for it. That’s what you guys are for. So send Me all the Marriott gift cards I need and do so happily…My happiness is your happiness. your happiness does not exist without Mine!

There are a few other items that I would like to receive besides the Marriott gift cards…I’m sure I will add a few new things here and there, but I will be keeping it short til I get those items.

Of course, I have a nice fat amazon balance right now…but I’m saving that for something big. And I still need more, so of course gift cards will make this Princess smile!!! Send to

While I am not pleased with many of you, I have to say, I am pleased with all the clip buying!!! And its motivated Me to film many more super hot clips…including bikini clips!!! I’m going to spend this whole week filming lots and lots. I’m always open to clip ideas, but keep the long, very specific fantasies to yourself. I am not your puppet and this should be obvious to you money slaves and loser freaks. I ALWAYS put My own spin on ideas and that’s IF I even like your idea. And of course, a tribute or gift will go a long ways towards Me considering your idea!!

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lonelylosers Its spring and life is awesome :)Laughing At The Lonely Losers

btn ext buy now 136x34 Its spring and life is awesome :)

Clips4Sale Store #40635

Damn, I am so fucking perfect!!! I lovvvvvve being Meeeeeeeee!!!

Well, since I am so perfect and beautiful and amazing, I want to see more of Me and I know you do too.  Obviously, you boys do NOT deserve this photo, but its too sexy to not show off!! And I am certain this will motivate you to put that delicious sexy cash in My greedy Princess hands, max out your credit card on My wishlist desires, and become an all around better SERVANT!

av2Photo on 2012 03 24 at 13.31 2 Its spring and life is awesome :)

Amazing, I know!! Thanks to a couple randoms for the hot $ Luli Fama $ bikini!

Oh, one more thing!! Niteflirt – many of My Niteflirt listings are down for the moment, however you can still call using the buttons on My site.  Also, I have a phone-only line!!  I will be making an effort to keep it on more, especially since I’m not on cam as often lately. Use this awesome privilege to speak to Me and fall in love with My amazingly seductive wallet draining voice!!!

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$2.99/minute…a fucking bargain for you morons!!

Talk to you soon!!

–Princess Nikki

Findomme Friday Pic Tease 1-6-12

Findomme Friday Pic Tease is back boys!!! A hot photo every friday to drain your wallets!! Now get on your knees and drool…

imagePhoto on 2011 10 16 at 16.09 3 Findomme Friday Pic Tease 1 6 12

Damn, I’m sexy!!! Of course, this is just a weekend reminder to spend as you should right here!!!

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Later boys!!

-Princess Nikki


Findomme Friday Pic Tease 10/14/11

Its Friday!!!  Time to tempt My financial fetish addicts into spending even MORE on Me!!  I am a super greedy and spoiled money domme and I want you to blow your entire paycheck on Me this weekend.  I deserve it!!

Photo on 2011 08 12 at 21.23 300x225 Findomme Friday Pic Tease 10/14/11

I am sure you are feeling weak already, money slave!!!  Time to hand over that cash!!!  And since it is My birthday in 10 days, take your horny self and your credit card straight to My wishlist!!!

wishlist banner Findomme Friday Pic Tease 10/14/11

you deserve to spend for Me like the human atm you are.  I know you cannot resist My perfect curves or My bratty cash princess attitude and I am going to take full advantage of your weakness for Me.  Since its My 25th birthday, I deserve even MORE than usual!! I know, seems impossible right?  No!! Nothing is impossible!!! Now use My sexiness displayed above to motivate yourself into true financial domination and servitude!!

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Findomme Pic Tease Friday 9/16/11

Photo on 2011 08 23 at 23.28 300x225 Findomme Pic Tease Friday 9/16/11

How hot is this pic?!?!  you can even see some of My shoes in the background lol.  Worship and admire My hot body, My beautiful cleavage, My perfect curvy ass and My long slender perfectly manicure finger.  No wonder you have to pay for My bratty princess attention!!! I’m showing off this sexy Sky dress for Findomme Pic Tease Friday…aliasboy bought it for Me because I absolutely had to have it and he loves to put a smile on My face.  you can do that too!! Click on My wishlist and buy Me something!!

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KBStudio234x60 Findomme Pic Tease Friday 9/16/11

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Spend your weekend worshiping Me like you should, money slave!!!

Financial Domination Pic Tease Friday 9/9/11

Hello addicts!!! I will be posting a hot pic every Friday for as long as I feel like it or until I get bored with you idiots Lol.  My real reason is to tease you findomme addicts every single Friday…making sure you cannot stop thinking about Me or wanting to please Me and spend all your cash on Me. I am going to drive your weak little paypig money slave brain crazier and crazier!!!  Time to submit to a HOT Spoiled Princess Money Domme!!

Photo on 2011 08 11 at 23.56 31 300x225 Financial Domination Pic Tease Friday 9/9/11
It’s another gorgeous hot sunny weekend here, so I plan on wearing this bikini from one of My pets out to a pool party…turning heads and teasing boys all weekend of course!!!  I really don’t care what you’ll be doing, I’m sure it will most likely be LAME, just like you haha.  Most of you will probably be sitting around wanking as you always do, so be sure to spend some CASH on My awesome femdom financial fetish clips in My Kinkbomb store or My Niteflirt page or My C4S store!!!

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DO NOT CONTACT ME IF YOU ARE BROKE, CHEAP, OR UNWILLING TO SPEND!!I am not interested in you. I am for the elite, for those that love to spend and serve a super hot super expensive findomme.

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Later boys!!! Spend your weekend SPENDING ON ME.

Las Vegas, Road trip, and I’ve moved!!!

Hello, idiots, boys, and lovely ladies!  I have been meaning to do this blog post for awhile now and it seems like that every time I blog.  My life has been super crazy lately!!!  Let’s start where I left off last blog post…

In June, I went to Vegas to visit GcupBitch and celebrate her birthday.  We have been friends for a long time and it was so much fun to reunite and enjoy being spoiled bitches together!!!  We stayed at a private villa together and filmed sooooo many clips to drain your wallets, while enjoying the pool and huge house.  This was paid for by our pay pigs of course and you can buy the clips in My Kinkbomb store.

Meeting the lovely ladies Leah Star, Goddess Michelle, and Princess Rene at Rene’s pool party was definitely a highlight!! Rene’s house is amazing and she has blogged about her beautiful pool and grotto, so go read it and be jealous!!  I don’t think any of Us took any pics, but that’s just fine.  Sometimes its more fun to let you boys wonder than to really let you into our awesome lives *evil laugh*  The pool party was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed getting to meet these amazing gorgeous women…can’t wait to come back!!!

One of My favorite parts of the trip was this SICK private pool party We went to!!!  This villa rents for $3k+ night and is easily the nicest home I’ve been to in Las Vegas.  They had a really great DJ, stripper poles, and plenty of hot chicks hanging out by the amazing pool.  you boys only dream of this kind of life!! Now drool over these hot pics and be grateful that I am so kind as to share them with your undeserving eyes!

imageDSC01751 300x240 Las Vegas, Road trip, and Ive moved!!!

imageDSC01750 300x240 Las Vegas, Road trip, and Ive moved!!!

This party was easily one of the best I’ve been to in LV!! And I have been to My fair share of Vegas pool parties.  I think the  exclusivity and AMAZING pool added to the fun, really making it the perfect way to spend a Princess day.  Fabulous!!  Plus, We had so much fun, teasing the boys in our bikinis, having them make our drinks and follow us around like the stupid puppies they are haha.  So much fun being a Domme and using boys, especially when they don’t even REALIZE they are being used!

Like My bikini?? Of course you do!! Its a Luli Fama from My very best bikini addict…well he says I am the bikini addict and he is the Nikki addict lol.  Definitely true, but I do think these are his favorite thing to buy Me.  Can you blame him??

Speaking of, I have almost ALL of the Luli Fama bikinis from the 2011 collection that I desire!! I only want 2 more and one of you boys is going to step up and buy them.  Then I will have every single Luli I like from this years collection, which is AWESOME.

Check out this one I bought in Vegas with the cash from the custom “Vegas Cash Grab” ppv vids I sent to freddy.  He couldn’t resist blowing through $700 or so (of course!) and I picked up this Luli at the bikini shop at Encore (which is fantastic ladies, definitely worth a visit).  So sexy!!!  I also posted a pic of Me wearing this on My twitter, so go follow Me!!

DSC01795 300x275 Las Vegas, Road trip, and Ive moved!!!

Check out this adorable Dior bag the boy I am seeing picked up for Me!!!!  I swear, My heart jumped when I saw it at the Wynn. I needed it right then and obviously no man can resist putting a smile on My face!!  So cute and so totally Me, I absolutely love it and cannot resist showing it off here.

DSC01794 300x256 Las Vegas, Road trip, and Ive moved!!!

My new favorite game in Vegas, Rich Little Piggies!!! So much fun, especially for a money domme!!!

imageDSC01785 300x240 Las Vegas, Road trip, and Ive moved!!!

So, I’ve been toying with the idea of moving and was thinking after summer, but after Vegas, I just wanted to get the hell out of the city.  Not that I don’t love the city, but I’m over it and totally ready for a change.  Palm trees and sunshine sound so very nice to Me, so I decided on Scottsdale where I’ve spent some time before and have quite a few friends.    When I want something, I want it RIGHT NOW, so I decided to move within 3 weeks!!!  I put My awesome Entertainment District condo for lease fully furnished with a vacation/executive rental agency and took off !!!

Spent some time in midwest with family, then road tripped across the country with My cousin straight to…

imageDSC02150 300x240 Las Vegas, Road trip, and Ive moved!!!

I did pretty much everything I could in 2 days in LA…sunset at Venice Beach (I love Venice so much, have since I was a kid!), Walk of Fame, shopping on Robertson (love the Sky boutique!), Hollywood sign, Santa Monica, and more!

My favorites on the Walk of Fame…

imageDSC02135 300x240 Las Vegas, Road trip, and Ive moved!!!

imageDSC02139 300x240 Las Vegas, Road trip, and Ive moved!!!

After leaving LA, I drove down the PCH and caught the most gorgeous sunset in La Jolla…I think this is where I will ultimately settle down one day 🙂  I can’t imagine a more perfect place to live, absolutely gorgeous.

imageDSC02159 300x240 Las Vegas, Road trip, and Ive moved!!!

Of course, there was lots of in between, but I’m obviously not going to share EVERYTHING with you wankers!!! I just don’t have time for that!! It took Me the whole summer just to get an update together lol.  I did share more via My twitter along the way, so follow Me and check My tweets for tidbits and more pics!!!/bratty_nikki

I have many more updates to do…several gift pictures that will need to broken down into a few posts, some bragging about My new pic addict and all the cash he has blown on Me, and quite a few new clips as well!!  Make sure you come back over the next few weeks and read about all My findomme awesome-ness.  I know you boys love hearing how awesome My life is compared to yours and honestly, I love rubbing it in your face!!  Talk to you soon, now go visit My wishlist and make My gorgeous smile even bigger!!

wishlist banner Las Vegas, Road trip, and Ive moved!!!

Princess in Jamaica!!

Ok readers, I know this post is loooooong overdue!! I got back from Jamaica a month and a half ago, but yes I am just getting around to sharing with you losers now.  Oh well!  I am a busy money Domme!

Well, Jamaica was absolutely wonderful!  To be honest, I wasn’t sure that I’d have a great time, simply because it was not My kind of trip – family vacation at an all inclusive (yuck!).  I really hate all-inclusives.  I don’t enjoy being with the masses, I don’t enjoy buffet food, I don’t enjoy loud, drunk, obnoxious people.  I like exclusive and luxurious because, lets face it – I am a HUGE snob!  But I still managed to have a wonderful time!!  I think because I was with My family it was easier for Me to let go of My snob factor and just enjoy Myself.  We all had a great time and it was one of the best family trips we have taken so far.  Yes, My family vacations better than yours!!

So anyway, I knew it would be a good trip to begin with because I landed in Jamaica on 4/20!!!  Check it out!

passport 300x225 Princess in Jamaica!!

And of course, I had this shortly after arriving at our hotel…can you believe weed this green and gorgeous grows out of the ground there with no chemicals?!?!  Dommes, if you like to smoke, Jamaica is the vacay spot for you! In fact, message Me if you are going and I will give the # of a wonderful, friendly, and safe driver/hookup!

pic11 300x225 Princess in Jamaica!!Wow!! I loved it.  Smoked really nice and slow since it was so damn STICKY!!

pic2 300x225 Princess in Jamaica!!

View from this cliff was wonderful!! Look how clear and calm that water is…heaven!!

pic6 300x225 Princess in Jamaica!!

Check out this circular rainbow around the sun!! Absolutely stunning!  First time I’ve ever seen a rainbow like that!

pic4 300x225 Princess in Jamaica!!

This locals beach was one of My favorite days!!  In fact, the 2 days we spend off the resort were tops IMO.  We grabbed jerk chicken from a roadside grill, which was AMAZING!!  Ate it on the quiet perfect beach, smoked with some rasta dudes (who seemed to pop up all the time, like cartoons! very convenient!)  and just had a wonderful relaxing Jamaican day.  Perfect!!

The Jamaican sunsets were out of this world!! Some of the best I’ve seen and I’ve been to the Caribbean quite a bit for being so young.  If you visit, make sure you are facing west and are able to enjoy the stunning beauty of watching the sun go down.

pic7 300x225 Princess in Jamaica!!

pic8 300x225 Princess in Jamaica!!

pic9 300x225 Princess in Jamaica!!

This particular day was a bit overcast and you couldn’t really see the sun behind those clouds…until the last few minutes when this gorgeous fireball just dropped from the clouds to say goodbye.  So gorgeous!

Since this was a family trip, I do not have many solo pics to share with you losers…but here is one sexy shot for you to drool over!!!!

image1 300x273 Princess in Jamaica!!

Damn My tits are sexy!!!

All in all, it was a really good trip and I can’t wait to go back and do it cash princess style – exclusive, quiet resort or perhaps a private staffed villa.  The sun, the water, the people, the smoke all made it a fantastic trip and I will definitely be returning at some point!!

Leave comments boys!!


Findomme Cam Pic!

Image000081 Findomme Cam Pic!

Hey money slaves…time to be this greedy girls cash cow!! Today I am wearing a super sexy bright green push up bra…My gorgeous tits are just bursting out of it!! I have on a matching green thong and a hot pink tank top that you will have to BEG Me to take off…very sexy bratty outfit sure to make you weak and easily manipulated. Ahhhhh, nothing is more enjoyable to Me than straight up financial extortion of losers, pay pigs, and human atm’s that DESERVE to pay!!! Call Me on Niteflirt or msg Me on Skype losers!!

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Perfect Cleavage on Cam!!

DSC01234 300x204 Perfect Cleavage on Cam!!

Hey bitches!!  My perfect sexy cleavage is ready to clean out some wallets today!!  The rest of My curves are here to make you weak as well, obviously.  We both know My beautiful body and gorgeous face make you feel more excited than ANYTHING else in your life…so call Me now and empty that account into mine!!