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Morgan’s Clitty Bow

Ahhhh, adventures in femdom! I haven’t blogged in awhile, but this inspired me. It’s too good of a femdom story not to tell. If you follow me on Financial Domme Bratty Nikki’s Twitter, you’ve probably seen my $100 RT game (I love extreme financial domination!) with my sissy slave Morgan. In the tweet, Morgan is modeling a clitty bow. What is a clitty bow? Let me start at the beginning!

A few months ago, I went to visit Princess Ashley in Las Vegas and we went shopping at Agent Provocateur. All my Vegas bills go to Morgan because she is my #VegasBitch4Life and happily pays all my Vegas travel bills!

IMG 8946 575x1024 Morgans Clitty Bow


I was so excited to wear this super sexy outfit. Especially those hot pink thigh highs! An upcoming trip to San Diego with my BF was the perfect time. I stayed at The Keating in the Gaslamp District (as well as bouncing around the beach for a week!) and it’s a super sexy hotel designed by Pininfarina. YUM. Of course, Morgan got the billssssss because Morgan is also my cucky wallet. $900 for the Keating, $1k for Tower 23 and $3k in spending 🙂 Anyway! I went out Saturday night with my BF wearing this $200 dress from Morgan…

IMG 8119 300x300 Morgans Clitty Bow

Had a fab night out, dancing and drinking. Came home drunk and fucking horny, so ready to wear that hot pink AP outfit for my bf. Time to drool loser…

Image4 300x300 Morgans Clitty Bow

Thigh high fetish anyone?? Morgan bought this outfit head to toe, including the white Saint Laurent Tribute sandals. Such a cucky bitch haha! My boyfriend and I fucked for about 2-3 hours this night. You bitches can’t even fuck for 3 minutes! LMAO. At some point, my bf took the hot pink thigh highs off me and tied me up with them and it was fucking hot. The next morning I told Morgan the details, along with the words “I bet you’ve never tied a girl up.” NOPE.

I was laying in the Frette sheets the next day looking at the previous nights lingerie strewn across the floor when I got a fantastic idea to humiliate Morgan even more. Simple really, but its definitely taken on a life of its own lol. When I got home, I mailed the $50 hot pink Agent Provocateur thigh highs (one of them still in a knot) to Morgan along with a note…”Put the one that is still knotted in your mouth. Tie the other one in a bow around your clitty like our favorite emoji. Send me a pic.”

And that is how the clitty bow came to be! Morgan sent me a pic, which I made her submit to The same day her clitty bow appeared on the site, I started a Retweet game on Twitter. For every retweet within 72 hours, Morgan has to pay me $100. Look at that tiny little “package”! The bow is needed, don’t ya think?? LOL!

IMG 8945 575x1024 Morgans Clitty Bow

It’s barely been more than 24 hours. 112 retweets. I love financial domination.