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A Month In Miami Part 1

Let’s begin my longest, craziest, most extravagant blog post ever! Yes, this trip happened 6 months ago lol, but you should be grateful I blog at all. I have to split this into 2 parts because its just too much fabulous for one post. The theme for this trip could be Fun Coupons. Or Champagne Campaign. Or Blowin Money Fast. Or Bottles Blunts & Brats. You get the idea. Lots of luxury, partying and blowing a lot of money.

I’ve had this idea in my head that I wanted to live in a luxe hotel for a month. My birthday and Miami seemed like the perfect time to do it! Everyone else goes on vacation for a week or 2, but not Princess Nikki. I was dead set on a month of vacay and as always, I got what I wanted.

I left with my boyfriend early on Halloween October 31. First class flight as usual. I am a financial domination PRINCESS and I hate flying coach. I obviously had a slave cover the $2k tickets!

(click on all pics to view them larger)

IMG 9389 225x300 A Month In Miami Part 1

First class Princess!

Once checked into the Mondrian, I had to take a nap to prepare for the nights festivities. I haven’t done anything for Halloween in a few years and was definitely excited to celebrate in South Beach. I had this beautiful sunset to enjoy when I woke up.

IMG 9400 300x225 A Month In Miami Part 1

Miami Sunset October 31, 2015

Oh, Halloween in South Beach! Crazy! We went to Lincoln Road and met up with my girl Goddess Desire at Sushi Samba. She dressed up as Jessica Rabbit and I dressed up as Greek Goddess.

IMG 9421 e1460143769988 225x300 A Month In Miami Part 1

Halloween 2015 with Goddess Desire

Lincoln Road was CRAZY! I saw so many cool over-the-top costumes. It was also SO HOT. OMG. This is pretty much the reason I didn’t take a lot of pics, too hot and humid to bother! We drank and danced at Sushi Samba and wandered around people watching on Lincoln Road. It was super fun and a great way to spend Halloween.

The next few days were spent lounging at the beach and pool, eating, drinking and shopping. Slipping into vacation mode felt fantastic.

IMG 9461 225x300 A Month In Miami Part 1

Working on my tan in South Beach

IMG 9462 300x225 A Month In Miami Part 1

Hi losers, give me your money while I relax on the beach!

IMG 9463 225x300 A Month In Miami Part 1


FullSizeRender7 225x300 A Month In Miami Part 1


IMG 9483 225x300 A Month In Miami Part 1

Like my new $400 Chanel sunglasses? I didn’t have to buy them, my slave did!

IMG 9452 e1460144819824 225x300 A Month In Miami Part 1

Vacation bong fit for a Princess

Midweek we went to Prime Fish for a fantastic dinner. This is now my absolute favorite restaurant in Miami. My expensive fall back, my can’t go wrong, will always have a great meal restaurant. It has the most perfect romantic patio and excellent seafood. I had the stuffed lobster and ended with the fried oreos for dessert. YUM.

IMG 9488 300x225 A Month In Miami Part 1

Stuffed Lobster at Prime Fish – outstanding!

IMG 9489 300x225 A Month In Miami Part 1

Prime’s famous Fried Oreos dessert

IMG 9492 225x300 A Month In Miami Part 1

Bathroom selfie @ Prime Fish…no makeup!

Afterwards, we ended up at Mango’s with Goddess Desire. Total tourist place on Ocean Drive, but they had awesome drinks, music, costumes, performances, and salsa! It was really fun!! Goddess Desire really made my night. She is so kind and totally surprised me with a birthday cake and everyone singing to me while I was drunk off my ass and smiling like crazy! Love her so much.

IMG 9495 225x300 A Month In Miami Part 1

  At Mango’s with Goddess Desire

Obviously, I got wasted the night before, so I had to go here…Revive. For IV hydration because I don’t like to learn my lesson. Why learn a lesson when you can just pay for the pain to go away? 40 minutes and $100 later, I was all good and hydrated and ready for Princess Ashley to arrive!

IMG 9505 300x225 A Month In Miami Part 1

IV Hydration…the only way to recover from an awful hangover!

I spent some time working out and lounging by the pool, resting up for the weekend with my very good friend Princess Ashley.

IMG 9683 e1460146335962 225x300 A Month In Miami Part 1

My back looking sexy af

IMG 9503 300x225 A Month In Miami Part 1

    Gorgeous view from the Mondrian gym

IMG 9508 225x300 A Month In Miami Part 1

Pretty girl pool day

IMG 9521 225x300 A Month In Miami Part 1

  A perfect day of seafood & sun!

Princess Ashley arrived on a Friday and of course, we went out and partied! We started at Katsuya for sushi, which we hated. I will never go back and that makes 2 disappointing experiences at SLS Sobe restaurants. Oh well! We then met up with Goddess Desire and went to Ivy and Wall (nightclubs) to dance and have a good time. It was really great to have a girls night out.

IMG 9538 e1460146749527 225x300 A Month In Miami Part 1

Ivy & Wall with Princess Ashley & Goddess Desire

IMG 9548 e1460146816168 225x300 A Month In Miami Part 1

Drunk?? Nooooo it just looks that way! LOL

IMG 9549 e1460146883724 225x300 A Month In Miami Part 1

   Lick our heels clean, bitch!

Saturday! I’ve now been in Miami a full week. Off to the beach to meet up with Ashley. We lounged all day, but for some reason the only pic I have is this one of my boobs in a new Beach Bunny bikini.

IMG 9552 e1460146966946 225x300 A Month In Miami Part 1

New Beach Bunny bikini on my fabulous tits!

After the beach, we went back to the hotel and got ready for a fun night out. We weren’t sure what we wanted to do and we were having just an ok time bouncing around to a few bars. That wasn’t good enough though and we ended up with a table at FDR and Dom Perignon all night! Totally unplanned and a completely fabulous night!

IMG 9557 225x300 A Month In Miami Part 1

The calm before the storm

IMG 9561 1 e1460171900706 225x300 A Month In Miami Part 1

The storm

IMG 9566 e1460147324444 225x300 A Month In Miami Part 1

    Bottle after bottle of Dom P

IMG 9568 e1460147374325 225x300 A Month In Miami Part 1

Keep em coming!

What a fabulous night! We looked so hot and had so much fun! They played all our favorite songs and we danced all night. My bf had to pay the security guards so much money to keep the drooling loser nobodies away from us. It was really funny giving them snotty looks and then having the bouncer remove them!! Losers! The best thing is my bf paid for the night AND my slave did too, so I actually came out $2k ahead. Life is good!

On Ashley’s last night, we went out to Nobu for a girls dinner, just us. The restaurant moved from Shore Club to Mid-Beach aka Millionaires Row and it is PERFECT. The classy and elegant Eden Roc hotel was what we needed after 3 nights of partying in SoBe. As soon as they opened the door of our Uber Luxe, they said “are you girls here for Nobu?”. They just knew!

Thanks to Princess Ashley for treating me to an outstanding Birthday dinner!! I love this girl! Definitely one of the best Nobu dinners I’ve ever had. Perfect service, perfect drinks and we even saved room for dessert! Amazing.

Image14 300x225 A Month In Miami Part 1

Ready for a fabulous expensive meal at Nobu Miami Beach

IMG 9600 300x225 A Month In Miami Part 1

Japanese A5 Wagyu tataki style. 4 oz at $32/oz. Absolutely delicious!

IMG 9603 300x225 A Month In Miami Part 1

Miso Cappucino & Almond Macaron desserts at Nobu…sooooooo good!

After the weekend of partying with Princess Ashley, we left our room at the Mondrian to stay on the beach for a few nights. We didn’t check out, simply paid for 2 rooms on the same 2 nights. Oh well! I do what I want when I want and I wanted to be on the beach. Plus, I was really curious to check out the 1Hotel South Beach. Its a new modern eco-luxury hotel and it is so fabulous! I loved everything about staying there. Especially the filtered water on tap (who wants to run to walgreens for water on vacation?! not me!) and the excellent service, which is hard to find in Miami. I also loved all the technology. Order room service on a smart phone and not have to talk to anyone? That is perfect for me! I cannot wait to go back here.

Image15 300x300 A Month In Miami Part 1

1Hotel South Beach = hotel perfection!

IMG 9621 300x225 A Month In Miami Part 1

Beach time at the 1

IMG 9617 300x225 A Month In Miami Part 1

Way out of your league!

IMG 9630 e1460149424535 225x300 A Month In Miami Part 1

Rooftop lounging

Image16 300x300 A Month In Miami Part 1

New flowy dress & no makeup for a casual night

IMG 9656 300x225 A Month In Miami Part 1

Tilefish from Beachcraft

After the 1hotel, we went back to the Mondrian. I worked out and took the time to send my slave Morgan some receipts. Well I took 10 minutes to demand $5k be paid because I was too lazy and deeeeeep into vacation mode to gather more receipts than these.  Promptly paid of course!

Image17 300x300 A Month In Miami Part 1

Financial Domination at its finest – $5k in Miami receipts covered by a slave!

We are midway through my month long vacation and I’m going to end the blog post here for now. Check back in a few days for Part 2! It gets even more exciting with a Porsche, more Dom Perignon and a visit from the fabulous Goddess Jessica!

Later losers!

Vegas, Miami, and Beyond

Hey losers! I’m back to My blog!! You can rejoice now haha. Yes its been a long while and yes you have missed out on a lot. I haven’t missed you nearly as much as you have missed Me though. Clearly haha.

So lets go back to Vegas in January 2014 for the AVN trip! You idiot males must look forward to this all year….so many hot dommes all in one sexy place filming all kinds of hot fetish clips! your dream!! So fun and non-stop socializing, filming, and partying. This year I stayed with Princess Lyne at Aria. Our first night (wednesday) we had the best intentions of taking it easy, I swear! However, that did not happen. We met up with Empress Delfina, Goddess Jessica, Mistress B, her husband and her slave. The slave happily paid for drinks while being mostly ignored haha. This was my first time meeting Miss B and Jess both ladies are just awesome! Down to earth, yet sexy and smart and fun 🙂 First we went to a friends VIP table at Beachers Madhouse, which is a crazy variety show with performers, midgets, dancers, comedians, etc. Fun, but not quite what we were looking for. Why?? Because hot bitches wanna dance!! Miss B peaced out early since she had early morning shoots scheduled, but the rest of us headed over to another VIP table at Light, which is WOW. Incredible light show, Cirque du Soleil dancers hanging from the ceiling over the dance floor and the best dj’s. My new favorite club in Vegas!!! After partying there for a few hours, we still hadn’t had enough. I guess we were excited to be around each other and all of our dominant hotness bonded into one fierce party crew! We then went to a private penthouse party a friend of mine was throwing at Hard Rock. It was packed with pretty people and a great dj and ew Ron Jeremy was there. AVN is so gross, but hey… I wanted to do a good job breaking in Jess for her first trip to Vegas!! I think I succeeded! Home at 5:30 am like hot princess party champions!

mistress b bratty nikki princess lyne goddess jessica vegas avn aee 20141 300x225 Vegas, Miami, and Beyond

Mistress B, Me, Princess Lyne, Goddess Jessica

bratty nikki vegas avn 2014 124x300 Vegas, Miami, and Beyond

4 am in the club still looking gorgeous!

Thursday, shoot day. Miss B’s slave was lucky enough to go fetch green juice and croissants for us! What a lucky turd. After Lyne and B finished, B and I squeezed in a couple really hot clips. One of My favorites is for her store…I pretty much do nothing but pose really hot in a bikini and give the camera snotty looks, while she teases you that you can’t touch me but she can. Such hot dialogue from her and really snotty bitchy attitude all around. Love it!! After B, I shot some shiny fetish clips with the lovely Miss Kelly Sunshine. Those will appear in My store very soon. I didn’t have much time to shoot with the super glam Jasmine Mendez, but we squeezed in one clip each.  You will be able to find those clips soon. I was pretty worn out from the drunken antics of the night before and shooting all day, so I just took it easy this night. Shot a couple solo clips, then chilled out in a Juicy tracksuit with room service 🙂

financial domination clips bratty nikki kelly sunshine 300x300 Vegas, Miami, and Beyond

Shiny fetish clips with Kelly Sunshine

Friday! Very casual easy day. Room service breakfast as usual, then I packed up and switched to my own room. My man flew into town and we did some shopping and went out to eat. I was feeling a little run down and didn’t know why, but I  was still such a smoking bombshell friday night in My green dress! LOVE IT. We headed to an unofficial pre-party at Haze, where we had a huge table overlooking the dance floor in the BEST location! Of course! Princesses are all about location, location, location. Hot girls need to be shown off right?! Lindsey Leigh flew into town this night and joined us, along with Jess & Lyne. We drank and danced while the champagne flowed, all around a fab night! Like I said, I was feeling run down, so I headed home about 4am (yes that is My take it easy bed time in Vegas lol).

i want clips femdom fetish findom party vegas avn 2014 bratty nikki lindsey leigh goddess jessica princess lyne 300x300 Vegas, Miami, and Beyond

The Fabulous Life Of A Princess

Saturday!! The final day of the craziness. I honestly cannot remember what I did all day other than go get a massage and a blowout. Only $350! But I needed it…that massage saved me and there was no way I would have made it out having to do my hair myself. Seriously boys, you have no idea how much effort goes into being a Princess! I didn’t have to worry about that though, since I can just pay for someone to do it for me. I drank hot tea to soothe my throat & prayed I wasn’t getting sick :/

Before a fantastic night of clubbing, one of My wealthy Scottsdale friends was in town and invited us & Lyne to join him for dinner at the fab JG Steakhouse at Aria. WOW! Fantastic meal, but this is when I definitely knew I wasn’t feeling well. I didn’t eat even half of My $60 filet!! So sad. And that expensive red wine?? Yeah, I stuck to hot tea 🙁 Still dinner was amazing, especially because this friend & his girl & their friends are just awesome and really down to earth cool as fuck people. He picked up the bill for 7 people, which must have been idk somewhere around $3k?? Princess life is good!!

After dinner, we all headed to the table at 1Oak for their official party. So so fun!! We had a huge VIP booth (both sides of the booth, not where you have to share with dipshits next to you) overlooking the dance floor. Champagne and vodka flowing and all kinds of hot dommes out to party… Jasmine Mendez, Kelly Sunshine, Princess Alli, Mistress Morgan and of course, B, Lyne, Jess,  & Lindsey Leigh. Everyone looked so fabulous and beautiful and you really have to give Us ladies props for looking so smoking when we were all coming down with the flu big time.  We enjoyed 1Oak for a few hours before deciding to club hop to Light with the entire crew….yes, we just left at about 1:45 am and went and got another fabulous table!! Love IWC!! Especially because Zedd was performing at Light that evening and it was fun crazy wild perfect Vegas! And we went in a hot pink stretch Escalade…or was it a Hummer? Who cares, it was pink!

So Light is where it starts to get blurrrrrrry haha. Drinks flowing, music pumping, light show INSANE and dancing with all My sexy girlies!! iWantClips treated us so well and we had the best time!! Definitely check out My store on their site. This is where I prefer you to buy My clips since I make more $$ –

i want clips vegas avn 2014 bratty nikki lindsey leigh goddess jessica jasmine mendez princess allie kelly sunshine 300x300 Vegas, Miami, and Beyond

Around 4:30 am, I tried to talk to someone and could barely compose a sentence between My sore throat & all the booze, so it was time to go. So exhausted & worn out, I fell asleep in full makeup, fake eyelashes and everything, didn’t brush My teeth, made bf order $60 in room service food, then passed out before it even arrived. Oopsie!  I was done…done with parties, done with primping, done with vegas.

All in all though, another fantastic Vegas trip for your bratty findom Princess. I came home sick as hell though, dysfunctional for a week straight. Next year, I will be using hand santizer everywhere I go so I don’t get that icky porn weekend flu. How gross!!!

You guys got spoiled with face pics from the Vegas trip. you’re welcome. Thank Me HERE loser! And don’t get to used to it lol.

MIAMI!! My moron funded this trip entirely for Me, right down to My gum at the airport! How sweet is that? First class flight, Shore Club, Dom Perignon, dinners out, drinks, new Beach Bunny bikinis & Sky clothes, Gucci wedges and more!! Every single dollar I spent on that trip was reimbursed to Me 🙂 Thanks wallet!!!

It was Princess Lyne’s birthday, so of course we were going all out. And go all out we did! Our first night we planned to take it easy as usual. Guess who is coming home at 5:30 am drunk as hell? Haha. Same story every time. I just don’t know how to take it easy. I’m a life in the fast lane, go big or go home type of girl 😉

Miami was all pool & beach during the day, clubbing all night long. We went to nearly every single club…Mansion, Set, Story, LIV, SL, 11, Nikki Beach, plus all the hotel lounges too. I got such a rocking tan and looked soooooo fabulous! I can’t wait to go back, I LOVE MIAMI!!!!

Not sharing too many pics because they were mostly reserved for the moron that paid for My extravagant trip. Ah, the benefits of being financial domination prey…tons of for your eyes only pics! Plus this is just a more private event being Lynes birthday. Be grateful I’m posting this hot one below that pretty much sums up how I feel about Miami. Look at how happy I am!! And My tan OMG!

findom bratty nikki in south beach 300x225 Vegas, Miami, and Beyond

Beach Goddess

Wanna see more? I listed just ONE photo for public sale with My face….Me total BOMBSHELL MODE, glam and gorgeous as fuck in this high resolution photo. Obviously, below is the thumbnail, but the full size WILL knock your socks off!

bombshellthumb Vegas, Miami, and Beyond

Tiny thumbnail tease! Buy full size & fall in love loser!

Beyond….as I write this, I’m on a Hawaiian Airlines flight to visit Goddess Jessica 🙂 I truly do live a Princess Life, huh losers?? All funded by money slave findom addicted losers! I am so so excited to see this beautiful blondie and get into total beach bum status for the next 3 days.  We are going to do nothing but live on the beach and eat seafood 🙂 At least I will eat nothing but seafood because I don’t LIVE in Hawaii like Jess lol. I’m sure we will also find some time to film some wicked hot financial domination clips and possibly do some cam time IF the price is right. I mean, I’m not flying 6 hours to Hawaii to spend My time in front of computer ya know??? Not when I can frolic on the beach with a fun hot blonde!!  I expect My boys to step up and cover tabs for us. I am at the point now where I don’t expect to pay for a thing when I travel and I expect this to continue. I’m a financial domination PRINCESS. The fun is mine, the tabs are yours!!


Update: obviously I didn’t get to posting this til after Hawaii haha. Just wanted to add My trip was fabulous! Goddess Jessica was a wonderful hostess and I had an amazing time. I will be working on that blog this weekend and hopefully not abandon you adoring wallets for another 4 months lol.