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My Experience With Kinkbomb, Chargebacks, and Poor Customer Service – please come to your own conclusions

Hi Ladies,

I know some of you have been wondering about the drama that is going on surrounding I’m going to tell you about my whole incident with from the very beginning.  I am just going to number each incident, so this remains clear.

1. Back in May, I received about $2500 in tributes on kinkbomb from a customer. As usual with large transactions, I kept any evidence he gave me.  August 8, I receive an email from Troy at Kinkbomb, saying the customer is going to file and probably win the chargeback.  He asked me for any info/evidence I had, which I provided.  At no point, during our conversation did he mention the chargebacks would come out of my account.  (see attachment 1)

attachment 1 august 8 email My Experience With Kinkbomb, Chargebacks, and Poor Customer Service   please come to your own conclusions

2. Sept 23 –  Troy emails to let me know that I am now a featured studio.  Notice the chargeback dispute is not mentioned whatsoever in the email.  (see attachment 2)

attachment 2 sep 23 email My Experience With Kinkbomb, Chargebacks, and Poor Customer Service   please come to your own conclusions

3.  Sept 27 – I emailed Kinkbomb to to let them know I have not received my check for August.  (see attachment 3)

attachment 3 sept 27 email regarding my august check 300x71 My Experience With Kinkbomb, Chargebacks, and Poor Customer Service   please come to your own conclusions

4. Sept 27 – Troy responds and lets me know that my account has a $2k negative balance due to the reversals and I will not be getting paid until that negative balance is paid back.  (see attachment 4) However, in the email, he also states that the chargeback is NOT final and the customer has not been awarded the chargeback as of yet.  I am disappointed and frustrated because it is extremely unethical and just plain bad business for a couple reasons – the money has yet to be awarded to the customer and they give me zero notice of this via email OR my studio pages, certainly knowing that I wouldn’t send my traffic there if I wasn’t going to get paid.  He emailed me days before to let me know about the featured studio thing and could have mentioned it then, but did not.  There is nothing in my sales pages to indicate a negative balance whatsoever.

attachment 4 sept 27 email kinkbomb response1 300x158 My Experience With Kinkbomb, Chargebacks, and Poor Customer Service   please come to your own conclusions

5. I am irritated at this point. Not only because of the money, but on principle.  I thought about it over the week as I was in the process of moving, but knew that I would be disabling my clips at the very least until this was properly resolved.

6. Oct 1 – I decided to delete my content/studio entirely today.  I first deleted everything via ftp, then went into my studio to delete everything.  I could not find the button to delete my entire studio, searched their support page and this came up when I entered the words “delete studio” into the search box. (see attachment 5)

attachment 5 search query delete studio 300x21 My Experience With Kinkbomb, Chargebacks, and Poor Customer Service   please come to your own conclusions

Who owns the content that I publish?
You, the Studio Owner, own all content that you publish unless you terminate or violate your contract with

I tweeted the above screenshot to Kinkbomb asking for clarification and began looking for more evidence regarding this.

6. On Kinkbomb”s “Create A Studio” page, no where does it mention they will EVER own any of your content.  (see attachment 6)

attachment 6 terms conditions on signup page 300x169 My Experience With Kinkbomb, Chargebacks, and Poor Customer Service   please come to your own conclusions

Once you click that you agree to these Terms and Conditions,  which again, do not state any thing about Kinkbomb having ongoing rights to your content after you or they delete your account, it takes you straight to the page where you enter your personal information.  Now, IF you happen to you click on their Terms and Conditions link at the bottom of the page you find the following  “#11 – Upon termination, any content that is not removed by the Studio at the time of termination will be deemed property of Kinkbomb and Kinkbomb may decide to continue selling content at Kinkbomb’s sole discretion.”  However, these are not the Terms and Conditions that they have you agree to on the signup page!  I encourage you to look at this on Kinkbomb for yourself.  (see attachment 7)

attachment 7 secondary terms conditions regarding termination of acct 300x34 My Experience With Kinkbomb, Chargebacks, and Poor Customer Service   please come to your own conclusions

Upon realizing that any content that is left in my studio before deleting will become theirs according to their Terms & Conditions, I start deleting my products one by one.  As I am in the process of this, they DELETE MY STUDIO without my consent, thereby attempting to own my remaining content according to their Terms & Conditions!  I am sure they did this b/c they are worried about my tweets affecting their business and the fact I refuse to push any traffic there or sell any clips with the way they are handling the chargeback dispute.  No sales from me and I’m informing girls of their business practices? Deleted.

No one should EVER own the right to our content unless we agree to it!  Placing the termination agreement in a secondary Terms & Conditions page that is not included in the terms and conditions page upon signup is extremely dishonest and unethical.  Also, I am worried that they will now claim to own my content since THEY chose to delete my studio without my consent while my products remained.  If that is so, they can own anyones content if they choose to delete their studio for whatever reason (such as notifying other girls of dishonesty on twitter, like I did).

So in summary, this is why I am no longer using Kinkbomb:

  • chargebacks can happen up to 6 MONTHS after the original transaction
  • not once did they even notify me I would have to pay back the money from the chargeback
  • they did not notify me of the negative balance in my account until I asked them where my check is, even though they emailed 4 days earlier to feature my studio(something I stupidly thought they were doing to be kind) which they have only ever done when I was a new studio.
  • they admitted in email that the dispute was not final and IMO, putting my account in the negative balance before its final is stealing from me
  • their Terms & Conditions are shady, they do not give you the full T&C before clicking “I agree” and signing up, nor do they even link you to it and encourage you to read it
  • they deleted my account without my consent and now possibly claim to own the remaining content. I suspect this is because I tweeted to inform other girls and wanted answers, which is going to affect their sales AND there is clearly no money for them to gain from my account

In closing, I must say a few things.
1. I will be seeking legal counsel on Monday.

2. My intention is not to bash them.  I am merely presenting FACTS for you to consciously make your own decision (a courtesy that they do not give you upon sign up).  This email is regarding business ethics alone.

3. I refuse to do business with anyone if they engage in unethical business conduct.  Giving me a negative balance before the chargeback dispute is final, failing to notify me of the negative balance, the dishonest terms & conditions, and deletion of my studio because I started tweeting this info and demanding answers is all very dishonest and unethical in my opinion.

4.  Kinkbomb has tweeted me the following:

Kinkbomb Kinkbomb
@bratty_nikki If you decide to terminate your studio with us we pull all of your content from the site. You always own your content.
2 hours ago

They are stating I always own my content, which is a direct contrast to their hidden Terms & Conditions, which are not included in the Terms & Conditions you agreed to when signing up as a studio.

You can see their tweets to me for yourself on twitter.  I am sure because of the backlash from this, they will change their policies if they are smart business people. However, this has added up to too much distrust for me to use their site again and I think its important studios know why.  In my opinion, if they change their business practices and policies, it is not for the right reason. It will simply be because they have to in order to survive.  I feel that its that old saying fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.  I WILL NEVER ALLOW THEM TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ME EVER AGAIN.  No matter what outcome at this point, I want nothing to do with them or their site as a whole.

5.  Anyone who has had issues with chargebacks on Kinkbomb is encouraged to contact me. I am seeking legal counsel and intend to demand evidence that they actually fought these charges instead of giving up, especially since mine were not random tributes from brand new customers chargebacked the next day, but 4 months later after they had already paid me and I also supplied them evidence to fight the chargebacks.

I have consulted a business owner who also has a merchant account and they informed me of the following:

Many won’t know this unless they have had a merchant account themselves, but Visa (the most widely used credit card) has a 1% chargeback rate.  If you go over 1%, you pay higher credit card processing fees and if you approach 1.25-1.5% chargebacks you risk losing Visa as a credit card processor. I want evidence that they fought these chargebacks and didn’t just give it back to avoid reaching that 1%.  Visa allows you the option of fighting or just giving it back and if they just give it back, it won’t affect their 1% chargeback rate.  All credit card agencies have these practices, but Visa is the most stringent.  Its easier for them (ALL adult businesses, not just Kinkbomb) to lay down and give back the money than it is to fight it and they would rather it come out of our pocket than their own via higher processing fees.  They could all band together and sue the credit card agencies, however that would cost a lot of money and its easier to continue making money off us and keep that processing rate low than it is to fight for the people that make them money.  As you know KB takes 40% on their basic earning level,  so lets say hypothetically on a $500 order, they make $200. What is easier for them – giving back $200 they did little work for or being ethical and fighting the chargeback, which would require a lawyer and thats likely to cost them more than the $200? So guess who they side with – the very same people who steal from us, then chargeback, as this costs KB nothing more than the $200 and doesn’t run them the risk of making slightly less profit margin.

This frustration is regarding business ethics and business ethics alone.  I want girls to be aware of this and decide for themselves.  I know this was very long, but I think its important that all of you be aware. Consulting a lawyer may not get me/us anywhere, but I believe its worth a shot.

Furthermore, they have my email through my account and my twitter and have yet to contact me personally.  They did not inform of this chargeback until I asked about my check, as it stated in my account that I had a POSITIVE BALANCE.  I, like many other content producers, count on my cash flow on a monthly basis. I am appalled that I was only informed of a negative balance upon contacting them regarding my August check.

Not a single representative of Kinkbomb has contacted me personally to resolve this in a private manner.  It has been about 5 hours since I initially discovered their hidden Terms & Conditions, which I, like you, have not agreed to at the time I am writing this.  This is not about drama, rather simple business without emotions.  Their owners/partners/associates publicly tweet about drama running girls lives and it being because of hormones.  Nothing to do with hormones, simply unethical, shady, dishonest and irregular business practices that no other content for sales sites seem to abide by.  I have reviewed several of the other content for sale site and do not find this anywhere (hidden or not).  So tweeting in attempt to distract others from investigating the truth about Kinkbomb’s business practices is just another of many shady things they are up to.

I hope everyone recognizes this as a professional and factual response, not drama.  I encourage all involved to deal with it in the same way.

I want all of you to know this email is also being sent to Kinkbomb, as I do not want them or anybody claiming that I am trying to hide anything as these are simply the facts.  This will be my last direct communication with Kinkbomb.  As of Monday, all communications between Kinkbomb and myself will be via my attorney.

Thanks for listening ladies and if you have any questions feel free to email me.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Bratty Nikki

Findomme Pic Tease Friday 9/23/11

Hey losers and financial domination addicts!! Being a spoiled financial domme, I have a very busy weekend ahead of Me, partying with My hot friends, shopping, you know, the usual.  I know exactly what you will be doing, My money slave – worshiping ME!!!!

Here is a teaser pic to remind you why you wallet belongs to Me and Me alone (click for full size):

Photo on 2011 08 18 at 23.59 300x225 Findomme Pic Tease Friday 9/23/11

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Bratty Princess wants MORE

Hello, My financial fetish addicts!  I’ve decided to be generous and allow you another update to My fabulous bratty princess life.  Be grateful!

So, if you follow Me on Twitter (!/bratty_nikki – you should because I tweet frequently with updates from My greedy princess life, money slave news, hot bratty princess pics and more!), you would know that I have not been feeling very well 🙁  I don’t know what it is, but I woke up Monday feeling a bit under the weather, then woke up Tuesday feeling absolutely terrible!!!  It hurts to swallow, My perfect body aches, My head hurts and My Princess nose is stuffy.   This fucking sucks!!!  I have so much to do right now, so this really could not have come at a worse time.

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imagenikkispool 300x225 Bratty Princess wants MORE

So hot right??!  I love the baby palm trees!! I wish I could have large tall ones, but they are typically only in older neighborhoods here.  Mature palm trees run around $10k each!! Anyway, I can just see Myself enjoying My lovely backyard sooooo much.  you will see more of My new home once I actually move into it.  I have sooo much to do of course, so being sick could not have come at a worse time.  Being that My new home is HUGE and will be a lot to take care of and clean, I am considering acquiring a local slave.  Considering it, not definitely.  There will be a lengthy application process as I want to be sure you are not a creep and will give Me what I want out of a real time slave.  If you live in the Phoenix area and would like to apply, send Me an email at and tell Me why I should choose you.  you will be required to be a clip slave as well, though you may wear a mask to hide your identity.  Seriously applicants only!!!!

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That is as much as the screen shot would allow Me to take, but the transactions go on and on and My whole weekend was pretty much all him, save for a few clips here and there! And each transaction is for one, yes ONE pic!!  This is in addition to the thousands he sent Me on amazon for about 35 minutes of cam time…I posted a pic of that on My twitter, so go look it up there. I’m not going to bother re-posting it because you idiot paypigs should already be following Me and paying attention to every thing I say anyway!  I toy with My pic addict like this 2-3x a week and have been pretty steadily since July.  This money slave is OBSESSED with My fabulous long legs and you should be too…wanna see why????

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Absolutely perfect!!!

I plan to package up the many picture sets I have taken for him and make them available to the rest of you money slaves on Niteflirt.  Lucky you!!  Long leg fetish and high heel fetish boys are going to love them, as well as My cleavage addicts and all around perfect Princess body lovers.

My other slaves have also been wonderful and you will see many gifts in My upcoming gift blog post!!  I’ll be working on that over the weekend, so you should see it on Monday.  Also, if you financial fetish slaves haven’t noticed yet, I’ve started a new post for every Friday – Findomme Pic Tease Friday!  Every Friday,  I will be posting a sexy gorgeous pic of My beautiful cash princess self in order to make sure you do nothing but worship Me all weekend.  So every Friday you will see a pic you of course do not deserve to see, but obviously My ulterior motive is to make sure you spend your weekend serving your fabulous findomme Goddess!!

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Ok, boys, I’m outta here!  Not feeling so well, so going to get an early night and hope that I am back to 100% perfect Princess very soon.  Visit My wishlist like I told you to, leave comments, and all around be a good boy for Me!!!!

Findomme Pic Tease Friday 9/16/11

Photo on 2011 08 23 at 23.28 300x225 Findomme Pic Tease Friday 9/16/11

How hot is this pic?!?!  you can even see some of My shoes in the background lol.  Worship and admire My hot body, My beautiful cleavage, My perfect curvy ass and My long slender perfectly manicure finger.  No wonder you have to pay for My bratty princess attention!!! I’m showing off this sexy Sky dress for Findomme Pic Tease Friday…aliasboy bought it for Me because I absolutely had to have it and he loves to put a smile on My face.  you can do that too!! Click on My wishlist and buy Me something!!

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Bye boys!!

Princess Update!

Hey wankers, money slaves and jerkoffs! I know how much you miss Me and well, I haven’t missed you, just your paypig cash! LMAO! Anyway, I am sure you boys looooooove the new financial domination site. Hot right? Of course, its mine! I love it and am so happy with how it has turned out. Of course, I am still tweaking and adding pages and content, so make sure you check back often to see new stuff.

Check out the new banners from Villianness Productions!!

brattynikki 480X60 brattynikki Princess Update!

brattynikki 250x150 brattynikki Princess Update!

So fucking sexy!!! Thanks babe, your designs rock! I highly recommend her to any ladies needing design work.

On to Me…February and March were both record breaking months for your cash princess!! Love it! I received many fabulous gifts as well and purchased My new macbook with amazon tributes from these pets:

  • roosterdude – $100
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  • sandmonkey minion – $100
  • aussie matt – $300
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Good job boys!  I’ve had some serious action on My wishlist lately as well which has made your spoiled bratty princess VERY HAPPY.   I won’t receive those gifts til I get My huge shipment next week, but you won’t see those for at least 2 weeks because I’m off to Jamaica in less than 10 days bitches!!  See ya!!  I can’t wait to be drunk on a sexy beach wearing all My new bikinis!  Maybe if you are lucky I will find a bit of time to film some financial fetish clips for you bikini addicts.  I certainly have plenty to wear thanks to My pets.  I have several new ones in My gift post coming up soon.  Make that 2 gift posts actually – aussie matt sent Me a ton of stuff and then I have so much from My other pets that I will need to split all My gifts into 2 posts.  Oh! I’ve also purchased the $750 Linea Pelle carry on bag I’ve wanted for awhile (thanks to brandon, freddy, loser craig, and ESPECIALLY submissive aussie.  I loved being a spoiled money domme!!  Life is good.  Better than good, fucking fantastic!!

Make sure you check out My wishlist and buy Me even more stuff!  Obviously, you are more likely to get My attention when you buy Me expensive luxury items a cash princess DESERVES, but I realize not all of you can do that .  I have also added several bikinis and dresses in the $30-50 range for you boys that want to spend, but cannot afford the items I desire most.  I need these for all the hot new clips I’ll be shooting with My girl, financial domme GcupBitch, when I visit her in LV!!  Yes already planning My next trip before I leave.  I can’t wait!!  Vegas is perfect for us because we get so spoiled there, just like hot bratty princesses should be.  Of course, I will require tributes for all the expenses, but that will be after I return from Jamaica.  One of My slaves may be there at the same time and if he is, he knows that My shopping game is going to destroy him!!  Shopping trips with slaves are a MINIMUM of $1k…I don’t care to have you in My presence if you cannot afford to indulge Me in the luxury items I deserve.  And for vegas, that minimum goes up!!!  If any other slaves are interested in a live shopping expedition, contact Me and be prepared to prove yourself with lots of gifts and tributes.  I will not meet anyone that does not meet My financial domination spending standards!

Now I’d like to post a picture of mr non magnum….see why I call him that?!?! A whole 4 inches of worthless.  LMAO.  Well, I am done with this shrimp dick old perv, so I thought I’d post a pic of his worthless cock for all of you to laugh at!!!  I am calling him mr worthless from now on, unless he proves otherwise in a major $$$ way.   This guy hasn’t gotten laid in 7 years and you can see why!!  Maybe this will make him come back with an “I’m Sorry Princess” gift, but to be honest I don’t really care.   Now let’s ridicule him and his small worthless dick!!

Image00001 Princess Update!



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nikkiswishlistslut Princess Update!



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Loser Computer Nerd

payupnerd Princess Update!


One of My pets, brandon,  received an assignment the other night – to write Me 50 reasons why I’m awesome.  Here they are!!

1.        You have the most perfect skin tone I’ve ever seen.

2.       You have a wicked sense of humor.

3.       You’re a Princess.

4.       You can wrap any man around your finger at any time.

5.       You have luscious, perfect breasts.

6.       Your ass is hypnotic.

7.       Your name means “Victory of the People.”

8.       You made non-humiliation videos just for me.

9.       You care about my fetishes.

10.   You give some of your time to complete losers.

11.   You’re so well-traveled.

12.   You have excellent taste in bikinis.

13.   Your feet are heavenly.

14.   You’re classy and never show yourself naked.

15.   Your smile makes me melt.

16.   You have haunting eyes.

17.   You keep yourself in peak physical condition.

18.   You don’t put up with shit from others.

19.   You share your pictures with me.

20.   You make money because you’re hot – how awesome is that?

21.   Your presence online is like the sun – it brightens my day.

22.   Your stomach is stunningly smooth.

23.   You care about your family.

24.   You’re a princess.

25.   You put up videos to share regularly.

26.   You’re a compelling conversationalist.

27.   Your boobs can turn a man into a zombie.

28.   You can call yourself a Brat without it being a bad thing.

29.   You take my worship of You seriously.

30.   Your voice is incredible.

31.   You make it all seem so easy. Everything.

32.   You’re completely honest.

33.   Men literally worship You.

34.   You inspire men to do their best for You and Your attention.

35.   You’re very technologically savvy.

36.   You are wonderfully forgiving.

37.   I can’t get You out of my mind, nor do I want to.

38.   You have incredible hips.

39.   Your hair is unbelievably shiny.

40.   You wear the best lingerie.

41.   You have incredible self-esteem.

42.   You just fucking rock it, girl.

43.   You know that You are worth a pretty penny and don’t compromise Yourself for guys.

44.   You allow people to glimpse your beautiful, perfect body on cam.

45.   You never exaggerate.

46.   Your lips make the most perfect little pout.

47.   Your face could start the second Trojan War.

48.   You are very creative in your demands.

49.   Your belly button ring is the epitome of sexy.

50.   You are a Divine Goddess, worthy of worship at all times.



Findomme Goddess Update

Hello My pets!! I know its been a good little while since I’ve updated My financial domination blog. I try My best to keep on top of it, but I get busy living My fabulous bratty princess life, ya know? My new financial domination site should be ready and live any day now and I know you paypigs are going to love it!! It will definitely be the best looking and hottest money domme site around. All the better to assist this greedy girl in taking more of your loser money slave cash! Of course, I did not pay for the new findomme site…as a cash princess I had one of My human atms pick up the tab (that would be mr. non-magnum). So I am very excited about that. I have lots going on in My bratty princess life right now…I leave for Jamaica in less than 8 weeks, but might be taking a side trip to St Maarten before that! I am hoping the travel dates work out with My travel buddy because St Maarten is My absolute favorite island!! The perfect place to blow through a lot of paypig cash. I might also take a quick weekend to vegas as well, money slave funded of course. We will see what happens, might be too overwhelming to take so many trips in such a short amount of time, but then again I love traveling so I am sure I will go every trip I can and just deal with it like the awesome money domme I am. I know, so hard right? Haha.

Slave updates…mr. non-magnum has managed to work his way back into My financial domination good graces for the most part. I am still wanting more cash from this wannabe human atm, but I know My stunning beauty and incredibly hot curvy body make this money slave extra nervous about giving up control to Me. I am taking it easy on him until he gets a bit more comfortable, then we will see where this financial domination relationship goes. He knows  that I have no patience for unsavory behavior now at least and has been on his paypig toes for the most part. freddy…took in a quick $650 from this loser paypig last week and I know he is dues for another financial fetish fix…here piggy piggy!!! One of My losers did not believe I took his cash in 28 minutes, so here is the screenshot from Niteflirt to shut his questions up. Add 30% (niteflirt’s cut) to the amounts you see and the total will be $650.

freddy 300x43 Findomme Goddess Update

Other money slave news…submissive aussie hasn’t been around so much lately, but at least he explained himself, said he didn’t want to bother Me if he wasn’t able to spend. What a good pet! He has sent Me a few gifts this month, which I will be showing off in a spoiled bratty princess gift post later this week. neil…still hasn’t come back from the extreme paypig wallet rape he received last time from Me. Ooops, might have scared him with the extreme financial domination/humiliation/CBT power I have over him…teeeheee. Come back neil, I promise to take it a bit easier on your loser paypig wallet. aussie matt…My new extreme gifter. I have yet to even cam with the guy and he has already bought Me TONS of bratty princess presents. I am going to be dedicating a bratty princess gift post just to him to show the rest of you financial fetish losers how its done, how a money mistress NEEDS to be spoiled. Well done, My new shopping pet. Of course, I’ve already added new items to My wishlist for you!!! I put em up, you knock em down!! Lol. billy…you dumb fuck. It is so frustrating dealing with you because you are so dumb. you know why. usemeplease…he is so totally My bitch in every way. Loser just cannot get enough of this financial domination Goddess. He is following his tasks and mantras very well and doing some nice spoiling for Princess too. you will see his gifts later this week as well. Oh and lets not forget the $1k tribute he sent Me!! I’m rather annoyed he didn’t change it into Canadian (which is worth MORE than USD) and save his money Domme the hassle, but what can you do? These paypigs and human atms are so dumb sometimes with their puny little man brains!!!
Image00004 300x225 Findomme Goddess Update

Kinkbomb!! I have added several new clips for you losers and you need to please your financial domination goddess by buying them NOW. Click on the pic for a full description of My sexy femdom financial fetish clips and to buy them of course. Now start spending!

KBStudio234x60 Findomme Goddess Update

Disgusting Ugly Fatso

doubleyuck Findomme Goddess Update

Perfect Ass Tight Dress JOI #2

myassownsyou Findomme Goddess Update

That’s My Bank Account Now!!

iwanteveryaccount Findomme Goddess Update

Oink for My Tits JOI

oinkoinkpiggy Findomme Goddess Update

These are only a few of the hot femdom financial fetish clips I have uploaded to My kinkbomb store and more hot cash princess clips are added near daily!!  Now spend for Nikki loser!!

Findomme Brat Cam PIC

Image00007 231x300 Findomme Brat Cam PIC

Findomme addicted losers, Bratty Nikki is here to make your princess worship dreams come true!! There is no one hotter or better than Me…I’m young and gorgeous, get Me on cam and see for yourself. you will not be disappointed. In fact, you will be so enamored by My beauty and superior attitude, your pay pig wallet will open right up for Me and drain itself!!! Lol. I have on a sexy black push up bra tonight that My huge boobs are just bursting out of and these sexy little pink leopard panties…you can see how HOT My ass looks, I bet you are getting hard just looking at Me!! Call your money princess Bratty Nikki NOW!

Call Me on Niteflirt

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 Findomme Brat Cam PIC
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 Findomme Brat Cam PIC
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 Findomme Brat Cam PIC

Also losers, I have TONS of clips up on My new Kinkbomb store, get them now!! Clips are a great way to begin your addiction to Bratty Nikki, a great way to begin your life as My pay pig little pet. you will keep buying and soon enough curiosity will get the best of you…then you will contact Me for live webcam, begging to see My face, begging to tribute the sexiest Goddess you have ever laid eyes on. That wallet is mine….now go spend for Bratty Nikki!!!

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