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Foot Fetish Friday! Pedicure Bitch

Hey footboys! I have some excellent news for you. I’ve decided that Friday is now dedicated to exploiting your foot fetish. Every single Friday morning, you will find a foot domination clip in my iWantClips store!! How awesome is that?! Now you pathetic foot wankers have something to look forward to all week. You’re welcome!

This weeks clip is called Pedicure Bitch 2. I need a new pedicure bitch!! Watch this clip, then email me to apply.

pedicurebitch2 300x168 Foot Fetish Friday! Pedicure Bitch

Pedicure Bitch 2

I need a new pedicure bitch!!! I had one, but he’s run his course and now its your turn foot boy. Why should I pay for my own pedicures?? I’m too pretty to pay. My feet are too pretty to pay!! Look at them!! Perfect size 8s, soft lovely wrinkled soles and adorable toes. Don’t you love that color? As my pedicure bitch, you will get special rewards like helping choose my pedi color and exclusive pics. How hot!! I can tell that excites a foot boy loser like you. It’s time to serve properly with a regular position as my pedicure bitch!

July 2012 Update

Ahhhh…enjoying a lazy summer Sunday as I write this…ribs on the grill and I am drinking a super cold Coke out of a glass bottle!! Princess is happy!  Lol.  As I mentioned before, I am deep into the summer lazies.  All I want to do is eat amazing summer food, drink, smoke weed, drink, smoke weed, and fuck.  Jealous??  Good, that’s My intention!!!  Really, I’m just leisurely enjoying life right now at home, not wanting to do very much at all.  I’ve been cooking more because its just so much more fun in the summer and I’ve made some amazing things lately.  Goat cheese/proscuitto pizza with fresh summer peaches and rosemary…insanely good, creamy, salty and sweet all at once.  I made an incredible caesar salad last night with  perfectly grilled medium rare kobe burgers. YUM!!  I think its so hot, I don’t want to get dressed up to go out to fancy restaurants…My house is a very very EXCLUSIVE fancy restaurant…in more ways than one!!  My sex life is off the hook amazing lately and I am loving every second of it.  Last night, we went for a naked swim at sunset.  So sexy with the sun reflecting off the water and our hot naked bodies!! That is all I’m going to say about that lol.  Too many pervs jerking off to this and I don’t give away details for free!!!

So yes, the daytime weather is anywhere from 102f to 111f…fucking hot!! Hopefully, we will get some cool thunderstorms soon.  Independence Day was amazing.  It was rainy and cloudy all day, making it very cool for here at 82F.  At first I was bummed, thinking it would ruin our fireworks plans, but by the early evening it all cleared up and was nice and cool for the fireworks!! We had an awesome 4th!! Other than that cool day, the heat is just kicking My ass and I’m sure you have noticed I haven’t been updating My femdom video clips clips4sale store that much.  I have videos made too, they just need editing!! Today, I edited this amazing foot fetish tease and denial clip and it is now available!!  I’m also posting a couple other super hot clips that haven’t been shown off here yet on My bratty princess blog!! Look for new vids resuming this week!!

Denied by Black Patent Ankle Boots

deniedbyankleboots July 2012 Update

I also released this leg fetish financial domination leg worship clip!!

Superior Leg Worship

superiorlegworship July 2012 Update

Oooh, this a super hot custom femdom clip I made for the college boy! It features tease and denial, foot fetish, panty fetish teasing and of course My signature PERFECT bratty Princess style!

College Boy is My Toy

collegeboyismytoy July 2012 Update

Here is another spoiled bratty princess clip of Mine!! Heavy financial domination teasing, bragging and brattyness!

Boys Are For Using

boysarerforusing July 2012 Update

Another incredible leg worship clip! My specialty!! This clip also features bratty princess teasing, financial domination, goddess worship, high heel fetish, and leg fetish teasing!

Perfect Princess Legs

perfectprincesslegs July 2012 Update

How hot is this ignore fetish clip?? I’m laying out in a bikini in My fabulous backyard and I could care less about you!

Suntan Ignore

suntanignore July 2012 Update

Another leg worship clip!! Worship Me now, mindless leg zombie!

Model Legs

Model Legs July 2012 Update

Been awhile since I posted an sph clip!! This one is so hot and features My bratty Princess domination, small penis humiliation and financial domination for all you small dicked retards.

Average IS Small

averageissmall July 2012 Update

As I said above, I will be posting new clips in My female domination clips4sale store all week!  I will also be filming this week!!  I don’t really do specific requests unless you pay big cash cow bucks, but if there are some femdom fetish categories you would like to see more of, feel free to mention them in the comments below.

Tomorrow I’m enjoying a spa day because I’m a Princess and I deserve to be pampered!! This is all on gift cards from My money slave puppets and it won’t be cheap lol.  Nothing ever is with Me! I’m getting an extremely pampering facial, along with a massage and pedicure.  The screen shot below gives you an idea of the pure sublime bliss Princess will be in tomorrow!

facial July 2012 Update

Fabulous!!  I can’t wait, it is going to be a wonderful day.  you will be working hard for Me, rising bright and early to slave away at your boring job for My amazing luxurious findomme lifestyle.  I love it!!  So I want you to be thinking of Me all day. Picture Me relaxed and smiling and giggling at the thought of you working hard to pay for My indulgent spa day.  Use it as motivation to earn more for Princess!!

Oh, speaking of indulgent…BF and I just booked a luxe trip to Hawaii for some romance!  No Marriott gift cards needed…I just couldn’t bear the thought of staying in a Marriott lol.  Upgrade!!  We both have really nice high incomes, so it was no sweat.  However, that does not mean you are off the hook, especially My very lucky cuckold fetish pets.  Lots of Hawaii restaurants offer gift cards and I want some of them so I can treat My sexy man a couple nights.  I already have $1k in gift cards from a cuckold money slave for the occasion! I’m going to surprise My man with a spa day and was thinking about renting a Rolls to surprise him for our last night dinner!!! So hot right?? Bring on the wine! And the tributes because that is for you to pay for, not Me! Lol!!

Ok, I’m off to enjoy Sunday night with My man and relax before My relaxing day lol.  Talk to you soon!!

Financial Domme Bratty Nikki July 2012 Update

Bye addict!!

Findomme Princess Nikki is home!!!

Ahhhh.  Home. I love My home.  I am so so happy I live where I live.  I had a great trip home to visit My family, but I am definitely glad to be back!!! Hotels are just less enjoyable when your home is totally fabulous lol. I am really glad I went, even though I slept bad and ate even worse.  Its the midwest!! For fucks sake, it is nearly impossible to eat right and exercise there.  Then once I have started to eat bad, I say fuck it and eat ENTIRELY bad lol.  No biggie though, you only live once, I have a pretty good metabolism, and there are hardly any good Italian restaurants in AZ.  A financial dominatrix spoiled Princess does not say no to Herself!!  Lol.  Well, I do when I am at home because I honestly like to eat healthy and BE healthy, but I also love to indulge, especially in amazing food!!

I do have to say I did have one of the most fun nights out EVER while I was home!! Yes, I party in awesome locations, but sometimes everything combines to make the perfect totally unexpected awesome night. BF and I started out with a great dinner and even better mojitos, then went to a baseball game. We sat in My daddy’s awesome seats and had a lot of fun, even though neither of us are that into sports. Afterwards, we went bar hopping and ended up at the strip club!!! I love strip clubs, especially when the girls are gorgeous and fun and charismatic. Nothing worse than a BORING stripper. I totally had the “I’m in love with a stripper” moment lol!! She was gorgeous and her name was NIKKI!! That is one I won’t soon forget. Amazing, curvy black girl with one of the sickest, most gorgeous bodies I have ever seen. I allowed My boyfriend a few dances from her, but told him to find someone else for himself because I am greedy and wanted her all to Myself!!! So much fun!!! We easily blew through $1500 in a few hours and it was totally worth it. Came home super drunk and fucked like bunnies haha. Jealous?

I came home to 12 packages, which is not bad…not f’ing fabulous either!!  At least some of those items were very fabulous themselves, including some super hot Brian Atwood pumps and a beautiful sexy red gown with an amazing leg slit that will make men CRAZY.  I’m wearing it to a formal event that I have coming up and I cannot wait!!  It is a vixen gown for sure.  I still need shoes to wear with it, though I might just go for My favorite black Madame Butterfly Louboutins (best shoe investment ever!! $1200 for them and worth every penny!!).   Anyway, there are plenty of HOT items on My wishlist that I expect to be purchased immediately.  I HATE when items I desire go unavailable because you boys were not smart enough to buy them in time.  Seriously, how can you live with yourselves letting that happen?!?!  Here’s an idea, be an actual MONEY SLAVE or a BETTER MONEY SLAVE and never allow your perfect financial domination Princess to be disappointed!!!!  Among those items are some hot lingerie sets that are very reasonably priced…stuff like that (affordable lingerie) should NEVER sit on My wishlist.  I also REALLY want the blue point and click camera!! I need this and its not expensive for a camera either.  Make Me happy with it!!!  There are always sexy dresses and high heels on My list too…these hot dresses always end up on My hot Cash Princess body in clips, so you are an absolute fool if you do not send Me one!! It is so HOT seeing Me wear something you purchased…trust Me, boys are always so completely blissful once they have given in to My greed.  Now go shop!!

wishlist banner Findomme Princess Nikki is home!!!

I do still get plenty of gifts, but obviously it is never enough.  I am definitely one of the most spoiled findommes online, but I am not satisfied.  Send more!!!  Lately I am wanting to buy more gold and silver as well…My #1 leg zombie addict keeps Me stocked with gift cards for the most part, so I will be using them to purchase gold and silver for a rainy day.  Just going to put it in a safety deposit box for awhile.  When you see gold and silver on My list, I suggest buying that for Me along with whatever sexy item you really want to spend your cash on. Invest in My future AND keep My closet stocked with sexy clothes for My awesome body.  HOT.  Financial domination at its finest!!

I never got around to do re-saving My very large gift video I mentioned in the last blog…I was just too busy while I was home to worry about that.  I will be getting it done and posting the MEGA money domme brag blog sometime in the next day or two.  I’m so excited to post because MY brag blogs are FULL of expensive gifts!! Why?  Because I’m amazing and I deserve them.  I get them because they are MEANT to be MINE.  I love it!!

Did you buy My latest financial fetish femdom clips from clips4sale this week?? Seriously, you are missing out if you did not!!!

Bikini Boobs Make you Spend

bikiniboobsspend Findomme Princess Nikki is home!!!

Clean My Dancing Shoes

perfectsweatydancingfeet Findomme Princess Nikki is home!!!

Enjoy your Monday, loser!!

enjoyyourmonday Findomme Princess Nikki is home!!!

Snobby Long Legs

snobbylonglegs Findomme Princess Nikki is home!!!

Way out of your league!!

outofyourleague Findomme Princess Nikki is home!!!

Greedy Legs

greedylegs Findomme Princess Nikki is home!!!

I’ll be heading off to Vegas in one week!! My college foot boy has almost paid for My hotel entirely and he will be sending Me the remaining balance before I leave. Love not having to pay for that kind of stuff. That is what money slaves are for obviously!! The college boy has been working really hard to please Me on his limited budget. I know a lot of guys think I only deal with rich subs and that IS true for the most part. However, this one does all he can to please Me, stays out of My hair when he can’t, does special orders for Me from sites that don’t offer gc’s for some of My most wanted fashion items and is all around super sweet to Me!! I enjoy sweet, adoring subs the most. I do not like any financial fetish sub with an attitude, or that cares about his own needs before mine. So many of you come across so rude in your messages, YUCK. Treat Me like the Princess I am or get the fuck on.

Anyways, I’m really looking forward to Vegas!! Hopefully, My BFF from Toronto will be making it as well. I will be soooooooo over the moon if she does, so keep your fingers crossed for Me!! She is vegan, so I want to take her to dinner at the Wynn since all of their restaurants offer a vegan menu now. And of course, I want YOU to pay!!! Contact Me to tribute towards our night out!!! This is a girls trip entirely and I am very excited!!

After Vegas, I’m planning on sticking around home for a bit, since every time I take off I get behind on online stuff. I plan to add new pages to My website, finally re-do My gallery, revamp the look of My c4s store, change up My Niteflirt profile design, add a bunch of photo sets to Niteflirt and My Images4sale store, and also pimping out My page on All of My bratty Domme images and cash Princess videos will be uploaded to MPS soon and for sale there as well, along with tribute buttons of course!!! I really like their site and am excited to play with all the features more and use it to take MORE and MORE from My cash cows.

Anyway, you can see I have a lot of work to do. A lot of you think Money Dommes do not work hard and we do not have to do ANYTHING to keep your cash rolling in. Simply not true. Shooting My spoiled bratty Princess clips and photos, editing, uploading to all these sites, blogging, writing descriptions, updating sites, AND doing female domination cam sessions on top of it all (which is rare for Me, so pay to see Me when you can!!) can become quite a bit of work!!! There is even more than what I listed, but I won’t bore you with it. The difference is that we can blow it off when we want, not update til we please, get drunk in the middle of the day and not get anything done, etc. We are not bound by RULES. Ew. Princess Nikki hates rules. All in all though, I love the freedom and truly believe that FREEDOM is the greatest luxury in this world. I am free from so many things that you losers and worshipers are not. Still, I do work hard to be at the top and obviously I deserve to be tributed for this!! ALL paypigs should tribute their Domme when they hear of her working on the boring tasks required to be successful online IMO. Show your appreciation in the BEST way possible!!

K boys, I hope you are happy and GRATEFUL that I have been updating so much recently. Enjoy it while it lasts because I’m sure I will get bored of it soon enough and disappear from My blog for a couple months!! Today, I’m editing and uploading some videos, then I am off to relax with a pedicure. Yay!! Which color should I choose for My foot fetish subs to lose all their cash over??? Check My twitter to see pics later!!

Now I leave you with one picture to drool over…stare at it and focus as hard as possible as My PERFECT image is forever burned into your weak, submissive mind!!

snob8 Findomme Princess Nikki is home!!!

Bye boys!!

Just a quick Princess update!

Hi boys! So this is just a quick update on My life…I realize its been ages since I last posted as usual and I am sure you guys always want to know more about your findomme Princess, so here ya go!

My friend Mandy is coming to visit Me!!  I am most excited about this.  She will be staying with Me for about a month.  She lost her dog a few months ago and I know she needs a vacay, so I told her to come out and enjoy all this sunshine with Me!!  Its so nice being a Princess, being able to take off for a month, being able to offer your guest room to someone for a month.  We just don’t have to follow the normal rules of life and that is AWESOME!  So what do we plan to do?  The usual Princess stuff…sun, shop, drink, and drain wallets of course!! I want to see each of you tribute in some way towards our fun….pay for drinks/dinner/etc.  We shouldn’t have to pay for that stuff obviously.  That is what money slaves are for!! Duh!!

Anyway, she will be here on Friday!! Whoooo!!! And its going to be warming up right after she gets here, hitting 80 degrees for several days in a row.  Let the fun begin!!

So if you follow Me on twitter (which you totally should), you know that I burned My hand pretty badly on My photography lights.  Totally the suckiest part of My month.  Its not a large area thankfully, but the area that did get burned was pretty gruesome lol.  Being a totally vain cash Princess, this was by far the biggest annoyance/pissoff/anxiety-giver of the last month for Me.  I am so so SO glad it is finally healing!! Seriously its been nearly a month with this bandage on My hand!!! So frustrating.  It looks sooooo much better than it did 2 weeks ago and tomorrow the bandage can come off!! Finally!  I have some prescription cream from the derm and she is hopeful that it will heal really well.  Keep your fingers crossed for Me that it continues to heal well!!

Speaking of frustrating, the burn/bandage has severely limited My clip filming as you may have noticed.  I refuse to put anything out there that isn’t absolutely perfect, so I have only been making femdom financial domination clips where I can keep My hands out of the shot.  Lucky for you footboys, this means lots of foot fetish clips!!!  I normally only shoot one foot fetish clip on a filming day, along with the rest of My clips, but I tried to look at this injury as an opportunity to expand My selection of foot worship clips.  I’ve already posted a few of them at clips4sale, so go buy them up!! More foot fetish clips will be posted in the next month, so you footboys have that to look forward to.  I have managed to film a few other femdom clips as well and you need to buy those too simply because I’m awesome and you need to worship Me!!

I’ve been taking calls on Niteflirt quite a bit this month, for Me anyway.  Hopefully, you are one of the lucky boys that got to talk to Me.  If not, definitely look to see when I am on (another reason you should make a twitter account and follow Me!).  My voice is so seductively sexy and enticing, you will never get it out of your head!!

Boys…I have a new high heel fetish addict.  His name is dane and he bought Me 5 pairs of high heels in one week!  Not bad for a 28 yr old guy that is a total newbie to financial domination.  He also purchased some incredible hot pink jeans from DL1961, some gift cards, and some other items.  I have him totally wrapped around My bratty princess finger already, no surprise there.  Another new boy, sandloser, has pleased Me as well.  Sending gifts not expecting anything in return is how you get on My good side boys.  And this arab loser gets that.  I am superior and just deserve presents and tributes for being Me.  Good boy.  Another new slave I’ve acquired is someone that has worshiped Me from My videos for months, but only now just contacted Me…his name is jonathon.  This guy is a total freak and is fun too!! He loves My curvy ass and super long sexy legs. Not to mention he tributes $200 to see Me on cam for a few minutes each time!! Last time he went out of town and was in a hotel alone, he called Me several times and sent $500 in tributes.  He was even running a few hours late and sent Me a $200 tribute attached to his apology.  That is how you do it boys!! Courteous, polite, thoughtful and GENEROUS.  That is how I like My boys. footboy martin reappeared and cleared some items off My wishlist like the devoted foot slut he is…though he didn’t get everything I wanted him to buy unfortunately. I’m sure he is just embarrassed to be out of $ already and will reappear when he can spoil Me again.  He’s probably blushing right now! Lol! I’m not mad at you silly boy, I just want you to fix it for Princess 😉 mindfuckedbynikki…this douchebag is totally in My bad books til he gets Me something awesome.  I have nothing else to say about him.  aliasboy is on holiday right now, but he is getting Me something really cool when he gets back and I am sooooo looking forward to that.  I love awesome exciting gifts!! He has bought a lot of My favorite fashion items and of course that only makes Me want more. My devoted pic addict is going strong as always, keeping My account nice and full and keeping My amazon balance healthy.  Love that!!

Back to Me…I am car shopping!!!  I am so very excited about this.  I am looking at getting a Mercedes Benz SL 500…the big daddy drop top!!!  I am leaning towards all black with some sick rims. How sexy is that?  Can’t you see your beautiful Princess rolling around with the top down??  I love how the engine rumbles, I love the sleekness of it and I love how fast it goes!  I am also looking at a few other cars…an SLK (I’d rather have the more expensive Benz though…of course lol), a 6 series BMW, a Z4 BMW, and an Audi TT.  Maybe a Lexus SC430…the SL is definitely the front runner though.  So in light of that, I am looking for a car slave or 3.  I want one of you to pick up the payments and the insurance for My sexy car.  That would be so HOT, speeding around town, winding through mountain roads, knowing that YOU are paying off My car for Me.  FUCKING HOT!!!  Step up boys!!

So I am looking for the perfect car for Me…I will be keeping My SUV, I just want a hot little toy for all these gorgeous days.  I am very excited about this and can’t wait to be in it!!

One more thing…your opinion means nothing. Remember that.  Especially if you are some dumb fuck cheapass from twitter.

XOXO – Princess Nikki


Findomme Pic Tease Friday 9/23/11

Hey losers and financial domination addicts!! Being a spoiled financial domme, I have a very busy weekend ahead of Me, partying with My hot friends, shopping, you know, the usual.  I know exactly what you will be doing, My money slave – worshiping ME!!!!

Here is a teaser pic to remind you why you wallet belongs to Me and Me alone (click for full size):

Photo on 2011 08 18 at 23.59 300x225 Findomme Pic Tease Friday 9/23/11

Damn, I am one seriously sexy financial dominatrix!!!  I see you drooling over My $1200 shoes, My short skirt, and My tight luscious ass.  This means one thing – you need to open your paypig wallet to Me!!  Of course, being the generous money domme that I am, I make it so very very easy for you to do this!!!

My addicted little money slave, you can start with Amazon gifts and gift cards!!  I need plenty of new things for My new home and of course, being the My findomme pet, its up to you to provide Me with all the lovely new things I want!! So get that credit card out and send your findomme Princess Nikki something expensive for My awesome new place!!

wishlist banner Findomme Pic Tease Friday 9/23/11

I really love amazon gift cards, send them to ! (copy/paste My email so you don’t mess up!)

Remember, send to
Now I will be online intermittently this weekend or not…make sure you message Me when you see Me on if you would like to beg to worship Me!!  My life is getting busier and busier and as a successful money domme, I am making more money than ever!! Yes, its pretty fucking awesome being Me!  Therefore, I am not online as often and only make Myself available for those money slaves I actually like and have big fat wallets for Me to drain.  Now if you are new to Me or not quite rich, that doesn’t mean I don’t have any time for you, just very little…make an effort to impress Me, make sure you message Me when I am available!
Of course, when I am not available you can always worship Me by buying clips via Niteflirt, Kinkbomb, or Clips4Sale!!
Have a great weekend serving Me boys!!!