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Happy 2013 Adoring Submissive Pets!!

Mmmmm, a blog update!! Its only taken Me since September to get motivated!! Its a new year and I feel really great about 2013. 13 is a lucky number and I’ve already started off the year making a ton of cash!! What could be better than that?? Nothing really because I’m a findomme and really greedy. Haha.

I will write a couple more posts sharing some tidbits from My Hawaii trip, My birthday, My Vegas trip and more from My spoiled bratty princess activities in September/October/November of 2012, but for now I’m just going to touch on the holidays and the new year. Be happy you paypigs and worshiping males are getting this for now…My life has been crazy busy lately and super fun too!!!

I had My awesome Mom out for the holidays, which also included her birthday. I used gift certificates (a favorite of this spoiled brat!!) to take her to one of the top resort spas in the area for a day of pampering. The entire day was funded by one of My cash cows addicted to My perfect boobs and another that just loves My seductive hypnotic voice and fabulous legs. And it was NOT CHEAP. Of course not. I hate cheap!!!

Anyway, Scottsdale has some of the best, most luxurious spas in the world and this time I chose Spa Avania at the Hyatt. We started off with wine by the pool and it happened to be 72 that day, yes in late December, this is why I choose to live here. It was great for My lovely Mom to get some sunshine and just relax and chat with her. A little too cold still for Me to get in the pool even though it was heated!! Lunch was outdoors by the fire in fluffy white bathrobes. We had the Southwest Chicken Caesar salad for those losers interested in every detail down to what we ate!! Delicious, one of the best salads I’ve ever had in My entire life. Post-lunch, we relaxed in the lounge before our treatments, then went on to 90 minute massages with a 15 minute add-on just for our feet followed by pampering pedicures. In between, we used the eucalyptus steam room, outdoor hot tub, and 9 way jet super amazing showers!! Just perfect.

photo 12 768x1024 Happy 2013 Adoring Submissive Pets!!

Lounging poolside, showing off My cute feet for My foot fetish fans!

photo 13 e1357850605504 225x300 Happy 2013 Adoring Submissive Pets!!

The good life..yummy fireside lunch for Princess

After our day of pampering, I took the whole family out to eat Cheesecake Factory to celebrate!! Not My usual dining choice obviously, but its good for kids and My tit worship loser freak funded it all with financial worship gift cards from My amazon wishlist. Hot!!  The selfless spending for My pleasure is what I’m referring to obviously, not dinner with My family lol.

Christmas Day, I cooked for everyone and had everyone at My gorgeous home, which obviously I love to show off.  My food was amazing as usual because I’m perfect and everyone had a wonderful time.  In fact, we all got really really drunk from wine and Patron Cafe, My new favorite!!  It was the best Christmas yet.

Gift-wise…some of you pulled out all the stops for My greedy financial domination pleasure and went out of your way to do your absolute best for Princess, while some of you totally failed.  Big surprise right?? I guess we don’t call you guys losers for nothing!  I tweeted plenty of gift pics, which you can view on My twitter pics  (gifts have the hashtag #spoiled).  The best gift was being able to stuff My BMW with toys I purchased for the Toys For Tots drive.  While some of you totally failed with Princess gifts, being able to do this for underprivileged kids was really the best present ever.  I’ve always donated to Toys For Tots, but this year I went BIG and blew $2k in Amazon gift cards on over 70 great toys!! How cool is this pic?!?!

thumbphoto 141 Happy 2013 Adoring Submissive Pets!!

Christmas 2012 Toys For Tots Donation…76 toys!! Yes, there are tons of Barbies!

Needless to say, they were quite impressed at the fire department when I dropped them off. It felt really  really amazing and I’m proud that I was able to brighten Christmas for a bunch of kids.  I grew up very spoiled, especially at Christmas, so I’ve always tried to give back.  Next year, I want to do even MORE!!

I really expected some of you to do much better this Christmas for ME.  Oh well.  I don’t get hung up on inferior males failures and I had a great Christmas gift-wise in My personal life (lots of Tiffany!) and still not bad at all when it came to loser gifts! Obviously…look at My gift spree twitter pics lol. Some really did their best for Me as well and pleased Me immensely, but some I really expected to do BETTER.  If you haven’t heard much from Me, I’m sure you know the reason.  I am always in control, not you and certainly not your cash.  The second you think that changes, I’m bored and won’t give you any attention until you do something to please Me and win My favor back.  Remember…when you have failed Me, you have ultimately failed YOURSELF. I am the muse, I am the inspiration, I am the reason you succeed, I am the reason you exist.  Live for Me or live without Me.

There are millions of submissive men with wide open wallets for Me to drain…The one and only incredibly gorgeous, seductive Princess Nikki…

thumbPhoto on 2012 09 16 at 23.54 Happy 2013 Adoring Submissive Pets!!

thumbPhoto on 2012 09 16 at 23.53 2 Happy 2013 Adoring Submissive Pets!!

Some pics from My financial domination cam that a few boys were lucky enough to view this month!

I had even more to celebrate post-Christmas!! One of My close friends was having a big birthday and lots of friends flew into town for it!! Friends from Toronto, Las Vegas (JessicaGBanks!!) and Atlanta all came out to party the weekend away.  Amazing time with people I love. Of course, I looked amazing too…check out this incredible outfit I wore!!

photo 11 Happy 2013 Adoring Submissive Pets!!

I love being hot and fabulous!! Yes, My hair is a bit lighter (just a bit) and I love it!!

New Years Eve, I stayed home for once.  Surprising for a spoiled bratty princess party girl, right?? I was so exhausted and run down from the holidays, family, house guests, and partying, I was just excited to finally have an empty house.  My bf and I cuddled up by the fire, drank some wine, had a bubble bath and rang in the new year together in bed.  Yes, be jealous!!!

I felt a bit rundown and under the weather the first week of 2013, which was SO not what I wanted, but I’m a champion and kicked it fairly quickly.  Lots of Emergen-C and positive thinking.   I am feeling amazing now.  Life is giving Me everything I want as it should.  Making easy money off submissive financial domination pets, lots of clip sales, My other businesses are doing amazing (off the charts amazing actually!), and today we are going to look at a house with a 9-car garage!! Princess life is as it should be 🙂

More on positive thinking…I’m really going to focus on positivity this year and draw more of what I want into My life in lucky 2013.  If you are negative, annoying, CHEAP, or simply not giving Me what I want and DESERVE, you will not be allowed any part of My fantastic life.  I know My good boys are lost without Me and will continue to always please Me…there is no TRUE pleasure for you without MY PLEASURE FIRST.  So here’s to a wonderful 2013!!!!

I’m busy, busy, busy lately, so you better come with your wallet wide open for Me if you want My attention.  Its not all work and no play though…of course not!! JessicaGBanks is in town this weekend, then next weekend I’m going to Vegas for one to party it up over AVN with Princess Lyne, Bratty Bunny, JessicaGBanks, Lindsey Leigh, Evelyn Milano, Meggerz, Mistress B, Spoiled Bianca and more!! Yes only one night.  I’m not very much interested in the fetish/porn scene and I don’t think I could stand to be  there for a whole weekend, but I do love to party! So one night is good for Me…one bad-ass first class night to party with My girls like we deserve!  Then I will come home to My Bratty Princess Heavenly bed and recover with Dominos pizza, Xanax, and lots of sleep 🙂

I have tons of new clips in femdom financial dominatrix clip store at ….go scoop them up and worship Me!! More coming in the next week or two, whenever I have time to film some more and take more cash from My adoring pets 🙂

large rectangle 336X280 11217 Happy 2013 Adoring Submissive Pets!!

I’m also working on a FINDOM FEMALE DOMINATION MOBILE CLIP STORE for My worshiping pets…smaller files size for faster downloads!! Worship Bratty Nikki anytime, anywhere!!! Here is the link – – and of course more clips will be added soon.

I will close with a photo I snapped in the bath last night featuring My long gorgeous legs and cute mermaid colored toes.  There are about a dozen photos, but the high-res set is reserved for a certain sub that knows its his duty to PAY UP.  Want a piece of the action??? Come and beg with CASH, foot boy!!!! The only way to get My greedy bratty attention of course!

thumbIMG 0592 Happy 2013 Adoring Submissive Pets!!

Findomme Friday Financial Domination Wallet Seduction 3/23/12

Wondering just why I am entitled to your cash?  Why so many men are seduced by My  brand of financial domination? Of course you have! you have been fantasizing about giving in…drool, puppet.

av2Photo on 2012 03 09 at 19.34 51 Findomme Friday Financial Domination Wallet Seduction 3/23/12

I command you to stare at My perfect financial dominatrix Goddess body. Start at My seductive red heels. Follow My long legs up to My gorgeous luscious ass.  Admire the curve of My waist and drool over this incredible bodystocking that I am wearing.  No money slave can resist My perfection for very long.  I am seductively greedy and you can’t help but give in!!!

New clips for admirers and losers to worship Me!!!  Go buy them ALL!!!

spoilmyfeet Findomme Friday Financial Domination Wallet Seduction 3/23/12Spoil My Beautiful Feet

timetoserveproperly Findomme Friday Financial Domination Wallet Seduction 3/23/12Step Up and Serve Properly

strokeandspend Findomme Friday Financial Domination Wallet Seduction 3/23/12Stroke and Spend JOI

heelslegsass Findomme Friday Financial Domination Wallet Seduction 3/23/12Heels, Legs, Perfect Ass

Ok boys, I will do a real update soon!! Probably after the weekend. Go Spend!!!


Findomme Friday Pic Tease 2-3-12

Financial domination tease pic just wrap you further around My little finger…

imagePhoto on 2011 10 16 at 16.10 2 Findomme Friday Pic Tease 2 3 12

Legs and heels making you week?? I love leg fetish and high heel fetish boys! That is, as long as you spend for Me like I deserve.  Look at what a sexy financial domme I am.  Do I look like the kind of girl that wastes time with broke losers?  Absolutely not!!   I am just too beautiful and sexy and smart to bother with you guys.  Only those with very high credit card limits are allowed to worship Princess.  Broke morons do not deserve My attention whatsoever.

All of you can start worshiping Me in My Clips4sale store, which is updated with new clips whenever I feel like making them.

Then please Me by sending your findomme Princess a nice gift…the bigger, the better, the more likely you’ll get noticed!

wishlist banner Findomme Friday Pic Tease 2 3 12

Want to contact Me? Get your credit card out!

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Click one of My ID’s, PAY for it, and begin chatting with Me!! Financial domination and bratty princess worship is so HOT with money domme Bratty Nikki!!!

-Princess Nikki

Findomme Friday Pic Tease 1-27-12

Look at Me.  How can you not give in to Me?? you are a fool if you miss an opportunity to spend on Me!!imagePhoto on 2011 10 07 at 17.50 Findomme Friday Pic Tease 1 27 12

I deserve every bit of cash available to you in every account!!!  I suggest starting on My wishlist as a good money slave should want his financial domme receiving gifts all the time!!

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I have some new clips out as well!! Click the photo to buy from My Clips4sale store or the Buy Now button to purchase from Niteflirt (this money domme prefers Niteflirt) !!

bralessmanipulation Findomme Friday Pic Tease 1 27 12Braless Boob Manipulation

btn ext buy now 136x34 Findomme Friday Pic Tease 1 27 12

Nikki Reedit Findomme Friday Pic Tease 1 27 12“i need to spend for Princess Nikki”

btn ext buy now 136x34 Findomme Friday Pic Tease 1 27 12

Ready to worship Me live?? you better have lots of cash available on your credit card pet!!

yahoo small Findomme Friday Pic Tease 1 27 12skype small Findomme Friday Pic Tease 1 27 12

Findomme Friday Pic Tease 1-20-12

Oooh I know you boys are so happy Findomme Friday Pic Tease is back.  And so am I!! Yes, its a slight bit of work for Me, but it also means MORE CASH for Me!!! Seeing how hot I am makes it impossible for you to get Me out of your head and I love that.

imagePhoto on 2011 12 21 at 18.25 3 Findomme Friday Pic Tease 1 20 12

















Damn, this dress is sexy!!! I bet you wish I was waiting for you under your tree this past holiday, huh?  LMAO!!! you wish dude!!

I command you to stare at My perfect body.  Drool over My perfect tan skin and sexy toned back.  Drool over My curvy ass and long amazingly addictive legs.  I command you to worship Me from head to toe. I command you to spend every last dollar on Princess.

yahoo small Findomme Friday Pic Tease 1 20 12   skype small Findomme Friday Pic Tease 1 20 12




Talk to you soon boys!!!

-Princess Nikki

Findomme Friday Pic Tease 1-13-12

Time for Findomme Friday Pic Tease!! Oh yes, the post you look forward to even though you know its designed to do nothing but trick your mind and empty your wallet.  Worship Me boys!!!

imagePhoto on 2011 10 23 at 16.12 Findomme Friday Pic Tease 1 13 12

Think you are ready to serve My perfect financial mistress curvy ass?? Do you have what it takes to be a money slave in My Princess world???  Is your credit card just ACHING FOR ME???

Then start by checking out My new clips at My clips4sale store!! My financial domination femdom clips will get you under My spell quickly, just where you want to be!!

perfectgreedyass Findomme Friday Pic Tease 1 13 12Perfect Greedy Ass JOI

generated 5425265 Findomme Friday Pic Tease 1 13 12“i only want what Nikki wants”

Then make your way to My wishlist after you are good and weak for Me!!

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Now click My Yahoo ID for a hot live wallet draining if you think you can satisfy My cash fetish!! – Princess Nikki

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