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It’s spring and life is awesome :)

Hi boys! I thought I could maybe be generous and give you idiots an update. As you can tell from the title, My life is awesome…as usual!! It’s spring in the desert, the flowers are blooming big and GORGEOUS, and its been in the high 80s/low 90s every day for the past few weeks. And yes, My hot findomme body has been wearing a new bikini every day!! Have yet to repeat one this year!! No surprise though, considering I am the proud owner of over 50 bikinis 😀 Yes, I got them all out and counted when I was spring cleaning. Speaking of that, I hate cleaning!!! UGH. Why hasn’t one of you idiots paid for maid service for ME? So unfair for Princess!!!

Anyway…My friend Princess Mandy has been visiting. We have been spending A LOT of our time sunning ourselves and drinking by the pool!!!! So much fun hanging with My BFF. I really thought We would be going out and partying more, but its so so nice out that we’ve been drinking and partying outside during the day!! I really enjoy partying in My bikini, even more so than a short tight dress. We threw a birthday pool party for one of My girlfriends and it was great. I bet you idiots would LOVE to spy cam on that!! Hmmm, clip idea?? Maybe!!

Other than relaxing and living the life a cash Princess deserves, Mandy and I have been shopping and lunching a lot…real housewife style lol. I haven’t been online much I know. Can you blame Me? you idiots are fucking boring and the real world is so vibrant and fun and pretty…My world anyway!! Lol!!

I have to say, I am not pleased with quite a few of you. YOU ARE FUCKING SLACKERS. Seriously!! Does My happiness mean nothing to you? I do not need you. you need Me. Think about how much you have spent on Me in the last month or two…if its not impressive, I hate you. Now get your fucking act together and spoil Me like I deserve!

wishlist banner Its spring and life is awesome :)

Yes, I have cleared a lot of items off My wishlist. I want certain things purchased so I’m not giving you losers a bunch of options til you show you care about pleasing Me. MY ABSOLUTE #1 WANT AND NEED IS MARRIOTT GIFT CARDS. I need these for a trip with family in June…I love them, but I am sure as hell staying at My own hotel!!! And I am definitely not paying for it. That’s what you guys are for. So send Me all the Marriott gift cards I need and do so happily…My happiness is your happiness. your happiness does not exist without Mine!

There are a few other items that I would like to receive besides the Marriott gift cards…I’m sure I will add a few new things here and there, but I will be keeping it short til I get those items.

Of course, I have a nice fat amazon balance right now…but I’m saving that for something big. And I still need more, so of course gift cards will make this Princess smile!!! Send to

While I am not pleased with many of you, I have to say, I am pleased with all the clip buying!!! And its motivated Me to film many more super hot clips…including bikini clips!!! I’m going to spend this whole week filming lots and lots. I’m always open to clip ideas, but keep the long, very specific fantasies to yourself. I am not your puppet and this should be obvious to you money slaves and loser freaks. I ALWAYS put My own spin on ideas and that’s IF I even like your idea. And of course, a tribute or gift will go a long ways towards Me considering your idea!!

I suggest you also go buy My new clips, including My latest below…click the gif to buy from MY CLIPS4SALE STORE! Click the Buy Now Button to buy from Niteflirt!

lonelylosers Its spring and life is awesome :)Laughing At The Lonely Losers

btn ext buy now 136x34 Its spring and life is awesome :)

Clips4Sale Store #40635

Damn, I am so fucking perfect!!! I lovvvvvve being Meeeeeeeee!!!

Well, since I am so perfect and beautiful and amazing, I want to see more of Me and I know you do too.  Obviously, you boys do NOT deserve this photo, but its too sexy to not show off!! And I am certain this will motivate you to put that delicious sexy cash in My greedy Princess hands, max out your credit card on My wishlist desires, and become an all around better SERVANT!

av2Photo on 2012 03 24 at 13.31 2 Its spring and life is awesome :)

Amazing, I know!! Thanks to a couple randoms for the hot $ Luli Fama $ bikini!

Oh, one more thing!! Niteflirt – many of My Niteflirt listings are down for the moment, however you can still call using the buttons on My site.  Also, I have a phone-only line!!  I will be making an effort to keep it on more, especially since I’m not on cam as often lately. Use this awesome privilege to speak to Me and fall in love with My amazingly seductive wallet draining voice!!!

 Its spring and life is awesome :)1-800-863-5478
ext: 9529811

$2.99/minute…a fucking bargain for you morons!!

Talk to you soon!!

–Princess Nikki

Findomme Friday Financial Domination Wallet Seduction 3/23/12

Wondering just why I am entitled to your cash?  Why so many men are seduced by My  brand of financial domination? Of course you have! you have been fantasizing about giving in…drool, puppet.

av2Photo on 2012 03 09 at 19.34 51 Findomme Friday Financial Domination Wallet Seduction 3/23/12

I command you to stare at My perfect financial dominatrix Goddess body. Start at My seductive red heels. Follow My long legs up to My gorgeous luscious ass.  Admire the curve of My waist and drool over this incredible bodystocking that I am wearing.  No money slave can resist My perfection for very long.  I am seductively greedy and you can’t help but give in!!!

New clips for admirers and losers to worship Me!!!  Go buy them ALL!!!

spoilmyfeet Findomme Friday Financial Domination Wallet Seduction 3/23/12Spoil My Beautiful Feet

timetoserveproperly Findomme Friday Financial Domination Wallet Seduction 3/23/12Step Up and Serve Properly

strokeandspend Findomme Friday Financial Domination Wallet Seduction 3/23/12Stroke and Spend JOI

heelslegsass Findomme Friday Financial Domination Wallet Seduction 3/23/12Heels, Legs, Perfect Ass

Ok boys, I will do a real update soon!! Probably after the weekend. Go Spend!!!


Just a quick Princess update!

Hi boys! So this is just a quick update on My life…I realize its been ages since I last posted as usual and I am sure you guys always want to know more about your findomme Princess, so here ya go!

My friend Mandy is coming to visit Me!!  I am most excited about this.  She will be staying with Me for about a month.  She lost her dog a few months ago and I know she needs a vacay, so I told her to come out and enjoy all this sunshine with Me!!  Its so nice being a Princess, being able to take off for a month, being able to offer your guest room to someone for a month.  We just don’t have to follow the normal rules of life and that is AWESOME!  So what do we plan to do?  The usual Princess stuff…sun, shop, drink, and drain wallets of course!! I want to see each of you tribute in some way towards our fun….pay for drinks/dinner/etc.  We shouldn’t have to pay for that stuff obviously.  That is what money slaves are for!! Duh!!

Anyway, she will be here on Friday!! Whoooo!!! And its going to be warming up right after she gets here, hitting 80 degrees for several days in a row.  Let the fun begin!!

So if you follow Me on twitter (which you totally should), you know that I burned My hand pretty badly on My photography lights.  Totally the suckiest part of My month.  Its not a large area thankfully, but the area that did get burned was pretty gruesome lol.  Being a totally vain cash Princess, this was by far the biggest annoyance/pissoff/anxiety-giver of the last month for Me.  I am so so SO glad it is finally healing!! Seriously its been nearly a month with this bandage on My hand!!! So frustrating.  It looks sooooo much better than it did 2 weeks ago and tomorrow the bandage can come off!! Finally!  I have some prescription cream from the derm and she is hopeful that it will heal really well.  Keep your fingers crossed for Me that it continues to heal well!!

Speaking of frustrating, the burn/bandage has severely limited My clip filming as you may have noticed.  I refuse to put anything out there that isn’t absolutely perfect, so I have only been making femdom financial domination clips where I can keep My hands out of the shot.  Lucky for you footboys, this means lots of foot fetish clips!!!  I normally only shoot one foot fetish clip on a filming day, along with the rest of My clips, but I tried to look at this injury as an opportunity to expand My selection of foot worship clips.  I’ve already posted a few of them at clips4sale, so go buy them up!! More foot fetish clips will be posted in the next month, so you footboys have that to look forward to.  I have managed to film a few other femdom clips as well and you need to buy those too simply because I’m awesome and you need to worship Me!!

I’ve been taking calls on Niteflirt quite a bit this month, for Me anyway.  Hopefully, you are one of the lucky boys that got to talk to Me.  If not, definitely look to see when I am on (another reason you should make a twitter account and follow Me!).  My voice is so seductively sexy and enticing, you will never get it out of your head!!

Boys…I have a new high heel fetish addict.  His name is dane and he bought Me 5 pairs of high heels in one week!  Not bad for a 28 yr old guy that is a total newbie to financial domination.  He also purchased some incredible hot pink jeans from DL1961, some gift cards, and some other items.  I have him totally wrapped around My bratty princess finger already, no surprise there.  Another new boy, sandloser, has pleased Me as well.  Sending gifts not expecting anything in return is how you get on My good side boys.  And this arab loser gets that.  I am superior and just deserve presents and tributes for being Me.  Good boy.  Another new slave I’ve acquired is someone that has worshiped Me from My videos for months, but only now just contacted Me…his name is jonathon.  This guy is a total freak and is fun too!! He loves My curvy ass and super long sexy legs. Not to mention he tributes $200 to see Me on cam for a few minutes each time!! Last time he went out of town and was in a hotel alone, he called Me several times and sent $500 in tributes.  He was even running a few hours late and sent Me a $200 tribute attached to his apology.  That is how you do it boys!! Courteous, polite, thoughtful and GENEROUS.  That is how I like My boys. footboy martin reappeared and cleared some items off My wishlist like the devoted foot slut he is…though he didn’t get everything I wanted him to buy unfortunately. I’m sure he is just embarrassed to be out of $ already and will reappear when he can spoil Me again.  He’s probably blushing right now! Lol! I’m not mad at you silly boy, I just want you to fix it for Princess 😉 mindfuckedbynikki…this douchebag is totally in My bad books til he gets Me something awesome.  I have nothing else to say about him.  aliasboy is on holiday right now, but he is getting Me something really cool when he gets back and I am sooooo looking forward to that.  I love awesome exciting gifts!! He has bought a lot of My favorite fashion items and of course that only makes Me want more. My devoted pic addict is going strong as always, keeping My account nice and full and keeping My amazon balance healthy.  Love that!!

Back to Me…I am car shopping!!!  I am so very excited about this.  I am looking at getting a Mercedes Benz SL 500…the big daddy drop top!!!  I am leaning towards all black with some sick rims. How sexy is that?  Can’t you see your beautiful Princess rolling around with the top down??  I love how the engine rumbles, I love the sleekness of it and I love how fast it goes!  I am also looking at a few other cars…an SLK (I’d rather have the more expensive Benz though…of course lol), a 6 series BMW, a Z4 BMW, and an Audi TT.  Maybe a Lexus SC430…the SL is definitely the front runner though.  So in light of that, I am looking for a car slave or 3.  I want one of you to pick up the payments and the insurance for My sexy car.  That would be so HOT, speeding around town, winding through mountain roads, knowing that YOU are paying off My car for Me.  FUCKING HOT!!!  Step up boys!!

So I am looking for the perfect car for Me…I will be keeping My SUV, I just want a hot little toy for all these gorgeous days.  I am very excited about this and can’t wait to be in it!!

One more thing…your opinion means nothing. Remember that.  Especially if you are some dumb fuck cheapass from twitter.

XOXO – Princess Nikki


Findomme Friday Pic Tease 1-6-12

Findomme Friday Pic Tease is back boys!!! A hot photo every friday to drain your wallets!! Now get on your knees and drool…

imagePhoto on 2011 10 16 at 16.09 3 Findomme Friday Pic Tease 1 6 12

Damn, I’m sexy!!! Of course, this is just a weekend reminder to spend as you should right here!!!

wishlist banner Findomme Friday Pic Tease 1 6 12

And don’t forget My new clips in My Clips4Sale store!!

worthlesspatheticcock Findomme Friday Pic Tease 1 6 12

fuckuxinfinity Findomme Friday Pic Tease 1 6 12

There are more than since I’ve lasted posted clips obviously, just click the link and buy them ALL!!!

Contact Me on Yahoo or Skype as long as you have to burn!!

Later boys!!

-Princess Nikki


Bratty Princess wants MORE

Hello, My financial fetish addicts!  I’ve decided to be generous and allow you another update to My fabulous bratty princess life.  Be grateful!

So, if you follow Me on Twitter (!/bratty_nikki – you should because I tweet frequently with updates from My greedy princess life, money slave news, hot bratty princess pics and more!), you would know that I have not been feeling very well 🙁  I don’t know what it is, but I woke up Monday feeling a bit under the weather, then woke up Tuesday feeling absolutely terrible!!!  It hurts to swallow, My perfect body aches, My head hurts and My Princess nose is stuffy.   This fucking sucks!!!  I have so much to do right now, so this really could not have come at a worse time.

As My money slave, you can always make Me feel better by sending gifts from My wishlist of course! –

Now since you are a good little money slave and of course, clicked My wishlist like I told you to, you can see I want plenty of things for My NEW HOME!!!  Yes I have found a home and a fabulous home at that.  Its huge, has beautiful kitchen, every counter top is granite, and beautiful master suite with a humongous closet for all the fabulous clothes you boys are so lucky to buy Me!!  Of course, its in a fabulous location because this money domme does not live somewhere undesirable in order to have a gorgeous home.  Its in the best location!! The most fabulous part?  The lovely pool, gorgeous backyard and mountain views facing west for those AMAZING Arizona sunsets!!!  Here’s a sneak peek for you weak little boys that will never attend one of the many pool parties I plan to throw:

imagenikkispool 300x225 Bratty Princess wants MORE

So hot right??!  I love the baby palm trees!! I wish I could have large tall ones, but they are typically only in older neighborhoods here.  Mature palm trees run around $10k each!! Anyway, I can just see Myself enjoying My lovely backyard sooooo much.  you will see more of My new home once I actually move into it.  I have sooo much to do of course, so being sick could not have come at a worse time.  Being that My new home is HUGE and will be a lot to take care of and clean, I am considering acquiring a local slave.  Considering it, not definitely.  There will be a lengthy application process as I want to be sure you are not a creep and will give Me what I want out of a real time slave.  If you live in the Phoenix area and would like to apply, send Me an email at and tell Me why I should choose you.  you will be required to be a clip slave as well, though you may wear a mask to hide your identity.  Seriously applicants only!!!!

So as I said before, I need lots and lots of stuff for My new place!! Make sure you visit My wishlist and send Me something!!  Obviously, I prefer you to buy expensive gifts, but even smaller inexpensive gifts will be appreciated and put a smile on My face.  There is no reason that every one of you money slaves can’t send something small at the very least.  I need plenty of small miscellaneous items as well as large expensive items, so quit being so selfish and get out that credit card for your money princess!

wishlist banner Bratty Princess wants MORE

In other news, life has been fabulous to your money domme!  My pic addict is spending and spending and spending as he should.  This boy cannot get enough of My huge curvy boobs and long long legs.  He spends insane amounts of cash just to worship Me!  Check out last weekend on Niteflirt!!

imagepicaddict 300x150 Bratty Princess wants MORE

That is as much as the screen shot would allow Me to take, but the transactions go on and on and My whole weekend was pretty much all him, save for a few clips here and there! And each transaction is for one, yes ONE pic!!  This is in addition to the thousands he sent Me on amazon for about 35 minutes of cam time…I posted a pic of that on My twitter, so go look it up there. I’m not going to bother re-posting it because you idiot paypigs should already be following Me and paying attention to every thing I say anyway!  I toy with My pic addict like this 2-3x a week and have been pretty steadily since July.  This money slave is OBSESSED with My fabulous long legs and you should be too…wanna see why????

imagelegs 300x225 Bratty Princess wants MORE

Absolutely perfect!!!

I plan to package up the many picture sets I have taken for him and make them available to the rest of you money slaves on Niteflirt.  Lucky you!!  Long leg fetish and high heel fetish boys are going to love them, as well as My cleavage addicts and all around perfect Princess body lovers.

My other slaves have also been wonderful and you will see many gifts in My upcoming gift blog post!!  I’ll be working on that over the weekend, so you should see it on Monday.  Also, if you financial fetish slaves haven’t noticed yet, I’ve started a new post for every Friday – Findomme Pic Tease Friday!  Every Friday,  I will be posting a sexy gorgeous pic of My beautiful cash princess self in order to make sure you do nothing but worship Me all weekend.  So every Friday you will see a pic you of course do not deserve to see, but obviously My ulterior motive is to make sure you spend your weekend serving your fabulous findomme Goddess!!

Also I have finally released some new clips for you idiot clip losers!!!  I need to get back to filming, but with all the craziness in My life AND being sick, it probably won’t happen for another week.  Go buy these new ones ASAP!!!

Only One Thing

onlyonethinggif Bratty Princess wants MORE

Available on Niteflirt, Kinkbomb, and Clips4Sale

So Desperate

sodesperate Bratty Princess wants MORE

Available on Niteflirt, Kinkbomb, and Clips4Sale

Ok, boys, I’m outta here!  Not feeling so well, so going to get an early night and hope that I am back to 100% perfect Princess very soon.  Visit My wishlist like I told you to, leave comments, and all around be a good boy for Me!!!!

New femdom clips and a discount code!!

Losers!! I am offering 30% off any orders $30 and up at My Kinkbomb store! Use code “NIKKIADDICT” at checkout!!

pic1 modified New femdom clips and a discount code!!


And I have tons of new clips for you guys too!!  More hot financial fetish clips will be rolling out this week, so just keep buying and buying and buying for Me!!!

luxuryprincess New femdom clips and a discount code!!Pay For My $1200 Shoes

shortshortsjunkie New femdom clips and a discount code!!Short Shorts Addiction


crazyforperfecttits New femdom clips and a discount code!!Crazy For Perfect Tits

ewugrossmeout New femdom clips and a discount code!!Ew

bikinibratjoi New femdom clips and a discount code!!Pink Bikini JOI

datenighttease New femdom clips and a discount code!!Date Night Tease


Now in less than a week, I’ll be in Vegas raping wallets and partying like crazy with My girl, GcupBitch!!  We will be shooting plenty of clips at our villa (that we got 2 of our losers to pay for!!) and will also be on Niteflirt and Yahoo/Skype messengers to take all of your cash!  Email Me for a cam appointment ( or for financial domination fetish clip requests…TOTAL FUCKING HOTNESS OVERLOAD, I can’t wait!!

Also I have added some HOT new items to My bratty Princess wishlist!!  Bikinis, short skirts, hot dresses all for you lucky boys to buy Me!!  So get on it!!

wishlist banner New femdom clips and a discount code!!

And follow Me on Twitter for bratty princess updates, sexy pics, new clips and more!

twitter New femdom clips and a discount code!!

Bye boys!!

I’m finally back losers!

Have you missed Me losers? Of course you have!! your paypig life is so worthless without Me! So you’ve probably been wondering why I haven’t updated or been online, exploiting your financial fetish for My personal gain. I had an absolutely wonderful time in Jamaica – enjoyed it more than I thought I would, especially for a family trip. It was absolutely beautiful and completely relaxing. A bratty princess trip review with pics will be coming up, so I will tell you more about Jamaica then. Unfortunately, I came home to bad news and had to rush home and stay with the other side of My family. Sucks, but I guess life is all about ups & downs, highs & lows, even for a financial domination goddess. Luckily My highs are have no limit and I don’t see many lows in My princess life! It was good to be with My family, but I am so so glad to be getting back to My city life! And I am definitely glad to get back to raping your wallets!!

My first day back I get a message from My dick lover, derek. derek loves to party, loves dick, and I’m pretty sure he’s a spoiled brat rich kid with some daddy issues, but he loves to spend on his money domme and I certainly enjoy taking his cash any way that I can. He loves to hand over his cash all day and night, partying and fantasizing about cock until he’s broke for Me!!! And not only does he hand over his cash, he does it in a major way…check out My tributes from Saturday!!

tribute00009 300x133 Im finally back losers!

$500 start from My cash princess addicted money slut! But oh wait, there’s more. Lots more!

tributei00008 300x61 Im finally back losers!

Yes another $500. Good dick lover. Everything for dick, right derek? Teehee!

tributei000081 300x61 Im finally back losers!

I also received several more tributes in the $100-150 range!

tributei00007 300x63 Im finally back losers!

tributei00006 300x63 Im finally back losers!

tributei00005 300x60 Im finally back losers!

tributei00004 300x63 Im finally back losers!

tributei00003 300x62 Im finally back losers!

tributei00002 300x70 Im finally back losers!

tributei00001 300x60 Im finally back losers!

Wow, seems like a HUGE financial fetish wallet draining right? And sure it is…but if you are Me, you want MORE. Always want more!! And so derek loves dick sent $1k in gift cards to pay for My hotel room next month when I go visit GcupBitch for her birthday!

tribute00010 300x224 Im finally back losers!

I love it, I love being a financial dominatrix and draining wallets in a major fucking way!! Talk about a fantastic welcome home and no cam either!! I hit the bong all day while talking to him on the phone and draining his account 🙂

Oh and before I left for Jamaica, I had another wallet draining session with him. He was begging Me to drain him any way possible, so I purchased Myself some SpaFinder gift cards on his Orbitz travel account. I am pretty sure his daddy is picking up the tab for these!! I could give fuck less, all I care is that they are in My greedy little hands!

pic2 300x225 Im finally back losers!

Yes 6 of them, but for how much you ask?

pic1 300x225 Im finally back losers!

Yes, $3k in SpaFinder for your financial domination Princess!! He gets fucked up and spends it all and I take full fucking findomme advantage.

So besides draining derek dick lover, I have a TON of new gifts. I will feature them in a gift post later, but first I want you to check out My hot new shoes…$1200 of pure luxury!! I fell in love with these shoes and HAD to have them!! Highly coveted, hard to find, and totally expensive. More expensive than My other expensive shoes. Of course, since I make so much $$$ being a financial domme and draining your wallets, I didn’t hesitate, I just bought them! I do plan on making a sexy financial fetish/leg & heel worship clip featuring these stunning beauties and expect it to be priced higher than usual…you high heel fetish and leg worship bitches WILL be paying for them one way or another!

pic4 300x227 Im finally back losers!

Mmmm, leather so soft and buttery…

pic6 250x300 Im finally back losers!

Total shoe-icide!

pic51 300x219 Im finally back losers!

Ouch!! My wallet definitely got a spanking. Thanks Barneys!

pic7 300x254 Im finally back losers!

My perfect size 8 foot in these stunners for the foot fetish freaks! A high quality leg & heel worship photo set will definitely be coming soon, but I couldn’t resist giving you losers a quick tease!


So I haven’t been around much lately, but as you can see I’m draining wallets when I can and still making tons of money! I leave for Vegas in less than four weeks though, so I expect you boys to be ready with tributes so I can spend, spend, spend in Sin City. I can’t wait to see My girl, GcupBitch, so we can party our asses off together!!! We always get treated like gold in Vegas and its so fun watching idiot boys drool over us and using them to our hearts content!

My Jamaica post will be coming next, then My gift post featuring My macbook, My Linea Pelle travel bag, new Glam Rock Watch and more, lots more! I hope to have some new clips out this weekend…in the meantime, here are My recent hottest clips in case you missed them. I didn’t have time to promote them before taking off to paradise. Buy them immediately and worship Me!

Ultimate Tease

perfecttease Im finally back losers!

Shut Up & Spend

ideserveyourcash Im finally back losers!

Snobby Cocktease

paymysnobbyass Im finally back losers!

Princess Tits

princesstits Im finally back losers!

Bratty Princess Worship

brattyprincessworship Im finally back losers!

Expensive Short Shorts JOI

myassismoney Im finally back losers!

I’m outta here losers!

seeyabitch Im finally back losers!

KBstudio120x60 Im finally back losers!

Also, I’ve added a bunch of hot new things to My Amazon Wishlist, be sure to please your financial domination goddess by shopping and spoiling Me!! I really want all the sexy new workout clothes from bebe and the bebe wedges right now. And I’m wanting something big again. Yes all you losers will be paying for it. Don’t worry, you’ll find out soon! Lol.

wishlist banner 300x38 Im finally back losers!

Later losers!!!

Princess Update!

Hey wankers, money slaves and jerkoffs! I know how much you miss Me and well, I haven’t missed you, just your paypig cash! LMAO! Anyway, I am sure you boys looooooove the new financial domination site. Hot right? Of course, its mine! I love it and am so happy with how it has turned out. Of course, I am still tweaking and adding pages and content, so make sure you check back often to see new stuff.

Check out the new banners from Villianness Productions!!

brattynikki 480X60 brattynikki Princess Update!

brattynikki 250x150 brattynikki Princess Update!

So fucking sexy!!! Thanks babe, your designs rock! I highly recommend her to any ladies needing design work.

On to Me…February and March were both record breaking months for your cash princess!! Love it! I received many fabulous gifts as well and purchased My new macbook with amazon tributes from these pets:

  • roosterdude – $100
  • loser craig – $300
  • sandmonkey minion – $100
  • aussie matt – $300
  • charles – $50
  • submissive aussie – $100
  • warthog – $300

Good job boys!  I’ve had some serious action on My wishlist lately as well which has made your spoiled bratty princess VERY HAPPY.   I won’t receive those gifts til I get My huge shipment next week, but you won’t see those for at least 2 weeks because I’m off to Jamaica in less than 10 days bitches!!  See ya!!  I can’t wait to be drunk on a sexy beach wearing all My new bikinis!  Maybe if you are lucky I will find a bit of time to film some financial fetish clips for you bikini addicts.  I certainly have plenty to wear thanks to My pets.  I have several new ones in My gift post coming up soon.  Make that 2 gift posts actually – aussie matt sent Me a ton of stuff and then I have so much from My other pets that I will need to split all My gifts into 2 posts.  Oh! I’ve also purchased the $750 Linea Pelle carry on bag I’ve wanted for awhile (thanks to brandon, freddy, loser craig, and ESPECIALLY submissive aussie.  I loved being a spoiled money domme!!  Life is good.  Better than good, fucking fantastic!!

Make sure you check out My wishlist and buy Me even more stuff!  Obviously, you are more likely to get My attention when you buy Me expensive luxury items a cash princess DESERVES, but I realize not all of you can do that .  I have also added several bikinis and dresses in the $30-50 range for you boys that want to spend, but cannot afford the items I desire most.  I need these for all the hot new clips I’ll be shooting with My girl, financial domme GcupBitch, when I visit her in LV!!  Yes already planning My next trip before I leave.  I can’t wait!!  Vegas is perfect for us because we get so spoiled there, just like hot bratty princesses should be.  Of course, I will require tributes for all the expenses, but that will be after I return from Jamaica.  One of My slaves may be there at the same time and if he is, he knows that My shopping game is going to destroy him!!  Shopping trips with slaves are a MINIMUM of $1k…I don’t care to have you in My presence if you cannot afford to indulge Me in the luxury items I deserve.  And for vegas, that minimum goes up!!!  If any other slaves are interested in a live shopping expedition, contact Me and be prepared to prove yourself with lots of gifts and tributes.  I will not meet anyone that does not meet My financial domination spending standards!

Now I’d like to post a picture of mr non magnum….see why I call him that?!?! A whole 4 inches of worthless.  LMAO.  Well, I am done with this shrimp dick old perv, so I thought I’d post a pic of his worthless cock for all of you to laugh at!!!  I am calling him mr worthless from now on, unless he proves otherwise in a major $$$ way.   This guy hasn’t gotten laid in 7 years and you can see why!!  Maybe this will make him come back with an “I’m Sorry Princess” gift, but to be honest I don’t really care.   Now let’s ridicule him and his small worthless dick!!

Image00001 Princess Update!



New clips in My Kinkbomb store! Click the picture to buy!!

Be My Wishlist Slut

nikkiswishlistslut Princess Update!



toohot Princess Update!


Loser Computer Nerd

payupnerd Princess Update!


One of My pets, brandon,  received an assignment the other night – to write Me 50 reasons why I’m awesome.  Here they are!!

1.        You have the most perfect skin tone I’ve ever seen.

2.       You have a wicked sense of humor.

3.       You’re a Princess.

4.       You can wrap any man around your finger at any time.

5.       You have luscious, perfect breasts.

6.       Your ass is hypnotic.

7.       Your name means “Victory of the People.”

8.       You made non-humiliation videos just for me.

9.       You care about my fetishes.

10.   You give some of your time to complete losers.

11.   You’re so well-traveled.

12.   You have excellent taste in bikinis.

13.   Your feet are heavenly.

14.   You’re classy and never show yourself naked.

15.   Your smile makes me melt.

16.   You have haunting eyes.

17.   You keep yourself in peak physical condition.

18.   You don’t put up with shit from others.

19.   You share your pictures with me.

20.   You make money because you’re hot – how awesome is that?

21.   Your presence online is like the sun – it brightens my day.

22.   Your stomach is stunningly smooth.

23.   You care about your family.

24.   You’re a princess.

25.   You put up videos to share regularly.

26.   You’re a compelling conversationalist.

27.   Your boobs can turn a man into a zombie.

28.   You can call yourself a Brat without it being a bad thing.

29.   You take my worship of You seriously.

30.   Your voice is incredible.

31.   You make it all seem so easy. Everything.

32.   You’re completely honest.

33.   Men literally worship You.

34.   You inspire men to do their best for You and Your attention.

35.   You’re very technologically savvy.

36.   You are wonderfully forgiving.

37.   I can’t get You out of my mind, nor do I want to.

38.   You have incredible hips.

39.   Your hair is unbelievably shiny.

40.   You wear the best lingerie.

41.   You have incredible self-esteem.

42.   You just fucking rock it, girl.

43.   You know that You are worth a pretty penny and don’t compromise Yourself for guys.

44.   You allow people to glimpse your beautiful, perfect body on cam.

45.   You never exaggerate.

46.   Your lips make the most perfect little pout.

47.   Your face could start the second Trojan War.

48.   You are very creative in your demands.

49.   Your belly button ring is the epitome of sexy.

50.   You are a Divine Goddess, worthy of worship at all times.



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