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What You Missed In 2014

Hi guys! Welcome back. In my last proper blog, I shared my trip to Vegas that was not my best and I’m just gonna pick up there and zoom through the rest of 2014.

In August 2014, I went to Michigan to visit my family as I do every summer for my Grandma’s birthday. I also get to see Princess Mandy! I love going this time of year. AZ is just miserably hot, but MI is perfect, green and has Tim Horton’s Iced Cappuccinos.

micollage1 300x168 What You Missed In 2014

My airport travel style, green for miles, and my beloved Iced Cap!

While I was home, I took my mom out for a really nice seafood lunch by the waterfront. It was a really nice day for just the two of us.  I miss being by water so much!! Also, I still want to be reimbursed $100 for this. Send tribute at

lunchwithmomcollage 300x300 What You Missed In 2014

After some family time, I met up with Mandy to go to her place on the lake. She took me to get green juice and off we went!

beachcollage1 300x300 What You Missed In 2014

mybeautifullegs 300x300 What You Missed In 2014

Bugs love me! I have to keep my beautiful legs covered in bug spray!

beachcollage2 300x300 What You Missed In 2014So pretty up there! We ate well, walked on the beach, enjoyed sunsets and made REESE SMORES. OMG.

In September, the once-in-a-while financial drain addict popped up with a brand new Saks credit card. You may remember him from this blog post and this blog post from Ceara Lynch. $4k limit. What else is a Princess to do but max it out?? I had him buy me a $900 pair of gorgeous hot pink YSL Tribute sandals, 2 pairs of Louboutins around $1k each, a Gucci hat and belt, some clothes and an Alexander McQueen scarf. We went over the $4k and he had to pay it or I would not be a happy Princess! I always get shoes from him because, well, I love shoes, and I also like to tower over him. He’s a short little man haha. Height humiliation is so fun!spoiledbrat 300x168 What You Missed In 2014

In October, I pretty much skipped my birthday. My Grandma was really sick in the hospital and I went home to stay there with her. I love her so much and I’m sooooo happy to say she has fully recovered! Thanks to everyone for their well wishes and prayers.

Oh and I plan to have a birthday BASH this year haha. Wallets out!

November was pretty much just me getting back to normal, back to enjoying financial domination, making hot fetish clips, and draining wallets. I worked off all the bad food I ate when I was back home, ate healthy, worked out, walked my dogs, the usual. I had a nice, easy, low-key Thanksgiving at my brothers house and I needed that. I also loved my outfit!

thanksgiving 300x168 What You Missed In 2014

December started off with a big financial domination bang! An occasional drain addict of mine came around begging for a  major wallet rape. Ok sucker! He started with $1k and as I teased him in my bikinis and lingerie, I made him send me $10k total. Once the cash was in my account, I made a really hot custom video with it to really fuck him up! He probably won’t be back around for months, but I guarantee he can’t get me out of his head lol!

10kcollage 300x300 What You Missed In 201410kgif2 300x169 What You Missed In 2014$10k Stroke Session

Now guys, don’t get scared. I’m not going to turn you away because you can’t afford to give me $10k. I know not all finsubs can spend at that level (hell, this guy definitely shouldn’t have been! but he needed to!) and don’t expect that from everyone. I do have high expectations as far respect for my time. Whether you buy a 10 minute cam session for $100 or you go crazy showering me with cash, as long as you are respectful, there is a lot better chance the whole experience will be a lot of fun. Obviously, the more you spend, the more fun it is. This is findom after all!

December continued with some extreme spoiling like I deserve. Check out my piles of boxes! Mostly from my sissy Morgan/@PenisNonGrata and a couple piles from other slaves. Morgan helped me reach my biggest one day pile of gifts ever at 35 boxes! Impressive, though I am already excited to blow that 2 digit number out of the water. Yes, I want someone to make sure I get 100 boxes in one day. And yes, it WILL happen. I’m a spoiled findomme, of course I’m going to get what I want! Mmmmm and its going to be SO HOT.

spoiled findomme 300x225 What You Missed In 2014

Hmmm, what else? Oh yeah, I got highlights somewhere mid-December and I love it!! I don’t know how I had dark hair for so long. I totally forgot how much I LOVE my hair caramel blonde and I’m so so happy it’s light again!

picstitch 300x300 What You Missed In 2014

I really look hot both ways, but its always fun to switch it up!

I ended the year having a great time partying at a new club here, Livewire. Morgan paid for my girls and I to get a table and we drank Dom P and danced all night! Morgan loves to be a #GoodGirl4PrincessNikki 🙂

Image 225x300 What You Missed In 2014I’ll catch you guys up on 2015 soon! We have to talk about Vegas and Miami! Remember to buy my clips, worship & tribute at and buy me lots more gifts at!


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