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AVN 2016

This years AVN trip to Vegas was short, sweet and fabulous! I didn’t have the energy for a long week of shooting and partying in Vegas after my crazy Miami trip, so it was Friday and Saturday nights only.

I flew in on Friday afternoon, first class as usual.

Image9 300x150 AVN 2016

On my way to airport, blood orange margarita while waiting, and FIRST CLASS ALWAYS!

I decided to stay at Aria Sky Suites this time and had their Escalade pick me up from the airport.  Love that service! My suite was absolutely gorgeous. Panoramic floor to ceiling windows, stylish decor, heated toilet seat (love that in the middle of the night!), touch screen controls and a beautiful sexy bathtub. Perfect!

Image10 300x300 AVN 2016

Aria Sky Suites…fabulous!


I had planned to shoot a bunch of sexy clips in that big beautiful suite, but the universe had other plans for me. After primping myself to serious lingerie glam, I turned on my camera and guess what? DEAD. And no backup battery in sight and no charger either. Dammit! I didn’t both to get too upset though and just figured I was meant to party and nothing else!! My lingerie was insanely hot though…guess I’ll need a financial slave to pay for that suite again and soon 😉

Image11 300x300 AVN 2016

After my non-filming fiasco, I got ready while texting my friends and ready to start the party! I needed alcohol since this was clearly not much of a work trip at all. That’s okay though because networking has the word “work” in it and that’s my favorite type of work – the social kind!

I wore a red BCBG bandage dress (purchased by a loser!) with my nude Louboutins and new leopard Loubiposh clutch. I am OBSESSED with this clutch!!! I planned my whole outfit around it and can’t wait to get more colors.  Only $1300 to spoil me with another Loubiposh…someone WILL buy me the pink one.

FullSizeRender5 225x300 AVN 2016

That evening, Princess Ashley and I headed to Nobu at Caesars Palace (our favorite restaurant) to meet up with Princess Kaelin and Princess Breanna. I love these girls!! My Vegas Crew. Perfect party brats. We had an awesome dinner, though we didn’t take pics of anything. My $160 bill still needs to be covered wallets.

IMG 0694 300x185 AVN 2016

Princess Breanna, Princess Kaelin, Princess Nikki, & Princess Ashley

After Nobu, we headed to XS at Encore. Straight to a VIP table as usual. It was fun, but all of my friends had a long day of shooting and I was tired from traveling, so we didn’t stay long.

xs vip 300x225 AVN 2016

Saturday morning, I woke up not hungover because I was a good girl the night before. Went to Forum Shoppes to look for a party dress since I packed terribly and hated all of my clothes. I love the Holt store and found a gorgeous hot pink sparkly mini that was PERFECT.

FullSizeRender6 225x300 AVN 2016

Miss Tierra met me at my suite for some pre-drinking…Dom Perignon of course!

Image12 300x300 AVN 2016

Once Kaelin and Ashley arrived, it was off to the party at Hyde at the Bellagio. This is the best clip site and we love them because they treat their models awesome! We were spoiled as usual with 3 dance floor tables, the best ones in the entire club. The Dom Perignon Champagne Campaign continued as the servers brought out not one, but 2 Dom P Magnums with tons of sparklers and even a Rocky theme haha!

IMG 9647 300x200 AVN 2016

IMG 0695 300x225 AVN 2016

IMG 0678 e1454716124172 225x300 AVN 2016

Breanna and I happened to get the best picture…are we IWC models or VS angels?

tumblr o1q7n963yW1twqtwbo1 1280 300x200 AVN 2016


What a fabulous night!! Thanks to iWantClips for doing it right – premium tables, premium champagne, private security and a professional photographer to capture it all!! I had a wonderful time 🙂

After Hyde, I had a few friends over for a small after party. We polished off the rest of the champagne and I went to bed praying I didn’t wake with a hangover (as usual lol). Luckily, Dom Perignon agrees with me very much and I woke up fine. I ordered room service and finished up packing before taking the complimentary Escalade to the airport.

Image13 300x300 AVN 2016

From Dom Perignon at Hyde to chicken fries in first class! LOL!

All in all, it was an easy and fun trip! No work, all play…just like it should be!

IMG 0356 300x200 AVN 2016

Thanks again to for a fabulous night with fabulous women! Loved meeting Mandy Flores & Sexi Raven Rae for the first time and it was great to see Sarah Diavola and Jason Ninja for the first time in awhile too. I was super excited to meet Miss London Lix as I have great admiration for her and she’s just as awesome as I thought she would be! Tierra, Breanna, Kaelin, and Ashley….you’re my girls for life, love you all!! XOXO!!