Phone Domination

Live Female Phone Domination Sessions
Ready for a live Female Domination session like you’ve never had before? Of course you are!  you don’t stand a chance at resisting this Perfect Femdom Goddess!

USA & Canada callers can call me though Niteflirt (intl, see Webcam info).  Niteflirt offers great quality calls, a double blind platform (I can’t see your personal info and you can’t see Mine), and convenience, especially for payment. New Niteflirt users who sign up through My link with get 3 free minutes to spend with Me!!

I offer phone with cam when you call Me on Niteflirt…make sure to purchase My ID’s below through Niteflirt so you can see Me live!!


My Niteflirt Listings!

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Here’s what some of My Niteflirt customers have to say about Me:

Perfect girl. Perfect body and uses it to get whatever she wants. Another absolutely beautiful video. I keep coming back for more while she giggles at me.!!”

Don’t even try and resist. Princess is too perfect

“Princess Nikki’s feet are irresistable. I just want to spend the rest of my days kneeling down at such perfection”

“Nikki is such a Goddess. She has the most amazing body and the cutest voice and face. She is very smart and commanding and so good at making me want to drop to her feet and serve her ”

“this girl is sexy squared, or sexy cubed or sexy to the infinity… i don’t know, i’m not thinking straight anymore. her legs are amazing”

You MUST pay for My ID’s if you want to chat with Me!  I prefer Skype b/c it is much a better platform than Yahoo…so start off right and please your Princess by paying attention to My preference!

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