Foot Fetish Friday! Pedicure Bitch

Hey footboys! I have some excellent news for you. I’ve decided that Friday is now dedicated to exploiting your foot fetish. Every single Friday morning, you will find a foot domination clip in my iWantClips store!! How awesome is that?! Now you pathetic foot wankers have something to look forward to all week. You’re welcome!

This weeks clip is called Pedicure Bitch 2. I need a new pedicure bitch!! Watch this clip, then email me to apply.

pedicurebitch2 300x168 Foot Fetish Friday! Pedicure Bitch

Pedicure Bitch 2

I need a new pedicure bitch!!! I had one, but he’s run his course and now its your turn foot boy. Why should I pay for my own pedicures?? I’m too pretty to pay. My feet are too pretty to pay!! Look at them!! Perfect size 8s, soft lovely wrinkled soles and adorable toes. Don’t you love that color? As my pedicure bitch, you will get special rewards like helping choose my pedi color and exclusive pics. How hot!! I can tell that excites a foot boy loser like you. It’s time to serve properly with a regular position as my pedicure bitch!


Vegas Again With A Major UGH

Two weeks ago, I went to Vegas unexpectedly. You guys know I never really MAKE plans to go unless someone I want to see is there or one of my friends really wants to go and convinces me. That said, I’m not all that hard to convince. Party, shop, be fabulous? Ok!!

My BFF from Toronto, Miss A, called and let me know she would like to come out to Scottsdale for a long weekend, go up to Vegas for 2 nights and then back to Scottsdale for 2 nights. She had 2 friends in Vegas and was dying to see me, plus I think she wanted to show off her fabulous American friend to her girls from Toronto. Like I said, I’m not that hard to convince as long as the company is good and I love this girl. We had never been to Vegas together either and I had been begging for her to go with me since I was still in love with Vegas lol. Finally I was going with my most fabulous girlfriend!

She flew in early Thursday morning. By early, I mean 10 am 😉 First, we stopped for green juice (nutrients!), then went to my place so she could see My fab home and rearrange her luggage. Below is one of the many reasons I love this girl. Yes, she traveled with a LV bag full of nothing but designer shoes!!

vegasblogsept2014 2 300x225 Vegas Again With A Major UGH

Louboutin and Valentino heaven boys!

By noon, we were on the road in my fast and sexy all black BMW on the way to Vegas. This was also our first road trip together!! I haven’t seen this girl in almost a year which was for 2 nights that flew by. Our previous visit was 2 years ago and not that long either, so we were super super excited to see each other. The drive from Scottsdale to Vegas is GORGEOUS and gave us the perfect 5 hours to catch up. I don’t think we stopped chatting once the entire drive!

vegasblogsept2014 4 300x225 Vegas Again With A Major UGH

Road trip Princess-style

When we arrived in Vegas, we went straight to see her friends at the Cosmo. We planned to stay with them the first night, then check into Encore once her gf”s other friends arrived on Friday.  These girls were so so cool and fun!! A little wild, but just enough haha. We polished off a bottle of champagne as we got ready and then headed out to dinner at Blue Ribbon Sushi in Cosmo.

missA 199x300 Vegas Again With A Major UGH

Miss A and I at dinner

Ordered a lot of drinks and a tiny bit of food lol. Super skinny city bitches…the fabulous blonde Russian said one of my favorite lines of all time…”we eat air!” lmao! After dinner, we had an hour to kill before clubbing so we went back up to the room to touch up our makeup and take pics.  Look how hot we are!

vegasblogsept2014 6 225x300 Vegas Again With A Major UGH

Miss A, Miss K and Myself

Next it was to The Cromwell to check out the new Drai’s nightclub on the roof. I had not been there yet and was super excited to see all the hype. Maybe it was too early when we got there, but I was kind of bored and not impressed!! We tried to make it fun, but ehhhh not worth it. We waited for Princess Breanna to get there, then we hopped in her sexy new luxury car and headed over to Tao. I’m not a huge fan of Tao because well…been there, done that, but it ended up being super fun!! Great music and Breanna knew a local host there with a great table next to the DJ booth. Perfect. The night turned around and we ended up having a blast!

photo 4 3 225x300 Vegas Again With A Major UGH

Tao with Princess Breanna

Around 3:30 am, we decided it was time to leave. Miss A had a long flight from the east coast, plus a road trip AND a night out in Vegas. After saying bye to the other girls, Breanna drove us back to Cosmo and we headed up to the room ready to wind down. Well that didn’t happen! We walked in and were kind of confused as to why the lights were on and music still playing. I remembered shutting off my Bose speaker before going out because it always sucks when it dies on a party trip. As we turned the corner, one of the girls (not anyone pictured) was fucking some dude in our bed!! The girls had gotten a room with one king bed and a couch, but immediately offered us the bed when we arrived and said they would take the couch because they know what divas we are lol. However, the bed looked a lot less attractive after seeing strangers fuck in it. I wasn’t mad or anything (get it girl!), but yeah. Once she went to his room, Miss A and I called Encore and asked how much for an EARLY early check in. An extra $100 got us a room at 5:30 am, so we packed up and left! It was just easier and more comfortable for us. 4 girls, one bathroom, one bed…NOT IDEAL. Snobby bitches OUT haha.

Ahhh, the Encore. Upscale, comfortable, and significantly less douchey than the Cosmo.  We washed off our makeup, put on our expensive face lotions and wished each other good night. Sweet sweet sleep!

Once we woke, we felt great! Switching to Encore early was a great move because I honestly don’t think the other girls went to sleep.  Miss A and I both NEED our sleep in between party nights, so we woke up in a great mood. First mission of the day was food. I love the Wynn/Encore because you can order green juice and other fresh juices from a couple restaurants AND from room service!! We headed to Society Cafe for 2 juices plus some fried mac n cheese bites for me (yes to grease mmmm) and some vegan soup for her, then 2 more juices. She was super excited to stay there because every restaurant in Wynn/Encore has vegan offerings. I think we spent $90 on lunch for 4 juices, an app and a bowl of soup 😀 Worth it.

After lunch, we headed back up to the room to get ready to meet the girls at Encore Beach Club. Blahhhh. I had gone last summer with Princess Lyne and even though we blew money on our own daybed, it got really douchey and trashy towards the end of the day and we were happy to leave.  Too many people getting trashed and sweaty, shaking their unfit pale bodies in the bright sunlight EW. Don’t get me wrong, there are SOME beautiful people there, but the times I’ve gone haven’t been the best. Maybe because I always seem to end up there on a busy weekend day, idk. Miss A and I said hi to our friends, had one drink and promptly left.

Back up to the room to chill and get ready to go watch my first MMA fight! Yes I know, last place you picture Princess Nikki right? Miss A had another girlfriend in town for her first big fight  and really wanted to go support her, so I was down. It was the kind of the fun low-key thing you need to do in between daytime stuff and late night parties in Vegas. I really enjoyed it! Her friend did not win unfortunately, but it was nice to go and support her.

Post fight, it was a mad dash back to Encore to get ready in a flash and meet Breanna for a fab night. We were going to Light, which I mentioned in my previous Vegas blog is my new favorite club in Vegas! They really provide an amazing experience with the incredible Cirque performances.

photo 2 1 2 300x225 Vegas Again With A Major UGH


vegasblogsept2014 1 225x300 Vegas Again With A Major UGH

More footboy heaven…YSLs + Louboutins + Louboutins = your destruction

So this is where the UGH comes in…we are all having a great time at Light and I look over at Miss A. She says something about wanting to take off her shoes. WTF? Miss A never EVER takes off her shoes. Hello, did you see her suitcase?? Girl has style! I’m thinking she’s just really drunk and Breanna and I know its time to go. She runs ahead to the valet while I help Miss A get out of the club and into Breannas car, thinking WTF is going on? Miss A is my party buddy and I’ve never had to take care of her, never seen her take off her shoes. This was bad and I knew she wasn’t just drunk. She was really hot as I got in the back seat with her and I knew she was gonna puke. In Breannas car. In Breannas 2 week old 2014 luxury car. Fuck me.

So what does a BFF/car lover/fashionista do? I dump out my Jimmy Choo clutch and let Miss A barf in it 🙁 new BMW and new friendship with Breanna saved!!! LOL. Bye bye Jimmy Choo clutch. I loved you very very much and you loved me…

vegasblogsept2014 9 300x245 Vegas Again With A Major UGH

RIP my love 🙁

I am so thankful to Breanna and eternally grateful to her. She let us stay at her house and helped take care of someone I love. Awesome awesome girl!!! Hit up her wishlist and send a gift boys! Princess Breanna’s Wishlist

Poor Miss A. She wakes up in the morning and has no clue of anything, which I guess is something to be grateful for. That and the fact that nothing worse fucking happened! OMG. Could have been so so bad. Friends and others, please watch your drinks in Vegas. Every local we told, even the saleswoman at Chanel, said they knew someone it happened to. Even guys get drugged, but robbed not raped. Mostly…I think. Funny/sick/weird some of you losers would jerk off after a heartless bitch robbed you! Or the other way around. But seriously, don’t let it happen to you losers because I deserve your money and friends, I love you ladies so please please be careful!

So of course we drove to Vegas on the trip this trip. This trip where Miss A got a heavy dose of GHB and the lingering effects were pretty bad. There was no driving home through the pretty mountains for 4.5 hours. Hmmm, how much is the Encore tonight? $922? Fuck you Steve Wynn. Paid.

So Miss A fell asleep early and I had a pretty miserable expensive Saturday night of doing nothing in Vegas. I didn’t wanna leave the room, deal with guys, smokers, etc. Blahhhhhh, I couldn’t wait to GTFO as is usually the case.

Next morning, Miss A was in much better shape and after packing up we headed to Wynn Esplanade shops. Miss A needed some retail therapy to take the Vegas edge off and as soon as she bought 2 pairs of shoes at Alexander McQueen, she announced, “ok. I can mayyyybeeee come back to Vegas. When its not hot.” Love her.

The drive home was nice and honestly, the driving was probably my favorite part of the weekend because it was the most we got to talk and enjoy each others company. It really sucked that she was leaving early the next morning. This fuck that drugged her fucked up most of our first weekend together in a long time and I hope he rots in hell.

So on that note….I really wanna see Miss A again. Soon. Who wants to be my favorite? Who wants to buy her a ticket out here for this fall/winter?? About $400 ish and you can send southwest.com gift cards to brattynikki@gmail.com or you can email to discuss further trip wallet financial slavery and/or cover more expenses when she visits.  Remember….good boys PAY!!!

Ok, I’m done with this blog because I didn’t really enjoy writing the second half. This trip was June 26th and I started it around July 11th, then quit when I got to the sucky part.  A very expensive weekend with a serious lack of return on fun. Luckily I don’t have to worry about the expensive part, but still. Not fair!

Anyway…clean my dirty Vegas designer shoes slave!!

vegasblogsept2014 7 225x300 Vegas Again With A Major UGH

Remnants Of Vegas 2


— Princess Nikki

January 2014 Update

Happy new year to My readers!! I am so so excited for 2014 and especially excited to see My income grow even more as it does every year! 2013 was extremely successful, so cheers to you boys! LOL.

Ok, so lets catch up. Mid December I went to an amazing charity event held at My friend’s custom exotics showroom. It was SO FUN. Champagne flowing all night, everyone in glam white, a performance by an opera singer and a violinist that tours with Jay Z and a Michael Costello fashion show!! And of course, beautiful cars and beautiful people. Here is a photo of Me in front of My favorite…don’t you think a hot Ferrari would suit Me perfectly?!

findom bratty nikki 1 300x225 January 2014 Update

Check out My gorgeous Saint Laurent heels and this beautiful MB SLS Roadster!

findom bratty nikki 2 268x300 January 2014 Update

Christmas was pretty low key for Me! The last two years I cooked for My huge family, so it was a relief to not have to do it this year. I was pretty spoiled as usual, though I didn’t get a lot of gift cards before Christmas, so didn’t purchase as many Toys For Tots this year. Shoutout to My few boys that came through on that list, it really does mean a lot to Me!

findom bratty nikki 4 300x225 January 2014 Update

Since the Toys For Tots wasn’t as impressive this year, I made a large monetary donation to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Feel free to tribute Me back for that and make 2014’s donation even bigger 😉

btn ext buy now 136x34 January 2014 Update

My gift pics from My boys are rolling out on Twitter finally. Domme Dose has a summary of many of the recent pics in this blog post – http://dommedose.com/main/domme-tidbits/bratty-nikki-gift-post-2/

Oh yeah I posted a gorgeous face pic on Instagram, which you can see in that blog post above or obviously on My Instagram page! http://instagram.com/brattynikki

Hmmm, what else? Oh, New Years Eve! I went out to fab party in the best gated community, but didn’t stay long. Pretty much only went out to countdown to 2014, then came home shortly after. Didn’t feel like starting the new year feeling like shit, so kept it low key this year. I loved My outfit though…so seductive in this low cut red dress and lace tights!!

findom bratty nikki 3 225x300 January 2014 Update

So many of you boys LOVE My luxury life, so I shot a cool video for you while driving My sexy BMW through My fancy neighborhood. Perfect song too! Picasso baby #princesslife Enjoy!

 January 2014 Update

Click this link!! Financial Domme Bratty Nikki Paradise Life

Lately I’ve been working out and eating healthy, avoiding alcohol…prepping for Vegas where I will shortly be undoing all of that hard work!! Yes it’s that time of year when all the Dommes meet up in Vegas during AVN/AEE. Here so fast already!! I’m so super excited, but also a bit anxious trying to get everything together, do all My high-maintenance brat prep (hair, nails, spray tan, facial, etc) and figure out My outfits. I wasn’t entirely thrilled with My outfit choices and it was totally upsetting Me! So of course I went shopping and picked up a HOT $240 dress then messaged My money slave to tell him he had the privilege of reimbursing Me for it. Of course, he thanked Me!! What an honor to dress My hot body on a Saturday night out with a bunch of the top financial dommes in the scene!! Lucky guy.

I’ll be shooting with Princess Lyne, Lindsey Leigh, Goddess Jessica, Mistress B, Princess Alli, Jasmine Mendez and possibly more!! So exciting!! Of course, we won’t only be working. All work and no play? C’mon!! We’re spoiled findommes. We will be enjoying expensive cocktails, dining on pricy sushi that was caught less than 24 hours before, dancing in the hottest clubs…I’m sure you know how I do Vegas based on My past blog posts!!

One money slave already tributed a large amount towards sushi dinner, drinks, lunch, My blowout and going out!! About $2k! HOT. All it took was one hour of My time, some hot pics, and some extra bratty words and the loser fell HARD. Love it!

I will have clips releasing the whole weekend I’m gone so you can worship Me plenty while fantasizing about My awesome trip!! Buy them at clips4sale.com/40635

Ok boys, I’m out. Getting an early night so I have plenty of time to get everything I need done before leaving.  See you after vegas! Bye!

— Princess Nikki

Findomme Friday Financial Domination Wallet Seduction 3/23/12

Wondering just why I am entitled to your cash?  Why so many men are seduced by My  brand of financial domination? Of course you have! you have been fantasizing about giving in…drool, puppet.

av2Photo on 2012 03 09 at 19.34 51 Findomme Friday Financial Domination Wallet Seduction 3/23/12

I command you to stare at My perfect financial dominatrix Goddess body. Start at My seductive red heels. Follow My long legs up to My gorgeous luscious ass.  Admire the curve of My waist and drool over this incredible bodystocking that I am wearing.  No money slave can resist My perfection for very long.  I am seductively greedy and you can’t help but give in!!!

New clips for admirers and losers to worship Me!!!  Go buy them ALL!!!

spoilmyfeet Findomme Friday Financial Domination Wallet Seduction 3/23/12Spoil My Beautiful Feet

timetoserveproperly Findomme Friday Financial Domination Wallet Seduction 3/23/12Step Up and Serve Properly

strokeandspend Findomme Friday Financial Domination Wallet Seduction 3/23/12Stroke and Spend JOI

heelslegsass Findomme Friday Financial Domination Wallet Seduction 3/23/12Heels, Legs, Perfect Ass

Ok boys, I will do a real update soon!! Probably after the weekend. Go Spend!!! http://amzn.to/f2XjVS


My Experience With Kinkbomb, Chargebacks, and Poor Customer Service – please come to your own conclusions

Hi Ladies,

I know some of you have been wondering about the drama that is going on surrounding Kinkbomb.com. I’m going to tell you about my whole incident with kinkbomb.com from the very beginning.  I am just going to number each incident, so this remains clear.

1. Back in May, I received about $2500 in tributes on kinkbomb from a customer. As usual with large transactions, I kept any evidence he gave me.  August 8, I receive an email from Troy at Kinkbomb, saying the customer is going to file and probably win the chargeback.  He asked me for any info/evidence I had, which I provided.  At no point, during our conversation did he mention the chargebacks would come out of my account.  (see attachment 1)

attachment 1 august 8 email My Experience With Kinkbomb, Chargebacks, and Poor Customer Service   please come to your own conclusions

2. Sept 23 –  Troy emails to let me know that I am now a featured studio.  Notice the chargeback dispute is not mentioned whatsoever in the email.  (see attachment 2)

attachment 2 sep 23 email My Experience With Kinkbomb, Chargebacks, and Poor Customer Service   please come to your own conclusions

3.  Sept 27 – I emailed Kinkbomb to to let them know I have not received my check for August.  (see attachment 3)

attachment 3 sept 27 email regarding my august check 300x71 My Experience With Kinkbomb, Chargebacks, and Poor Customer Service   please come to your own conclusions

4. Sept 27 – Troy responds and lets me know that my account has a $2k negative balance due to the reversals and I will not be getting paid until that negative balance is paid back.  (see attachment 4) However, in the email, he also states that the chargeback is NOT final and the customer has not been awarded the chargeback as of yet.  I am disappointed and frustrated because it is extremely unethical and just plain bad business for a couple reasons – the money has yet to be awarded to the customer and they give me zero notice of this via email OR my studio pages, certainly knowing that I wouldn’t send my traffic there if I wasn’t going to get paid.  He emailed me days before to let me know about the featured studio thing and could have mentioned it then, but did not.  There is nothing in my sales pages to indicate a negative balance whatsoever.

attachment 4 sept 27 email kinkbomb response1 300x158 My Experience With Kinkbomb, Chargebacks, and Poor Customer Service   please come to your own conclusions

5. I am irritated at this point. Not only because of the money, but on principle.  I thought about it over the week as I was in the process of moving, but knew that I would be disabling my clips at the very least until this was properly resolved.

6. Oct 1 – I decided to delete my content/studio entirely today.  I first deleted everything via ftp, then went into my studio to delete everything.  I could not find the button to delete my entire studio, searched their support page and this came up when I entered the words “delete studio” into the search box. (see attachment 5)

attachment 5 search query delete studio 300x21 My Experience With Kinkbomb, Chargebacks, and Poor Customer Service   please come to your own conclusions

Who owns the content that I publish?
You, the Studio Owner, own all content that you publish unless you terminate or violate your contract with Kinkbomb.com

I tweeted the above screenshot to Kinkbomb asking for clarification and began looking for more evidence regarding this.

6. On Kinkbomb”s “Create A Studio” page, no where does it mention they will EVER own any of your content.  (see attachment 6)

attachment 6 terms conditions on signup page 300x169 My Experience With Kinkbomb, Chargebacks, and Poor Customer Service   please come to your own conclusions

Once you click that you agree to these Terms and Conditions,  which again, do not state any thing about Kinkbomb having ongoing rights to your content after you or they delete your account, it takes you straight to the page where you enter your personal information.  Now, IF you happen to you click on their Terms and Conditions link at the bottom of the page you find the following  “#11 – Upon termination, any content that is not removed by the Studio at the time of termination will be deemed property of Kinkbomb and Kinkbomb may decide to continue selling content at Kinkbomb’s sole discretion.”  However, these are not the Terms and Conditions that they have you agree to on the signup page!  I encourage you to look at this on Kinkbomb for yourself.  (see attachment 7)

attachment 7 secondary terms conditions regarding termination of acct 300x34 My Experience With Kinkbomb, Chargebacks, and Poor Customer Service   please come to your own conclusions

Upon realizing that any content that is left in my studio before deleting will become theirs according to their Terms & Conditions, I start deleting my products one by one.  As I am in the process of this, they DELETE MY STUDIO without my consent, thereby attempting to own my remaining content according to their Terms & Conditions!  I am sure they did this b/c they are worried about my tweets affecting their business and the fact I refuse to push any traffic there or sell any clips with the way they are handling the chargeback dispute.  No sales from me and I’m informing girls of their business practices? Deleted.

No one should EVER own the right to our content unless we agree to it!  Placing the termination agreement in a secondary Terms & Conditions page that is not included in the terms and conditions page upon signup is extremely dishonest and unethical.  Also, I am worried that they will now claim to own my content since THEY chose to delete my studio without my consent while my products remained.  If that is so, they can own anyones content if they choose to delete their studio for whatever reason (such as notifying other girls of dishonesty on twitter, like I did).

So in summary, this is why I am no longer using Kinkbomb:

  • chargebacks can happen up to 6 MONTHS after the original transaction
  • not once did they even notify me I would have to pay back the money from the chargeback
  • they did not notify me of the negative balance in my account until I asked them where my check is, even though they emailed 4 days earlier to feature my studio(something I stupidly thought they were doing to be kind) which they have only ever done when I was a new studio.
  • they admitted in email that the dispute was not final and IMO, putting my account in the negative balance before its final is stealing from me
  • their Terms & Conditions are shady, they do not give you the full T&C before clicking “I agree” and signing up, nor do they even link you to it and encourage you to read it
  • they deleted my account without my consent and now possibly claim to own the remaining content. I suspect this is because I tweeted to inform other girls and wanted answers, which is going to affect their sales AND there is clearly no money for them to gain from my account

In closing, I must say a few things.
1. I will be seeking legal counsel on Monday.

2. My intention is not to bash them.  I am merely presenting FACTS for you to consciously make your own decision (a courtesy that they do not give you upon sign up).  This email is regarding business ethics alone.

3. I refuse to do business with anyone if they engage in unethical business conduct.  Giving me a negative balance before the chargeback dispute is final, failing to notify me of the negative balance, the dishonest terms & conditions, and deletion of my studio because I started tweeting this info and demanding answers is all very dishonest and unethical in my opinion.

4.  Kinkbomb has tweeted me the following:

Kinkbomb Kinkbomb
@bratty_nikki If you decide to terminate your studio with us we pull all of your content from the site. You always own your content.
2 hours ago

They are stating I always own my content, which is a direct contrast to their hidden Terms & Conditions, which are not included in the Terms & Conditions you agreed to when signing up as a studio.

You can see their tweets to me for yourself on twitter.  I am sure because of the backlash from this, they will change their policies if they are smart business people. However, this has added up to too much distrust for me to use their site again and I think its important studios know why.  In my opinion, if they change their business practices and policies, it is not for the right reason. It will simply be because they have to in order to survive.  I feel that its that old saying fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.  I WILL NEVER ALLOW THEM TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ME EVER AGAIN.  No matter what outcome at this point, I want nothing to do with them or their site as a whole.

5.  Anyone who has had issues with chargebacks on Kinkbomb is encouraged to contact me. I am seeking legal counsel and intend to demand evidence that they actually fought these charges instead of giving up, especially since mine were not random tributes from brand new customers chargebacked the next day, but 4 months later after they had already paid me and I also supplied them evidence to fight the chargebacks.

I have consulted a business owner who also has a merchant account and they informed me of the following:

Many won’t know this unless they have had a merchant account themselves, but Visa (the most widely used credit card) has a 1% chargeback rate.  If you go over 1%, you pay higher credit card processing fees and if you approach 1.25-1.5% chargebacks you risk losing Visa as a credit card processor. I want evidence that they fought these chargebacks and didn’t just give it back to avoid reaching that 1%.  Visa allows you the option of fighting or just giving it back and if they just give it back, it won’t affect their 1% chargeback rate.  All credit card agencies have these practices, but Visa is the most stringent.  Its easier for them (ALL adult businesses, not just Kinkbomb) to lay down and give back the money than it is to fight it and they would rather it come out of our pocket than their own via higher processing fees.  They could all band together and sue the credit card agencies, however that would cost a lot of money and its easier to continue making money off us and keep that processing rate low than it is to fight for the people that make them money.  As you know KB takes 40% on their basic earning level,  so lets say hypothetically on a $500 order, they make $200. What is easier for them – giving back $200 they did little work for or being ethical and fighting the chargeback, which would require a lawyer and thats likely to cost them more than the $200? So guess who they side with – the very same people who steal from us, then chargeback, as this costs KB nothing more than the $200 and doesn’t run them the risk of making slightly less profit margin.

This frustration is regarding business ethics and business ethics alone.  I want girls to be aware of this and decide for themselves.  I know this was very long, but I think its important that all of you be aware. Consulting a lawyer may not get me/us anywhere, but I believe its worth a shot.

Furthermore, they have my email through my account and my twitter and have yet to contact me personally.  They did not inform of this chargeback until I asked about my check, as it stated in my account that I had a POSITIVE BALANCE.  I, like many other content producers, count on my cash flow on a monthly basis. I am appalled that I was only informed of a negative balance upon contacting them regarding my August check.

Not a single representative of Kinkbomb has contacted me personally to resolve this in a private manner.  It has been about 5 hours since I initially discovered their hidden Terms & Conditions, which I, like you, have not agreed to at the time I am writing this.  This is not about drama, rather simple business without emotions.  Their owners/partners/associates publicly tweet about drama running girls lives and it being because of hormones.  Nothing to do with hormones, simply unethical, shady, dishonest and irregular business practices that no other content for sales sites seem to abide by.  I have reviewed several of the other content for sale site and do not find this anywhere (hidden or not).  So tweeting in attempt to distract others from investigating the truth about Kinkbomb’s business practices is just another of many shady things they are up to.

I hope everyone recognizes this as a professional and factual response, not drama.  I encourage all involved to deal with it in the same way.

I want all of you to know this email is also being sent to Kinkbomb, as I do not want them or anybody claiming that I am trying to hide anything as these are simply the facts.  This will be my last direct communication with Kinkbomb.  As of Monday, all communications between Kinkbomb and myself will be via my attorney.

Thanks for listening ladies and if you have any questions feel free to email me.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Bratty Nikki

Turks n Caicos Bikini Pic

Just posting a slightly larger version of My new avatar because well, ITS FUCKING HOT!! Lol.

Image000012 Turks n Caicos Bikini Pic

Now go visitMy Amazon Wishlist Turks n Caicos Bikini Picbecause I’m so damn sexy!!

Time to Worship!!

Image000032 300x225 Time to Worship!!

Hey you little paysluts!! My femdom goddess worship cam is on for the night until I am done with you wankers!! I am wearing My favorite push up bra that looks SO GORGEOUS with My beautiful tan. I am so ready to abuse your pathetic wallet and your pathetic cock, laughing My way to the bank as you whimper!! Mmmm, financial domination is so fun!! Call Me now loser!!!

Call Me on Niteflirt

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Sky Brand BRAT

DSC01191 300x225 Sky Brand BRAT

Ooooh, check out all My new Sky Brand I received for Christmas!! Losers, you are looking at over $800 in dresses and tops!! 2 were from usemeplease and 2 from My newbie that I am molding into the perfect pet. I love getting whatever I want!! I am now at 8 dresses and 2 tops with more on the way. Princess life rocks.

Now I am sure you pathetic losers would much rather see Me in the dresses, but you will just have to wait til I get around to making clips in them. SPEND SPEND SPEND!!

Clips from Paradise for My losers!!

Wow!! My life is so much better than yours!! I’m hot, I’m gorgeous, I’m spoiled and I get to vacation in fabulous tropical paradises quite often!! Life is good. And I am so generous, I am even taking the time to share it with you!! Actually, I’m so greedy, I was filming clips here and there in the tropics, laughing about how I’m using My vacation to further empty your wallet!! Enjoy boys!!

Greedy Boobs in Paradise

My boobs are so greedy for your cash, I’m even teasing you on vacation!!! you will never be able to resist Me after worshiping My perfect cleavage, listening to the waves crash on My 5 star vacation. I deserve every dollar and I’m taking it from your sorry ass…9+ minutes!!

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Addicted to My Perfect Feet

Mmmm, I’ve had a wonderful first night in paradise, dancing it up and having great time. But Princess can’t go to bed with aching feet!! I allow you to rub My perfect feet, then tease and torment you with My pretty toes and soft soles…over 7 minutes of My lovely Princess feet!

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Expensive Ass Ignores you

Relaxing on the beach at My private villa can be so tiring at times, I can’t even be bothered to talk to your worthless self. All I want is to whip you further into submission with My perfect curvy ass in your face!!! Be grateful losers!!

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Mmmm, more presents!!

DSC011901 300x225 Mmmm, more presents!!

Hello My pets!! I’ve been under the weather a bit this holiday season, but at least My Christmas presents helped Me feel better. I love being so spoiled. Of course, this is only a small portion of the gifts I received…I have more on their way to Me from My USA mailbox!! And obviously, I am only showing off My favorites, you losers sending those small worthless gifts don’t get a mention until you spend much more! So of all the gifts, I really love My white coat (submissiveaussie) and My new Tiffany necklace (usemeplease)!! Good work boys. I really love My new flat iron too, My impossibly gorgeous hair looks even more perfect! I just finished the Lost series (which I LOVED) and the encyclopedia is hard to put down at night. And the new Lush products in the tall pretty boxes, wow! Lush overload!! I’ve had some lovely princess baths with tons of fluffy bubbles and silky scented water…bet you wish you could join Me huh? Yeah right!!

I have new vacation clips out, My pets! Make sure you snap them up for Me and make Me happy. I will be online tonight to abuse you losers one last time in 2010!!