Spoil the Princess

Major Spoiled Brat Gift Post

Ok followers, finally! I have time to reveal some bratty princess gifts for you!  I love showing off how extremely spoiled I am, it is My favorite perk of being a money mistress.  And I have even more gifts besides these…My new macbook, My Linea Pelle bag, and more!  I just don’t time to photograph them for you right now…I leave for Jamaica in 3 days!!  And of course, I am completely busy before I leave so if you money slaves want cam time, you better be spending BIG on your cash princess.

Ok on to the gifts!  Originally I planned to give aussie matt a dedicated gift post since he sent Me so many presents, but I’ve changed My Princess mind.  He hasn’t done anything for Me lately and I am super busy, so I’m lumping it all into one giant  financial domination gift post.   Enjoy looking and feel pleased at how spoiled your bratty princess is!

Image00002 300x277 Major Spoiled Brat Gift Post

My pile of shoes from aussie matt

Image00003 300x216 Major Spoiled Brat Gift Post

Marciano boots from aussie matt – not sure I like them

Image00004 300x225 Major Spoiled Brat Gift Post

bebe stilettos from aussie matt – LOVE THESE

Image00005 300x225 Major Spoiled Brat Gift Post

Another pair of bebe sandals from aussie matt

Image00006 300x225 Major Spoiled Brat Gift Post

LOVE these bebe pumps from aussie matt!

Image00007 300x225 Major Spoiled Brat Gift Post

Rock & Republic pumps from aussie matt

Image00008 300x225 Major Spoiled Brat Gift Post

Black Rock & Republic pumps from aussie matt

Image00009 300x237 Major Spoiled Brat Gift Post

Sexy purple suede Rock & Republic pumps from aussie matt

Image00010 300x229 Major Spoiled Brat Gift Post

Cheap slutty heels for femdom clips purchased by aussie matt

Image00011 300x254 Major Spoiled Brat Gift Post

Gold sexy heels for femdom clips purchased by aussie matt

Image00012 300x225 Major Spoiled Brat Gift Post

Gorgeous crochet L Space beach coverup from aussie matt – LOVE THIS, highly recommend to the bikini/beachwear lovers!!

Image00013 300x206 Major Spoiled Brat Gift Post

Tom Ford shades from aussie matt – another hit, these are HOT!

Image00022 300x199 Major Spoiled Brat Gift Post

Citizens of Humanity jeans from aussie matt

Image00014 300x237 Major Spoiled Brat Gift Post

Trashy Lingerie set from aussie matt

DSC01419 300x225 Major Spoiled Brat Gift Post

Curling iron, shiny pants, and Vitamin bikini from loser craig!

Image00016 300x225 Major Spoiled Brat Gift Post

Beach Bunny bikinis from the Hautelook sale, purchased w/ gc’s from paypig usemeplease

Image00017 300x195 Major Spoiled Brat Gift Post

Juicy socks and Jessica Simpson sandals from foot fetish freak slave nycke

Image00018 300x225 Major Spoiled Brat Gift Post

Sky tops from submissive aussie and Vitamin A dress from usemeplease

Image00019 300x202 Major Spoiled Brat Gift Post

Rebecca Minkoff kindle cover and Tiffany passport cover from mr. worthless – he included a note saying he hopes I’ll travel with him someday….ha! Yeah right.  I don’t travel w/ losers PERIOD and especially ones that talk a big game and fail to follow through.  Ew.

Image00020 300x230 Major Spoiled Brat Gift Post

Rock & Republic shorts and Vitamin A bikini from usemeplease

True Religion shorts from mr worthless

Image00021 300x225 Major Spoiled Brat Gift Post

Not sure which pathetic losers these are from and I don’t care!!

Finally!!  Seems like this gift post took your cash princess forever!!  But I love showing you just how spoiled I am – it keeps you guys on your toes and keeps that wallet wide open for Me!!


Princess Update!

Hey wankers, money slaves and jerkoffs! I know how much you miss Me and well, I haven’t missed you, just your paypig cash! LMAO! Anyway, I am sure you boys looooooove the new financial domination site. Hot right? Of course, its mine! I love it and am so happy with how it has turned out. Of course, I am still tweaking and adding pages and content, so make sure you check back often to see new stuff.

Check out the new banners from Villianness Productions!!

brattynikki 480X60 brattynikki Princess Update!

brattynikki 250x150 brattynikki Princess Update!

So fucking sexy!!! Thanks babe, your designs rock! I highly recommend her to any ladies needing design work.

On to Me…February and March were both record breaking months for your cash princess!! Love it! I received many fabulous gifts as well and purchased My new macbook with amazon tributes from these pets:

  • roosterdude – $100
  • loser craig – $300
  • sandmonkey minion – $100
  • aussie matt – $300
  • charles – $50
  • submissive aussie – $100
  • warthog – $300

Good job boys!  I’ve had some serious action on My wishlist lately as well which has made your spoiled bratty princess VERY HAPPY.   I won’t receive those gifts til I get My huge shipment next week, but you won’t see those for at least 2 weeks because I’m off to Jamaica in less than 10 days bitches!!  See ya!!  I can’t wait to be drunk on a sexy beach wearing all My new bikinis!  Maybe if you are lucky I will find a bit of time to film some financial fetish clips for you bikini addicts.  I certainly have plenty to wear thanks to My pets.  I have several new ones in My gift post coming up soon.  Make that 2 gift posts actually – aussie matt sent Me a ton of stuff and then I have so much from My other pets that I will need to split all My gifts into 2 posts.  Oh! I’ve also purchased the $750 Linea Pelle carry on bag I’ve wanted for awhile (thanks to brandon, freddy, loser craig, and ESPECIALLY submissive aussie.  I loved being a spoiled money domme!!  Life is good.  Better than good, fucking fantastic!!

Make sure you check out My wishlist and buy Me even more stuff!  Obviously, you are more likely to get My attention when you buy Me expensive luxury items a cash princess DESERVES, but I realize not all of you can do that .  I have also added several bikinis and dresses in the $30-50 range for you boys that want to spend, but cannot afford the items I desire most.  I need these for all the hot new clips I’ll be shooting with My girl, financial domme GcupBitch, when I visit her in LV!!  Yes already planning My next trip before I leave.  I can’t wait!!  Vegas is perfect for us because we get so spoiled there, just like hot bratty princesses should be.  Of course, I will require tributes for all the expenses, but that will be after I return from Jamaica.  One of My slaves may be there at the same time and if he is, he knows that My shopping game is going to destroy him!!  Shopping trips with slaves are a MINIMUM of $1k…I don’t care to have you in My presence if you cannot afford to indulge Me in the luxury items I deserve.  And for vegas, that minimum goes up!!!  If any other slaves are interested in a live shopping expedition, contact Me and be prepared to prove yourself with lots of gifts and tributes.  I will not meet anyone that does not meet My financial domination spending standards!

Now I’d like to post a picture of mr non magnum….see why I call him that?!?! A whole 4 inches of worthless.  LMAO.  Well, I am done with this shrimp dick old perv, so I thought I’d post a pic of his worthless cock for all of you to laugh at!!!  I am calling him mr worthless from now on, unless he proves otherwise in a major $$$ way.   This guy hasn’t gotten laid in 7 years and you can see why!!  Maybe this will make him come back with an “I’m Sorry Princess” gift, but to be honest I don’t really care.   Now let’s ridicule him and his small worthless dick!!

Image00001 Princess Update!



New clips in My Kinkbomb store! Click the picture to buy!!

Be My Wishlist Slut

nikkiswishlistslut Princess Update!



toohot Princess Update!


Loser Computer Nerd

payupnerd Princess Update!


One of My pets, brandon,  received an assignment the other night – to write Me 50 reasons why I’m awesome.  Here they are!!

1.        You have the most perfect skin tone I’ve ever seen.

2.       You have a wicked sense of humor.

3.       You’re a Princess.

4.       You can wrap any man around your finger at any time.

5.       You have luscious, perfect breasts.

6.       Your ass is hypnotic.

7.       Your name means “Victory of the People.”

8.       You made non-humiliation videos just for me.

9.       You care about my fetishes.

10.   You give some of your time to complete losers.

11.   You’re so well-traveled.

12.   You have excellent taste in bikinis.

13.   Your feet are heavenly.

14.   You’re classy and never show yourself naked.

15.   Your smile makes me melt.

16.   You have haunting eyes.

17.   You keep yourself in peak physical condition.

18.   You don’t put up with shit from others.

19.   You share your pictures with me.

20.   You make money because you’re hot – how awesome is that?

21.   Your presence online is like the sun – it brightens my day.

22.   Your stomach is stunningly smooth.

23.   You care about your family.

24.   You’re a princess.

25.   You put up videos to share regularly.

26.   You’re a compelling conversationalist.

27.   Your boobs can turn a man into a zombie.

28.   You can call yourself a Brat without it being a bad thing.

29.   You take my worship of You seriously.

30.   Your voice is incredible.

31.   You make it all seem so easy. Everything.

32.   You’re completely honest.

33.   Men literally worship You.

34.   You inspire men to do their best for You and Your attention.

35.   You’re very technologically savvy.

36.   You are wonderfully forgiving.

37.   I can’t get You out of my mind, nor do I want to.

38.   You have incredible hips.

39.   Your hair is unbelievably shiny.

40.   You wear the best lingerie.

41.   You have incredible self-esteem.

42.   You just fucking rock it, girl.

43.   You know that You are worth a pretty penny and don’t compromise Yourself for guys.

44.   You allow people to glimpse your beautiful, perfect body on cam.

45.   You never exaggerate.

46.   Your lips make the most perfect little pout.

47.   Your face could start the second Trojan War.

48.   You are very creative in your demands.

49.   Your belly button ring is the epitome of sexy.

50.   You are a Divine Goddess, worthy of worship at all times.



Findomme Goddess Update

Hello My pets!! I know its been a good little while since I’ve updated My financial domination blog. I try My best to keep on top of it, but I get busy living My fabulous bratty princess life, ya know? My new financial domination site should be ready and live any day now and I know you paypigs are going to love it!! It will definitely be the best looking and hottest money domme site around. All the better to assist this greedy girl in taking more of your loser money slave cash! Of course, I did not pay for the new findomme site…as a cash princess I had one of My human atms pick up the tab (that would be mr. non-magnum). So I am very excited about that. I have lots going on in My bratty princess life right now…I leave for Jamaica in less than 8 weeks, but might be taking a side trip to St Maarten before that! I am hoping the travel dates work out with My travel buddy because St Maarten is My absolute favorite island!! The perfect place to blow through a lot of paypig cash. I might also take a quick weekend to vegas as well, money slave funded of course. We will see what happens, might be too overwhelming to take so many trips in such a short amount of time, but then again I love traveling so I am sure I will go every trip I can and just deal with it like the awesome money domme I am. I know, so hard right? Haha.

Slave updates…mr. non-magnum has managed to work his way back into My financial domination good graces for the most part. I am still wanting more cash from this wannabe human atm, but I know My stunning beauty and incredibly hot curvy body make this money slave extra nervous about giving up control to Me. I am taking it easy on him until he gets a bit more comfortable, then we will see where this financial domination relationship goes. He knows  that I have no patience for unsavory behavior now at least and has been on his paypig toes for the most part. freddy…took in a quick $650 from this loser paypig last week and I know he is dues for another financial fetish fix…here piggy piggy!!! One of My losers did not believe I took his cash in 28 minutes, so here is the screenshot from Niteflirt to shut his questions up. Add 30% (niteflirt’s cut) to the amounts you see and the total will be $650.

freddy 300x43 Findomme Goddess Update

Other money slave news…submissive aussie hasn’t been around so much lately, but at least he explained himself, said he didn’t want to bother Me if he wasn’t able to spend. What a good pet! He has sent Me a few gifts this month, which I will be showing off in a spoiled bratty princess gift post later this week. neil…still hasn’t come back from the extreme paypig wallet rape he received last time from Me. Ooops, might have scared him with the extreme financial domination/humiliation/CBT power I have over him…teeeheee. Come back neil, I promise to take it a bit easier on your loser paypig wallet. aussie matt…My new extreme gifter. I have yet to even cam with the guy and he has already bought Me TONS of bratty princess presents. I am going to be dedicating a bratty princess gift post just to him to show the rest of you financial fetish losers how its done, how a money mistress NEEDS to be spoiled. Well done, My new shopping pet. Of course, I’ve already added new items to My wishlist for you!!! I put em up, you knock em down!! Lol. billy…you dumb fuck. It is so frustrating dealing with you because you are so dumb. you know why. usemeplease…he is so totally My bitch in every way. Loser just cannot get enough of this financial domination Goddess. He is following his tasks and mantras very well and doing some nice spoiling for Princess too. you will see his gifts later this week as well. Oh and lets not forget the $1k tribute he sent Me!! I’m rather annoyed he didn’t change it into Canadian (which is worth MORE than USD) and save his money Domme the hassle, but what can you do? These paypigs and human atms are so dumb sometimes with their puny little man brains!!!
Image00004 300x225 Findomme Goddess Update

Kinkbomb!! I have added several new clips for you losers and you need to please your financial domination goddess by buying them NOW. Click on the pic for a full description of My sexy femdom financial fetish clips and to buy them of course. Now start spending!

KBStudio234x60 Findomme Goddess Update

Disgusting Ugly Fatso

doubleyuck Findomme Goddess Update

Perfect Ass Tight Dress JOI #2

myassownsyou Findomme Goddess Update

That’s My Bank Account Now!!

iwanteveryaccount Findomme Goddess Update

Oink for My Tits JOI

oinkoinkpiggy Findomme Goddess Update

These are only a few of the hot femdom financial fetish clips I have uploaded to My kinkbomb store and more hot cash princess clips are added near daily!!  Now spend for Nikki loser!!

Bratty Princess Nikki Paypig Gifts!

Hey losers, I know its been a bit since I’ve updated. Life is very busy as a gorgeous financial domme!! Life is very good to this cash princess as well. Some fabulous gifts have arrived since I’ve last bragged about how spoiled I am, including a surprise cash gift!! As a money mistress, cash is My absolute favorite gift, whether its straight up cash concealed in a present or Greendot Money Packs or Niteflirt/Kinkbomb tributes. Gifts rock too, but nothing makes My life easier than cash from My cash cows!! So what else is new in bratty princess land?? I have been very busy making lots of clips because you stupid shrimp dicks keep buying them up!! The more ways to take your cash the better….especially when I don’t even have to bother with you bitches. I just put them up for sale, you spend and fuck off!! Hahaha. I am definitely on a clip roll and have added several sexy items to My Amazon Wishlist for you boys to buy up for Me.  All boys who send Me gifts will get some pics of Me the item they purchased….boys who spend A LOT on their favorite financial domination goddess will get the clip for free, plus a special custom clip!!

Valentine’s Day…Fabulous!!  First thing in the morning, I check My email and what do I awake to?  Another nearly $200 bikini from submissive aussie!!  Nice!!!  Its by Luli Fama, My favorite new line and will obviously look AMAZING on My perfect Princess body.  Very good work from him, just a fabulous gift for being the awesome spoiled money domme that I am.  And considering he’s young, even better.  I know the more he makes, the more he will spend!!  I also received a Sky dress from usemeplease and some Rock & Republic jeans from nikkisoinker (formerly known as who the fuck cares? lol).  I allowed My real life pay pig to gift Me a nice fat giftcard for dinner/drinks with some of My girlfriends and a HUGE bouquet of hot pink roses.  Dinner was fabulous, then we got drunk and taunted some boys with our hotness, teasing bitches that we are.  Afterwards, I met up with FB for some drunken sex before heading home to find an anonymous $200 giftcard…nice, whoever you are!!

Slaves…mrnonmagnum (formerly known as S) has really failed and will definitely have to buy his way back in to My good graces.  Seriously, what kind of CHUMP wishes a money domme happy valentines day and does not send a gift?  I am done with him until he proves he’s not a complete worthless loser.  And of course, the only way to do that is to put cash in My hand and buy a nice big gift for being such an idiot.  Anyway on to a slave who knows what I want…  freddy is a new little oinking paypig that has been buying My femdom clips for awhile…this loser money slave is completely addicted to Me with just one cam session!!  Messaging Me while on business his trip, saying he can’t wait for Me to clean his wallet out again.  Hahaha.  Be ready for a serious wallet rape, My human atm!!  neil…haven’t heard from you in a few weeks and I know for certain you miss Me.  Still recovering from the last extreme wallet rape, My paypig pet?  Hhahahah.  Well recover faster, I’m a very greedy mistress!!!

Would you boys like see some of My beautiful gifts from idiot money slaves??  Of course you would!  And I want to rub your face in how spoiled My bratty princess life is, so its win win!

New Sky purchased by a very drunk loserwallet

Image000011 300x225 Bratty Princess Nikki Paypig Gifts!

New Express tops also purchased by loserwallet

Image00002 300x225 Bratty Princess Nikki Paypig Gifts!

Michael Kors watch from usemeplease

Image00003 300x225 Bratty Princess Nikki Paypig Gifts!

Also from usemeplease hidden below the watch…$600 cash!!

Image000061 300x225 Bratty Princess Nikki Paypig Gifts!

A Swarovski necklace from ??? can’t remember the jerkoffs name!! lol.

Image00004 275x300 Bratty Princess Nikki Paypig Gifts!

And finally, My new Ipod Touch!! Also from usemeplease, currently My best spender!

Image000051 273x300 Bratty Princess Nikki Paypig Gifts!

As you can see, life is going absolutely fabulous for Me!  I had a huge weekend on Niteflirt with My bratty princess femdom clips, lots of gifts purchased for Me and a cash tribute from My favorite paypig money slave.  I am working out a lot lately, so expect My beautiful Goddess body to look even MORE perfect!! I know, hard to imagine right?  The only thing that sucks in bratty princess world is the weather…might be taking a quick trip for some fun in the sun!  While you losers stay in loserville, working your money slave asses for ME!

Bratty Nikki Update

Hello dickheads…I know you losers love to know whats going on in My life and occasionally I’ll oblige you!  Life has been fab for Me, as usual.  I am having a new site made!!  I am so very excited for it, My girl at Starlet Studios is super talented and always makes very sexy designs.   I am definitely not technical enough to make My own site, but I am smart enough to pay someone who is!  I do plenty of the work on this site on My own and mostly pay for graphic design…by the way, I happen to be looking for a graphics slave…leave a comment below if you could be that loser.  Anyways, My new findomme site will be so hot and make it that much easier to take My cash from you stupid pay pig losers! I will have some great new buttons to click on for tributes and clips and My wishlist and some banners so My bitches can get out there and promote Me!!  Yay for new site!!  Coming Soon!

Fucking YouTube!!  Yes they have terminated My channel 🙁  Fuckers.  Like there aren’t tons of dommes on there doing the exact same thing.  So I will have to start a new channel and will post it here when I do…might take a week or so since I am a very busy money Domme.  Of course, My Kinkbomb and Clips4Sale stores are updated frequently with new clips, so just buy them!

Clips…My new clips have been selling like crazy and it has motivated Me to make lots more  sexy femdom clips to take even more of your cash!!  I will be shooting plenty this week and am always open to some fun, original ideas from My fans…email to brattynikki@gmail.com.

Twitter!!  I have finally become a Twitter-er(?)!  So you bitches need to follow Me…I post things like whats going on in My Bratty Princess life, new clips, pics of what I’m wearing on cam, My blog posts, funny and/or wtf slave news and plenty more.

follow me a Bratty Nikki Update

Slave news…well some slaves are awesome and some not so much.  I have a new findomme slut that keeps popping up and making Me happy with straight cash tributes…says he likes Me b/c everything I do is with a touch of financial domination and that My findomme clips are the best.  He asked why I don’t show My face in clips and I gave him the honest truth, “Duh, I totally am going to marry a billionaire!”  His response?  “Great plan!”  Lmao.  See, he gets it.  I’m not going to ruin My very wealthy and sparkly and expensive future by forever putting My face on the web for you cheap asses.  Wanna see Me?  Start. Fucking. Spending.  Its simple boys!  My other new slave S, who I unfortunately had such high hopes for, is a major fucking disappointment.  Yeah, he was good for some half-ass decent gifts like My new site and some Sky, but I think his wallet isn’t as fat and thick as he likes to claim.  My hunch is that its more like his worthless cock…barely 4.5″, not at all thick, AN EXTREME DISAPPOINTMENT.   He is welcome to prove Me wrong, but it will take a lot to convince Me!!  Finally, usemeplease…My #1 admirer surprised me a with Michael Kors watch that wasn’t on My wishlist, that I had just mentioned once during a cam show a month or so ago!!  Very thoughtful.  I have several other new gifts as well and a picture post will be coming at the end of this week.

Bratty Nikki Princess Life…I haven’t been going out as much because it is so BITTERLY cold here!!  So not so much partying unfortunately…I need a trip somewhere warm if I’m going to wear a tiny dress and heels!  And lucky Me, I think I even have one in the works!!  This is aside from My April trip to the Caribbean of course…a trip before My trip if u will lol.  Yes, My life is so much better than yours.  Socially, I’ve been hanging out with My bff during the day, doing the gym, tan, lunch, shopping routine for the most part.   The cold means I’m home more, so be grateful that I’m on cam a lot losers…get your fix now because you will barely see Me in summer!

A few small gifts…

DSC01255 300x225 A few small gifts...

Hey losers, I thought I should show off some of the gifts I’ve received lately…these are mostly just some small items from some nobody nothing losers that absolutely do not deserve to be mentioned by name. Still, all stuff I needed or wanted and I am always happy opening packages!! I do have some really nice awesome gifts that I am waiting for DHL to deliver this very moment, but I thought I would share these with My Bratty Nikki addicts. 4 travel books and one fashion book – I am starting a collection of travel and fashion books to be displayed in My condo. I think fashion and travel are My absolute two favorite subjects!! I have 3 pretty new bras in gorgeous sorbet colors that make Me dream of summer, a new flatware set and new gadgets for My kitchen (yes I cook, but only when its enjoyable for Me), some Hard Tail yoga pants (love them, girls you need these pants!), a tiny memory card that hopefully I don’t lose, and a new Rebecca Minkoff pouch for your money princess to hold your money!! Nothing too exciting, but My next gift post will make up for that…jewelry, Sky, electronics, clothing, YUM!

Some close-ups…

My new books!

DSC01260 300x205 A few small gifts...

New RM pouch (LOVE RM!!)

DSC01256 300x256 A few small gifts...

I wish DHL would get here with My exciting package!!! Being a money domme is so very fun, especially when you are a shopaholic addicted to stuff. you losers can’t get enough of spoiling your bratty princess and I love it!!

Spoiled Findomme Brat!

Image000011 300x225 Spoiled Findomme Brat!

Guess what fuckers? I have more presents!! I know, big surprise right? Being spoiled is so much fun, always a package to look forward to, packages arriving and not even knowing whats in them. Sometimes the surprise of CASH, My favorite! My life is so much better than yours, really!!! Anyway, I have more new Sky to add to My ever-growing collection…S bought the super sexy bright red one in the middle and that one is My favorite this time around!! My boobs just burst out of it and sexy cash clip I filmed in it is going to make you weak and fuck you over. I also have 2 Sky tops that are very nice, very sexy. One is from Submissive Aussie and one is from usemeplease. The white clutch by Jalda (love her clutches!!) is also from Submissive Aussie and I can’t wait for spring/summer so I can rock it…or maybe I’ll just go on vacation again so I can wear all this sexy stuff a lot sooner! Lol, anyway, usemeplease also purchased the FABULOUS Gucci shades, LOVE. He really is a good little pet…polite, respectful, completely in awe of Me and will do or buy whatever I say! The CK scarf and gloves sets are from an admirer that hasn’t spent quite enough $ yet to deserve a mention…HINT! And finally, My sexy new Vitamin A bikini from S. YUM. I have a thing for expensive bikinis and S is going to be addicted to indulging Me…his pathetic cock gets so hard just looking at Me, it is so easy and so much fun spending his cash!!

Some close-ups on My favorite stuff!!

Sky Dress

Image000023 300x225 Spoiled Findomme Brat!

Gucci Shades

Image000033 300x225 Spoiled Findomme Brat!

Vitamin A Bikini

Image00004 300x225 Spoiled Findomme Brat!

Later dickheads!!

Fat Stack of Cash!!

DSC01235 300x225 Fat Stack of Cash!!

Mmmmm.  Money.  Nothing quite does it for Princess like a fat stack of cash!!!  That is why usemeplease wins some MAJOR brownie points for this fabulous surprise he included in a gift…a candle to be exact.  At first, I was like, “What the hell, this loser only sent Me a candle and nothing else, not even several candles??”.  But then I pulled the candle out of the box to smell it and this wonderful surprise was at the bottom!!  Major Princess Smile!!!  Fabulous work, My pet.  I think a custom clip teasing you with all this cash is in order!!  I know it will get you more addicted, more addicted to sending MORE CASH!!

DSC01236 300x225 Fat Stack of Cash!!

$1300 bitches!!  Step your game up, you worthless wanking losers out there.  you need to start sending and sending a lot!! This doesn’t even cover My rent, not even close!!

I’ve also received a whole new box of fab presents which I’ll be showing off later in the week.  Lots of Sky (duh!) and a Vitamin A bikini, among other things.  Oh and My new hopelessly addicted wanker S is trying super hard to please Me as well…just paid My invoice for over $500 in design work for My new site!!  Yes, I’m having the site re-done to be more user-friendly and to take more money from you idiots!!

Presents for Princess!

DSC011941 300x225 Presents for Princess!

I love new presents and My absolute favorite of this bunch is My new Rebecca Minkoff!!! I just love the leather on her handbags, so smooth and sexy.    A fabulous $500 present from usemeplease, one of My favorite bitches!!  He is a hard working little pet and does everything he can to get Me what I want…JUST LIKE HE SHOULD.  Anyway, I also have some new gray Uggs from Submissive Aussie and they go perfect with My new purse.  As usual, I am not satisfied and am already thinking about another pair!! I had no idea they were so comfortable!!  But they aren’t the cutest, so trust Me, I would not be wearing these if I lived in Cali.  I also have My new bathroom set purchased with Amazon gc’s from one of My pets…I think the olive towels and zebra shower curtain makes for a sexy bathroom.  I also have some new tops from Express purchased with a gift card from another pet that doesn’t quite deserve a proper mention yet and some 7 jeans.   Pictured in the middle are the two new pieces in My Sky collection!!  This dress and top are so sexy, so blingy, perfect for Me.  And finally, in the lower right hand corner are some new panties for you losers to drool over!!  So hot right?  Bet you wish you could get in them…as if!!

Super Spoiled Pt 2

DSC01051 300x225 Super Spoiled Pt 2

Shoes, shoes, shoes!!! I love shoes and boots too. Obviously, those bebe thigh high boots are My absolute FAVORITE. So fucking hot!! And you pets will surely see them in a clip when I get back!! I love how I get presents, then use said presents to take even more $ from you. Life is good!! I also have 2 pairs of Havaianas (the best flip flops EVER), some super sexy Nine West ankle booties, a pair of pink Adidas classic shell toe sneaks (I love and collect the classic shell toes, BUY ME SOME), and the sexiest pair of Guess sandals. They match My silver bikini perfectly!! All of My perfect feet sluts that purchased these for Me were nicely rewarded…feeding their addiction gets ME more and more shoes. PRINCESS LOVES SHOES!! I added some new ones to My wishlist, so get to buying Me a new pair or two. I want to come home from fun in the sun to a bunch of boxes ready for Me to tear into!!!