Slave Advice

Be A Gentleman

What a concept. Gentlemanly behavior.  Pretty much dead save for a small percentage of you.

Here’s a hint boys: gentlemanly behavior makes you look GOOD. We are impressed when a potential money slave asks for financial domination/female domination WITH MANNERS. You would think this would be obvious to the inferior males, but trust Me…it definitely needs to be spelled out!

Don’t message with “hey” or “wassup”.  It makes you sound poor.  “Hi Princess/Goddess, I hope you are having a wonderful evening” is a kind thoughtful way to start and lets us know you can actually put together a full sentence (something you must be able to do to earn a proper income). Do not waste a superior females time. After your polite intro, ask for what you want…”I was wondering if I might be able to worship you on cam” or  “I’d like to pay you for some chat time” or whatever it is you are seeking.  All of you want something from Us. At the very least, you want some attention in some way…politely ask for what you want and you are much more likely to get it!

Another major don’t: Begging for attention on twitter. How tacky and classless some of you are!! Dangling an “I’ve got money” carrot is so unattractive and will only draw the lowest of “dommes”.  If you are truly interested in serving, contact Me in a private manner! You can email Me, use the contact form on My site, tweet Me and say you would like to DM and won’t waste My time, buy My messenger ID’s, etc. Its very easy.  So many “men” will post a pic of their casino winnings or bank balance with a “come and get it girls” type of tweet. Ew.

How you present yourself is everything. Do you want your first impression to a financial domination Goddess to be a good one or a bad one?  Being a gentleman, even if you are not a big spender, will take you much much farther than being a bratty asshole twat will. An entitled lazy attitude will get you nowhere but a blocked list.  Stand out from the crowd of self-absorbed fake money slave wankers by presenting yourself in a positive and desirable manner. Easy!

That is My financial domination slave advice for all of you…BE A GENTLEMAN!