Bitchy Princess

Princess update!!

Hi boys!! Wow, its been awhile since an update huh?  And this is a REAL update about My amazing life, not just a super awesome bragging gift blog post!  I have been soooooo very busy and just really not in a routine…so this post will be going back a bit to My Birthday!!

October 24, I turned 25.  It was a great day. I received several awesome gifts in the weeks surrounding My birthday and I am going to be sharing those soon.  Since My birthday was on a Monday, I didn’t go crazy for it or anything.  My boy came into town and treated a bunch of My friends and Myself to an amazing steak dinner. Not Morton’s this year for once…I chose Mastro’s City Hall Steakhouse in Scottsdale and it was FAB-U-LOUS!  I am a major steak lover and its usually always My favorite meal for a celebration.  I mean, I love french, italian, seafood, sushi, but a steak just makes it feel like a celebration, IMO anyway.  It was EXPENSIVE!!!!  Luckily, bills rarely come My way and certainly not on My birthday!!!  Financial domme moron, I pay for nothing.  Anyway, it was soooooo good and scrumptious. I looked sooooo damn hot in this red and black bebe dress it was crazy!! I even put out a video for you morons to worship Me on the most important day of the year.  Click on the gif to buy if you missed it!

happybirthdaynikki Princess update!!

Being a spoiled financial domme, I received soooo many awesome pressies for My birthday. As I should!! Those will be coming up in a future gift post.  I have so many pictures just waiting to be shown off so you boys want to spoil Me even MORE.  Funny how that works huh?  Anyway, My favorite presents by FAR are My Louis Vuitton Speedy (a bag I’ve wanted for awhile but always thought a boy should buy ) and My purple snake Christian Louboutin pumps. So fabulous!!  I love the Speedy, more than I thought I would and use it all the time!!! Also, special points to aliasboy! Being in Australia, he had to take some extra steps with the Saks gift cards for Me to shop at Louis Vuitton in their store and that is definitely appreciated!! It shows that My happiness is most important no matter how difficult it is to achieve…a lot of you should take notes, seriously.  And the Louboutins…fabulous and sexy as hell.  Good work usemeplease.  My devoted pic addict also sent Me several thousand in gift cards and I used them to buy a Bose surround sound system, a Margaritaville machine and some other expensive items I can’t remember without looking at the pics on My camera.  you will see them when I do another spoiled money domme blog post, which will be soon.

Didn’t get a mention?  SPEND MORE DUMBASS!!

All in all, I had a fabulous birthday!! I celebrated as I wanted and received everything I wanted.  No complaints from this domme!!

November seemed to fly by as usual…lots of gifts and worship and teasing.  My devoted pic addict spent so much money it made My head spin!!  Again, not complaining.  Keep My head spinning!!! Thanksgiving was spent with My family and was really nice.  My sister-in-law is a great cook, so I ate like crazy.  I went out shopping for Black Friday.  I’m not one of those crazy first-in-line-get-the-best-deal shoppers, no way.  That’s for you guys to do so you can spend more on Me!  I do like to go to the mall and shop leisurely and get in the holiday spirit.  The sales were so good, I ended up blowing through cash, but as usual, My accounts are full so it didn’t matter.  All I have to say is….I LOVE SHOPPING!!!!

December came quickly and in the beginning of the month I went to see Jay Z and Kanye West for their Watch the Throne tour.  Totally A-MAZ-ING!!!  One of the best shows I’ve ever been to and I have seen a lot!!!  I would not hesitate to see either in concert again.  So that was a totally fun filled party weekend in Vegas.  I stayed at the Wynn of course because I always stay there for the most part and as usual, went room service crazy.  I had to order their $8 croissant because who isn’t curious about an $8 croissant?  And its actually a $13+ croissant when you factor in the $5 delivery fee, plus tax and tip!!!  And it was worth every penny of the boys money, haha! I ordered a second one of course…I try not to eat stuff like that all the time, but hey its vacation and a party vacay at that, so bread was filling and delicious.  I had an amazing time and can’t wait to go back to Vegas!!! Next trip will be a girls trip with My BFF from Toronto, so be prepared to pay for that boys!! I can’t wait because vegas is ALWAYS better with all girls!!!

Being a financial domme and super greedy Princess, I considered December to be Christmas all month long and of course expected many gifts from My pets.  And I was not disappointed!!! If you check My twitter you can see some of the incredible piles and some photos of the gifts.  I will be blogging them shortly in the future.  I received so many and I am still feeling run down from NYE festivities that its hard for Me to recall them right now!! My favorites that stick out are the totally beautiful rose gold Brian Atwood pumps from aliasboy and My diamond Glam Rock watch from My pic addict.  The pumps are sooooo beautiful and unique, I’m in love with them and the watch is just My style and the perfect addition to My watch collection.  And I received many other gifts as well, the total on My amazon affiliate account was My best yet!!!  I am a very pleased Princess!!!

Christmas day, I hosted My entire family at My awesome house!!  And cooked for all of them too.  I was nervous since the most I had cooked for previously is 5 people,  but its pretty easy to do when you have an awesomely huge kitchen and all the best and newest toys haha.  Everything came out wonderful of course because I just win at everything I do.  The turkey was juicy, ham was tasty, and My signature mashed potatoes with prosciutto and parmesan knocked everyones socks off!!!  I will make an awesome trophy wife some day!!!

NYE was an awesome party at My place and everyone LOVED My fabulous home and entertaining skills. I bought a case of champagne and ordered a stripper pole for My hottie friends and I to play on, how is that for hospitality?!?! I shared a pic in My last blog post for you idiots, so go drool over that if you haven’t!!

So that wraps up 2011 for this perfect money domme!!!  A fabulous year indeed.  Like you expected anything less!!!

Princess Nikki

Happy 2012! New year, time to worship!!

Hey losers!! I know its already 5 days into the new year, but I haven’t felt like writing anything for you guys til now! Anyway, happy new year! I want to start you to start yours the right way, THE ONLY WAY, by worshiping Me…so drool over this pic from NYE!!

imagePhoto on 2011 12 31 at 22.59 3 Happy 2012! New year, time to worship!!

As you can see, I looked AMAZING!!  I had a great time too.  I had a bunch of friends over to My house since I did not feel like having to get home at the end of the night.  A money domme should not have to deal with such annoyances and since none of you have stepped up and bought Me that chauffeured Rolls Royce Phantom, I did not want to go out and deal with crowds.  I ordered a stripper pole and some dj lights with the gift cards from My pic addict, plus a bunch of champagne and had a totally rocking party at My awesome crib!!! Fabulous!!

So happy new year boys! I really had a fabulous 2011, as a financial dominatrix and in My personal life.  I moved from Canada back to America, road tripped across the country, took a few other vacations, moved into a luxurious dream home, turned 25, and saw one of the most awesome concerts EVER.  As a money domme, I have a stable of devoted boys that absolutely ADORE Me!  A successful, six-figure year for Me and more presents than I know what to do with! Of course, that doesn’t mean I am satisfied. I want more presents, BIGGER PRESENTS in 2012.  Bigger tributes, more servitude, more worship for the most perfect financial domme.  I am only accepting new slaves if they are willing to PROVE themselves and are worth My time this year, so if you are just a horny jerkoff, do not bother Me.

I am working another blog post, an actual update, for you devoted worshipers…til then, happy new year!!! And go shop My wishlist of course!!! Just because the holiday season is over does not mean the spoiling ends…it means you spend MORE!! Hahaha

wishlist banner Happy 2012! New year, time to worship!!

Princess Nikki

Princess Update!

Hey wankers, money slaves and jerkoffs! I know how much you miss Me and well, I haven’t missed you, just your paypig cash! LMAO! Anyway, I am sure you boys looooooove the new financial domination site. Hot right? Of course, its mine! I love it and am so happy with how it has turned out. Of course, I am still tweaking and adding pages and content, so make sure you check back often to see new stuff.

Check out the new banners from Villianness Productions!!

brattynikki 480X60 brattynikki Princess Update!

brattynikki 250x150 brattynikki Princess Update!

So fucking sexy!!! Thanks babe, your designs rock! I highly recommend her to any ladies needing design work.

On to Me…February and March were both record breaking months for your cash princess!! Love it! I received many fabulous gifts as well and purchased My new macbook with amazon tributes from these pets:

  • roosterdude – $100
  • loser craig – $300
  • sandmonkey minion – $100
  • aussie matt – $300
  • charles – $50
  • submissive aussie – $100
  • warthog – $300

Good job boys!  I’ve had some serious action on My wishlist lately as well which has made your spoiled bratty princess VERY HAPPY.   I won’t receive those gifts til I get My huge shipment next week, but you won’t see those for at least 2 weeks because I’m off to Jamaica in less than 10 days bitches!!  See ya!!  I can’t wait to be drunk on a sexy beach wearing all My new bikinis!  Maybe if you are lucky I will find a bit of time to film some financial fetish clips for you bikini addicts.  I certainly have plenty to wear thanks to My pets.  I have several new ones in My gift post coming up soon.  Make that 2 gift posts actually – aussie matt sent Me a ton of stuff and then I have so much from My other pets that I will need to split all My gifts into 2 posts.  Oh! I’ve also purchased the $750 Linea Pelle carry on bag I’ve wanted for awhile (thanks to brandon, freddy, loser craig, and ESPECIALLY submissive aussie.  I loved being a spoiled money domme!!  Life is good.  Better than good, fucking fantastic!!

Make sure you check out My wishlist and buy Me even more stuff!  Obviously, you are more likely to get My attention when you buy Me expensive luxury items a cash princess DESERVES, but I realize not all of you can do that .  I have also added several bikinis and dresses in the $30-50 range for you boys that want to spend, but cannot afford the items I desire most.  I need these for all the hot new clips I’ll be shooting with My girl, financial domme GcupBitch, when I visit her in LV!!  Yes already planning My next trip before I leave.  I can’t wait!!  Vegas is perfect for us because we get so spoiled there, just like hot bratty princesses should be.  Of course, I will require tributes for all the expenses, but that will be after I return from Jamaica.  One of My slaves may be there at the same time and if he is, he knows that My shopping game is going to destroy him!!  Shopping trips with slaves are a MINIMUM of $1k…I don’t care to have you in My presence if you cannot afford to indulge Me in the luxury items I deserve.  And for vegas, that minimum goes up!!!  If any other slaves are interested in a live shopping expedition, contact Me and be prepared to prove yourself with lots of gifts and tributes.  I will not meet anyone that does not meet My financial domination spending standards!

Now I’d like to post a picture of mr non magnum….see why I call him that?!?! A whole 4 inches of worthless.  LMAO.  Well, I am done with this shrimp dick old perv, so I thought I’d post a pic of his worthless cock for all of you to laugh at!!!  I am calling him mr worthless from now on, unless he proves otherwise in a major $$$ way.   This guy hasn’t gotten laid in 7 years and you can see why!!  Maybe this will make him come back with an “I’m Sorry Princess” gift, but to be honest I don’t really care.   Now let’s ridicule him and his small worthless dick!!

Image00001 Princess Update!



New clips in My Kinkbomb store! Click the picture to buy!!

Be My Wishlist Slut

nikkiswishlistslut Princess Update!



toohot Princess Update!


Loser Computer Nerd

payupnerd Princess Update!


One of My pets, brandon,  received an assignment the other night – to write Me 50 reasons why I’m awesome.  Here they are!!

1.        You have the most perfect skin tone I’ve ever seen.

2.       You have a wicked sense of humor.

3.       You’re a Princess.

4.       You can wrap any man around your finger at any time.

5.       You have luscious, perfect breasts.

6.       Your ass is hypnotic.

7.       Your name means “Victory of the People.”

8.       You made non-humiliation videos just for me.

9.       You care about my fetishes.

10.   You give some of your time to complete losers.

11.   You’re so well-traveled.

12.   You have excellent taste in bikinis.

13.   Your feet are heavenly.

14.   You’re classy and never show yourself naked.

15.   Your smile makes me melt.

16.   You have haunting eyes.

17.   You keep yourself in peak physical condition.

18.   You don’t put up with shit from others.

19.   You share your pictures with me.

20.   You make money because you’re hot – how awesome is that?

21.   Your presence online is like the sun – it brightens my day.

22.   Your stomach is stunningly smooth.

23.   You care about your family.

24.   You’re a princess.

25.   You put up videos to share regularly.

26.   You’re a compelling conversationalist.

27.   Your boobs can turn a man into a zombie.

28.   You can call yourself a Brat without it being a bad thing.

29.   You take my worship of You seriously.

30.   Your voice is incredible.

31.   You make it all seem so easy. Everything.

32.   You’re completely honest.

33.   Men literally worship You.

34.   You inspire men to do their best for You and Your attention.

35.   You’re very technologically savvy.

36.   You are wonderfully forgiving.

37.   I can’t get You out of my mind, nor do I want to.

38.   You have incredible hips.

39.   Your hair is unbelievably shiny.

40.   You wear the best lingerie.

41.   You have incredible self-esteem.

42.   You just fucking rock it, girl.

43.   You know that You are worth a pretty penny and don’t compromise Yourself for guys.

44.   You allow people to glimpse your beautiful, perfect body on cam.

45.   You never exaggerate.

46.   Your lips make the most perfect little pout.

47.   Your face could start the second Trojan War.

48.   You are very creative in your demands.

49.   Your belly button ring is the epitome of sexy.

50.   You are a Divine Goddess, worthy of worship at all times.



Findomme Goddess Update

Hello My pets!! I know its been a good little while since I’ve updated My financial domination blog. I try My best to keep on top of it, but I get busy living My fabulous bratty princess life, ya know? My new financial domination site should be ready and live any day now and I know you paypigs are going to love it!! It will definitely be the best looking and hottest money domme site around. All the better to assist this greedy girl in taking more of your loser money slave cash! Of course, I did not pay for the new findomme site…as a cash princess I had one of My human atms pick up the tab (that would be mr. non-magnum). So I am very excited about that. I have lots going on in My bratty princess life right now…I leave for Jamaica in less than 8 weeks, but might be taking a side trip to St Maarten before that! I am hoping the travel dates work out with My travel buddy because St Maarten is My absolute favorite island!! The perfect place to blow through a lot of paypig cash. I might also take a quick weekend to vegas as well, money slave funded of course. We will see what happens, might be too overwhelming to take so many trips in such a short amount of time, but then again I love traveling so I am sure I will go every trip I can and just deal with it like the awesome money domme I am. I know, so hard right? Haha.

Slave updates…mr. non-magnum has managed to work his way back into My financial domination good graces for the most part. I am still wanting more cash from this wannabe human atm, but I know My stunning beauty and incredibly hot curvy body make this money slave extra nervous about giving up control to Me. I am taking it easy on him until he gets a bit more comfortable, then we will see where this financial domination relationship goes. He knows  that I have no patience for unsavory behavior now at least and has been on his paypig toes for the most part. freddy…took in a quick $650 from this loser paypig last week and I know he is dues for another financial fetish fix…here piggy piggy!!! One of My losers did not believe I took his cash in 28 minutes, so here is the screenshot from Niteflirt to shut his questions up. Add 30% (niteflirt’s cut) to the amounts you see and the total will be $650.

freddy 300x43 Findomme Goddess Update

Other money slave news…submissive aussie hasn’t been around so much lately, but at least he explained himself, said he didn’t want to bother Me if he wasn’t able to spend. What a good pet! He has sent Me a few gifts this month, which I will be showing off in a spoiled bratty princess gift post later this week. neil…still hasn’t come back from the extreme paypig wallet rape he received last time from Me. Ooops, might have scared him with the extreme financial domination/humiliation/CBT power I have over him…teeeheee. Come back neil, I promise to take it a bit easier on your loser paypig wallet. aussie matt…My new extreme gifter. I have yet to even cam with the guy and he has already bought Me TONS of bratty princess presents. I am going to be dedicating a bratty princess gift post just to him to show the rest of you financial fetish losers how its done, how a money mistress NEEDS to be spoiled. Well done, My new shopping pet. Of course, I’ve already added new items to My wishlist for you!!! I put em up, you knock em down!! Lol. billy…you dumb fuck. It is so frustrating dealing with you because you are so dumb. you know why. usemeplease…he is so totally My bitch in every way. Loser just cannot get enough of this financial domination Goddess. He is following his tasks and mantras very well and doing some nice spoiling for Princess too. you will see his gifts later this week as well. Oh and lets not forget the $1k tribute he sent Me!! I’m rather annoyed he didn’t change it into Canadian (which is worth MORE than USD) and save his money Domme the hassle, but what can you do? These paypigs and human atms are so dumb sometimes with their puny little man brains!!!
Image00004 300x225 Findomme Goddess Update

Kinkbomb!! I have added several new clips for you losers and you need to please your financial domination goddess by buying them NOW. Click on the pic for a full description of My sexy femdom financial fetish clips and to buy them of course. Now start spending!

KBStudio234x60 Findomme Goddess Update

Disgusting Ugly Fatso

doubleyuck Findomme Goddess Update

Perfect Ass Tight Dress JOI #2

myassownsyou Findomme Goddess Update

That’s My Bank Account Now!!

iwanteveryaccount Findomme Goddess Update

Oink for My Tits JOI

oinkoinkpiggy Findomme Goddess Update

These are only a few of the hot femdom financial fetish clips I have uploaded to My kinkbomb store and more hot cash princess clips are added near daily!!  Now spend for Nikki loser!!