My Rules

Money Domme Bratty Nikki Rules of Servitude

1. Have money to spend – no cheapasses, no broke losers, no wannabe paypigs. I am a busy financial domination goddess and do not have time to waste on broke chumps.

2. Get on your knees – you will kneel in servitude before this cash Princess at the beginning of our live webcam domination financial fetish session. I will tell you when and if you are allowed to sit like a human being.

3. Refer to Me as Princess Nikki – Being a dominant female entirely superior to you, you must speak to Me with the respect I deserve at all times. I am your cash princess, the money domme of your dreams, so I am not just Nikki to you…you are a paypig loser, so you must call Me Princess Nikki.

4. You will ask for permission to touch yourself – Paypig, do not think that you have the right to make these decisions for yourself. You are nothing but a money slave and a toy for My bratty princess amusement. I am your money mistress and you will show Me respect by asking if you are allowed.

5. You will ask permission to cum – As this cash princess said above, I am entirely in control and I will decide when/if you are allowed any pleasure, My paypig. This is dependent on whether or not you have pleased MY financial fetish of exploiting you like a money slave should be.

6. You will ask to be dismissed – Again, you must respect your financial mistress. Do not just disappear or hang up the phone…say goodbye like a normal person, not some loser with zero social graces. Its just plain rude and as a top financial domme, I expect My slaves to be polite.

7. Always be respectful – Again, I must stress this for My financial fetish slaves. If you piss Me off or annoy Me in any way, you will be blocked immediately. I refuse to waste My time on anyone broke, cheap, annoying, overly disgusting, defiant, rude or disrespectful. I am a very spoiled financial mistress and I have plenty of paypigs and money slaves willing and begging to serve Me in the manner I desire. Don’t think I’ll hesitate for a second when it comes to blocking you.