1. Why don’t you show your face?

I am supremely gorgeous and I plan to marry someone extremely wealthy…I am certainly not going to risk My very promising AmEx Black Card future to entertain cheap random boys on the internet!   If you want to see My perfect bratty princess face in its entirety, you will be required to submit completely to My whims and desires and be a very obedient money slave.  And if you come here one day and this site is gone, know that I’m driving a car that costs more than your house and laughing My way straight to the bank!! I am not one of those Dommes who wants to take your money over the internet for years to come, I am a true cash princess and am after REAL MONEY loser. As in no pre-nup!! Lol. I always have been a dominant female and always will be…I certainly don’t need you internet freaks to satisfy that part of Myself.

In addition to that, I also run a fashion related business and My conservative clients would not be pleased with My kinky side displayed all over the net with My face attached to it. Keep in mind that I do this business because I truly enjoy fashion…it is not work to Me, its quite enjoyable because I love the fashion industry and being part of it. And any smart business person has several streams of income! Finally, I am just a private person when it comes to My kinky Domme side…I’m sure none of you losers would like your kinky shit plastered all over the internet with your face attached to it, would you? Understand?

I realize some of you won’t like this or will disagree with My personal comfort level and that is fine…move on to someone that suits you better. Its not like I even owe you money slaves an explanation, but some of you paypigs are too dumb to use your common sense to figure it out.

2. What are Princess Nikki’s fetishes?

My #1 fetish is MONEY.  I am a MONEY PRINCESS after all, losers.  I love cold hard cash, I love seeing My account balances grow and grow, I love spending it. Cash princess all the way. I also enjoy being worshiped and spoiled with gifts and treated like the Bratty Princess I am.  While financial domination is My absolute favorite fetish, I enjoy other fetishes along with taking your paypig money.  These include Ass Worship, Leg Worship, and Foot Worship…Goddess Worship in general!  I enjoy teasing foot fetish freaks with My perfect feet and pretty toes…foot domination is SO fun for Me.  My perfect feet, long legs, and gorgeous curvy ass were made to make a money slave like you fall to your pay pig knees and open that wallet!!  As a cash princess, I love forced intoxication or “forced intox” as many say…the dumber you are, the better for My bank account.  Humiliation is a favorite because, let’s face it, you deserve it!!  I love to tease and deny you losers while cleaning out your wallet! Sugar daddies who just want to spoil Me are fabulous as long as you understand that *I* am always in control, not you. Cuckolds are by request only, as I feel this is a more intimate D/s relationship.

3.  Can I see you naked?

Forget it pay pig, you are totally not worthy!!  You will never ever EVER see My perfect awesome nakedness. You are only good as a human atm!!!

4. What should I call you?

I am Princess Nikki to you.

5. What does Princess Nikki want in a money slave?

Generosity, obedience, servitude, graciousness

6. What does Princess Nikki dislike?

Obnoxious or disrespectful behavior, cheap losers, needy losers, liars

7. How old are you? When is your birthday?

This financial domination goddess turned 24 on October 24!! That makes Me a Scorpio…powerful, exciting, magnetic and determined are only some of My amazing traits, which certainly adds to My power as a money mistress. I absolutely love My birthday…as the ultimate spoiled bratty princess, I get everything I want!

8. How can I, lowly pay pig, begin serving the financial domination princess of My dreams?

Loser, you have finally found a purpose in your pathetic lonely life…serving Me.  I am the sexiest and best cash princess and I plan on making you My human atm.  The life of a financial domme is very busy, so I have specific steps for you to follow if you are a serious submissive pay pig.  Follow them to show you are serious about serving Me and pleasing Me…I have zero patience for losers who cannot follow directions from their money princess, so don’t mess up!!


–          Send a tribute (small or large, obviously I am a cash princess so the larger the better).  This is so I can see that you are not a time-waster and truly care about pleasing this amazing findomme goddess.  You may also send a gift from My Wishlist.

–          Buy My femdom financial fetish clips on Kinkbomb

–          Buy My Skype or Yahoo ID and contact Me on messenger or Email Me to alert Me of your tribute and desire to serve.

9.  Princess, I am intimidated by your power, what should I do?

If you are nervous to see the financial domination goddess of your dreams live, you may start by purchasing My super hot femdom financial domination fetish clips on Kinkbomb.  You can tribute Me on Niteflirt, Kinkbomb, and AlertPay.You can spoil Me by sending Me gifts from My wishlists or gift cards…all anonymous!  More information on tributing and spoiling your findomme goddess can be found on My Tribute Me page and My Spoil Me page.  As you get more comfortable and more addicted to My perfect bratty princess personality and extreme good looks, you will be overcome with the desire to contact Me and serve Me live with webcam domination and phone domination.

10. I am a money slave, but I am not into humiliation…can I still serve you?

Yes, just make this known to Me at the beginning of our conversation. Realize that even though I may not call you a loser, I am still superior to you and need to be served, worshiped and spoiled. And if you don’t want to be called a loser, don’t act like one. I would think this would be obvious, but some of you don’t want to be called a loser, yet want to shove random items in your ass on cam…HELLO! This makes you a fucked up loser and you will be treated as such.

11. I am a cheap broke loser completely undeserving of your cash princess attention, is there any way I can still serve you?

If you are broke and have no money to gain the attention of this financial dominatrix, you have a few choices.  Just don’t expect much from Me.  Start worshiping Me via My femdom clips on Kinkbomb, while you work harder and earn money to serve Me.  Buy Me the smaller gifts from My wishlist to show your devotion and thank Me for taking the time to make those femdom clips.  I love to receive new outfits and sexy items for My hot femdom financial fetish clips and these items are not too expensive.  Wouldn’t you love to see an outfit you purchased featured in a femdom clip?  HOT!!!

12. I love your financial fetish clips Princess Nikki, do you do custom clips for your money slaves?

I love making femdom clips and occasionally allow My paypigs to purchase custom clips…that is of course dependent on whether or not I am into your idea. Price is determined based on length, content, and My general mood on that particular day.