Foot Fetish Friday! Pedicure Bitch

Hey footboys! I have some excellent news for you. I’ve decided that Friday is now dedicated to exploiting your foot fetish. Every single Friday morning, you will find a foot domination clip in my iWantClips store!! How awesome is that?! Now you pathetic foot wankers have something to look forward to all week. You’re welcome!

This weeks clip is called Pedicure Bitch 2. I need a new pedicure bitch!! Watch this clip, then email me to apply.

pedicurebitch2 300x168 Foot Fetish Friday! Pedicure Bitch

Pedicure Bitch 2

I need a new pedicure bitch!!! I had one, but he’s run his course and now its your turn foot boy. Why should I pay for my own pedicures?? I’m too pretty to pay. My feet are too pretty to pay!! Look at them!! Perfect size 8s, soft lovely wrinkled soles and adorable toes. Don’t you love that color? As my pedicure bitch, you will get special rewards like helping choose my pedi color and exclusive pics. How hot!! I can tell that excites a foot boy loser like you. It’s time to serve properly with a regular position as my pedicure bitch!