Greedy Princess Gift Time Pt 4

Greedy Princess Gift Post Pt 4!!!  Finally, My favorite post, the one with the most expensive gifts 😉  I do love expensive lol.  And I love the power I have over My addicted money slaves, I love that they cannot stop doing their best to impress their greedy princess!!  The more I post, the more I brag about My spoiled Princess life, the more you want to spend!!  Some of you are totally fucked up, some are you are actually alright and none of you can stop.  Haha.

Let’s continue with more Sky…

DSC02237 300x288 Greedy Princess Gift Time Pt 4I bought these beautiful dresses at the Sky boutique on My road trip to LA.  LOVE!  The boutique is awesome and the 2 I came away with are so pretty and unique.  I call the leopard one My Beyonce dress and usemeplease has already picked up the tab on that one ($225).  One of you still needs to pay for the white one at $180.  Whoever volunteers will get a reward…if I have to MAKE you, you can pay $200 and NO reward like an idiot.  your choice.

DSC02239 300x200 Greedy Princess Gift Time Pt 4Click to make it big and look at the detail on this gorgeous dress!!!  Definitely one of My faves.

DSC02240 300x200 Greedy Princess Gift Time Pt 4Two more Sky dresses, also paid for by usemeplease.  Lots of leopard in My closet lately!!

DSC02243 300x211 Greedy Princess Gift Time Pt 4Sky top from aliasboy and Armani Exchange top from laundryboy

DSC02244 300x157 Greedy Princess Gift Time Pt 4Grill cover and velvet hangers from pic addict

DSC02245 276x300 Greedy Princess Gift Time Pt 4My new Weber grill from pic addict!!!

DSC02247 300x277 Greedy Princess Gift Time Pt 4Another Rebecca Minkoff Nikki bag…I just love this style! No I do not like it just because its the Nikki.  Its just a really great bag.

DSC02248 300x159 Greedy Princess Gift Time Pt 4My Macbook Air!!  Ok, I didn’t exactly NEED this…but I thought it would be fun to buy and great for traveling!! So light and thin, I love it.  Purchased by pic addict 😉

DSC02249 300x211 Greedy Princess Gift Time Pt 4And My 27″ iMac desktop computer!!  I kind of sort of not really needed this for clip editing.  Such a badass computer and looks great on My desk!!

$3k in Apple products this week!!!  Not bad at all lol.

imageDSC02339 300x200 Greedy Princess Gift Time Pt 4

My happy Apple family!!! RIP Steve Jobs

I’m going to end here because I like ending on expensive items the most!! This post is mostly all pricey items and I LOVE that. Since writing this a few weeks ago, I have already received TONS more gifts for My new home, but those will be featured in My next blog.  I have been a super extra spoiled money domme, more so than usual lately!! And of course, I am loving every second of it 😉

Now remember, MY BIRTHDAY IS OCTOBER 24TH!!!

If you don’t send Me a birthday gift, you are dead and gone to Me!!  I know you want to please Me in the only way you can, so get out your credit card, click on My wishlist and send Me a present for My 25th birthday!!

wishlist banner Greedy Princess Gift Time Pt 4

There are items I desire in ALL prices ranges, so no excuses boys!!