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Bratty Princess Gifts

Hello, My pets!!  I have an awesome gift post for you financial fetish losers.  I am such a spoiled bratty princess and I love to brag about it!!  And the best thing about this post?  I have held some gifts back!!  Yes, this is not quite all the gifts your favorite money domme has receieved…My newly addicted shopping fiend aussie matt has sent Me a TON of bratty princess gifts and those will be featured in My next gift post once everything arrives tomorrow.  I love being spoiled and this money slave knows that and delivers.  you’ll see.

Anway, lets get started with My many gifts!!  These first few pics of gifts are from My local slave…this findomme loser was BEGGING to take Me shopping even though he only had about $1k  to blow on his spoiled bratty princess.  Obviously, I want to spend more and you really can’t get many good designer items for under $1k, but oh well.  I love to shop!  Plus, I really wanted a new xBox!!

Xbox Kinect + Extra Controller + Games = $600 gift from local paypig mark

New tee and cargo pants from Armani Exchange from local paypig mark

Products from Bath & Body Works and Sephora from local slave mark

Lingerie from La Senza & Aldo costume jewelry for femdom clips from mark

Panties and tank tops from VS Pink from local money slave mark

Not bad for a cheap shopping day huh?  I love being a financial domme!!  So. Fucking. Spoiled.  Now on the rest…

New Sky dresses from usemeplease

2 Sky tops and a Marciano tank from submissive aussie

Uggs I made mr non magnum buy for My BFF

Sexy heels for My femdom clips from mr non magnum

Sexy outfits for femdom clips from mr non magnum

Roberto Cavalli shades from mr non magnum

Sexy stuff from hottiechaser, your_little_slave, and some anonymous jerkoff

New Rock & Republic jeans from money slave usemeplease

New Luli Fama bikini from submissive aussie and new L Space bikini from usemeplease

$200 gift card to from My new money slave loser craig…purchased a HOT bikini with this, coming soon!

Well, those are all the gifts (besides ones from aussie matt) and as you can see, I am a super spoiled cash princess.    I have a whole ‘nother box on its way to Me with even more gifts for this money mistress, so be sure to check back for that.

Also,  I need a new macbook boys!!  I have started to make each one of you tribute towards since after all, you paypigs get use out of it too!!  And in just over a week, I am very close to My goal.  Those of you that have yet to tribute, get on it asap.  What’s weird is that some of My regular slaves are missing from this list of those who are good to their spoiled bratty princess…you paypigs know who you are and better be prepared to make it up to Me in a BIG way.

  • $100 – roosterdude
  • $300 – loser craig
  • $100 – sand monkey minion
  • $400 – aussie matt

Not far to go now and I’m sure I will have that shiny new Macbook in My greedy princess hands very soon!!  If you haven’t tributed towards this yet for your money domme, click the link below and DO IT NOW!!

Send gift cards to



Turks n Caicos Bikini Pic

Just posting a slightly larger version of My new avatar because well, ITS FUCKING HOT!! Lol.

Now go visitMy Amazon Wishlistbecause I’m so damn sexy!!

Time to Worship!!

Hey you little paysluts!! My femdom goddess worship cam is on for the night until I am done with you wankers!! I am wearing My favorite push up bra that looks SO GORGEOUS with My beautiful tan. I am so ready to abuse your pathetic wallet and your pathetic cock, laughing My way to the bank as you whimper!! Mmmm, financial domination is so fun!! Call Me now loser!!!

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Sky Brand BRAT

Ooooh, check out all My new Sky Brand I received for Christmas!! Losers, you are looking at over $800 in dresses and tops!! 2 were from usemeplease and 2 from My newbie that I am molding into the perfect pet. I love getting whatever I want!! I am now at 8 dresses and 2 tops with more on the way. Princess life rocks.

Now I am sure you pathetic losers would much rather see Me in the dresses, but you will just have to wait til I get around to making clips in them. SPEND SPEND SPEND!!

Clips from Paradise for My losers!!

Wow!! My life is so much better than yours!! I’m hot, I’m gorgeous, I’m spoiled and I get to vacation in fabulous tropical paradises quite often!! Life is good. And I am so generous, I am even taking the time to share it with you!! Actually, I’m so greedy, I was filming clips here and there in the tropics, laughing about how I’m using My vacation to further empty your wallet!! Enjoy boys!!

Greedy Boobs in Paradise

My boobs are so greedy for your cash, I’m even teasing you on vacation!!! you will never be able to resist Me after worshiping My perfect cleavage, listening to the waves crash on My 5 star vacation. I deserve every dollar and I’m taking it from your sorry ass…9+ minutes!!

Buy it at Niteflirt or Clips4Sale!!

Addicted to My Perfect Feet

Mmmm, I’ve had a wonderful first night in paradise, dancing it up and having great time. But Princess can’t go to bed with aching feet!! I allow you to rub My perfect feet, then tease and torment you with My pretty toes and soft soles…over 7 minutes of My lovely Princess feet!

Buy it at Niteflirt or Clips4Sale!!

Expensive Ass Ignores you

Relaxing on the beach at My private villa can be so tiring at times, I can’t even be bothered to talk to your worthless self. All I want is to whip you further into submission with My perfect curvy ass in your face!!! Be grateful losers!!

Buy it at Niteflirt or Clips4Sale!!

Mmmm, more presents!!

Hello My pets!! I’ve been under the weather a bit this holiday season, but at least My Christmas presents helped Me feel better. I love being so spoiled. Of course, this is only a small portion of the gifts I received…I have more on their way to Me from My USA mailbox!! And obviously, I am only showing off My favorites, you losers sending those small worthless gifts don’t get a mention until you spend much more! So of all the gifts, I really love My white coat (submissiveaussie) and My new Tiffany necklace (usemeplease)!! Good work boys. I really love My new flat iron too, My impossibly gorgeous hair looks even more perfect! I just finished the Lost series (which I LOVED) and the encyclopedia is hard to put down at night. And the new Lush products in the tall pretty boxes, wow! Lush overload!! I’ve had some lovely princess baths with tons of fluffy bubbles and silky scented water…bet you wish you could join Me huh? Yeah right!!

I have new vacation clips out, My pets! Make sure you snap them up for Me and make Me happy. I will be online tonight to abuse you losers one last time in 2010!!

Super Spoiled Pt 4

And the finale of all My recent gifts…over $2500 in handbags!!!

LOVE!!! Mmmmm, I just love bags! So here I have 2 Jalda leather clutches ($200 or so each), 2 Rebecca Minkoff bags ($330 & $200), and finally the best one of them all….My Louis Vuitton Keepall ($1400) carry on bag for this very trip I’m on right now!! It is gorgeous and I even had My initials embossed on the luggage tag. This was a birthday present I decided to get with all the tributes I received on My birthday with the lions share of tributes going to usemeplease. Good pet!!! GREAT PET. you boys that contributed respectable amounts of $$$ have made Me a very happy girl!!!

I get home today and will be online sometime in the next day or 2…I know you boys miss Me and can’t wait to place that cash in My greedy little hands!! New clips and pic sets from paradise coming soon!!

Super Spoiled Pt 3

Part 3 of My perfect Princess life!! Mmmm, My favorite clothing label at present is Sky Brand. The dresses and tops are SO HOT and show off My perfect body so very well. I have been obsessed lately!! Most of these were from pets (big smile @ winkydink232, submissive aussie, and usemeplease!!!) and the other one I purchased Myself…seeing as the dresses and tops go for $150-200 EACH, you are looking at about $1k of My new obsession, Sky Brand. Buy Me more, BUY ME MORE!!! Amazon just started selling some of their line, so of course there are some on My wishlist! Good pets that spoil Me with Sky will get rewarded with a clip (not pics, but a CUSTOM clip only you will ever see) featuring Me in their very sexy seductive clothing. Now run along and BUY BUY BUY!!

My Amazon Wishlist!!

3 New Clips & 3 New MP3s

Hello jerkoffs!! I’ve decided to spoil you with 3 new clips and 3 new MP3s before I leave on My fabulous vacation. Oh yes, tomorrow while you are slaving away at your boring pathetic job and living your boring pathetic life, I will be living it up in a tropical paradise…sucks to be you!! Luckily you can get your princess fix AND make Me happy by purchasing all My new addictive clips and mp3s. I also have received tons of new presents that I just haven’t had time to blog about, so I’ve set the posts up to appear every few days while I’m away. Make sure you come back to see how wonderfully and extravagantly admired I am!!

My goal? To turn you into a complete ASS ADDICT. These tight jean shorts on My curvy ass will accomplish that in no time!! Now come be My ass slave loser!! 7+ minutes of My gorgeous ass right in your face, wiggling around and taunting you!!

Buy it NOW at Clips4Sale or Niteflirt!!

6 minutes of turning you in My leg worshiping bitch!! My legs are so long and gorgeous, you can’t resist Me!!

Buy the full clip at Clips4Sale or Niteflirt!!

And your plastic LOVES Me!! I’ve taken your credit cards again and I tell you exactly what I’m going to do with him as you stare at My perfect body. There is no resisting!! your credit cards practically melt when I rub them on My smoking hot body!! 8 minutes

Buy the full clip at Clips4Sale or Niteflirt!!

NEW!!!  MP3s for your Princess Fix on the go!!

1. Tiny Dicks SUCK!!!

5 minute MP3!!  Ewww, is your dick really that small??  Disgusting!!  The only thing is good for is My amusement!!  My small penis abuse will have your shrimp dick hard all day long!!

Buy it at Clips4Sale or Niteflirt!!

2.  Pay Up Jerkoff!!

6 minute mp3!!  Get your greedy Princess Nikki fix on the go…I clean out your wallet and remind you why you deserve to pay…because you are a jerkoff loser!!  My voice is so sexy, you can’t say no!!

Buy it at Clips4Sale or Niteflirt!!

3.  Can’t Stop Laughing!

5 minutes of My sexy hypnotic abusive laughter directed at you!!  There are so many reasons to make fun you, I can’t help but laugh My ass off! And I tell you exactly why jerkoff!!  Hey at least you are amusing right??

Buy it at Clips4Sale or Niteflirt!!

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