Hey dumbasses, I’m back!!

I know you fools have been wondering where I am…duh, I’ve been off living My fabulous life!! And when I’m having a good time, I’m simply too busy to be bothered with you losers unless you have earned a place in My inner circle of trusted pets. But I’m back now!! And I’m on Niteflirt taking your calls and raping your wallets tonight!! So be sure to call Me and get some of the spectacular use and abuse I know you crave.

I know you losers love hearing about My life, so here are some tidbits for you….I came home to a bunch of new presents!! Good work boys. I will be taking pictures and putting them up here for your viewing pleasure in the next few days. And I also have a BUNCH of awesome presents on their to Me from My USA mailbox. (If any international Dommes are interested in a mailbox/package receiving co, message Me, you will LOVE this service.) I can’t wait for that package as well!! Lots of good presents, but you will have to wait to see just how spoiled I am.

I have acquired a new very special pet…completely addicted to Me in the first 5 minutes of talking lol. Duh, I am irresistable!! We will call him S…S is so enamored by My beauty and perfect body, he calls for 2 hours, just draining that account right into mine!! He has also purchased some very nice gifts that I demanded without hesitation, which is appreciated. you losers will have to wait to see them. Anyways, I’m going to make sure he cannot get enough of My Princess World and completely submits to Me. I know it will not be difficult, I am everything he wants in a Mistress…that wallet and pathetic cock are SO MINE.

Plans for the weekend?? I have plans for shopping and lunch with My girlfriends on Saturday as long as its not too cold and snowy. Saturday night, I might have a date…I say *might* because its so fun toying with this dumb hot guy I met!! I know he is waiting by the phone for Me, hoping I’ll confirm and allow him the pleasure of My company. So amusing to make him sit around and wait and I know he will because…well, what man wouldn’t?!?! Lol.

Later losers!!

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