Super Spoiled Pt 4

And the finale of all My recent gifts…over $2500 in handbags!!!

LOVE!!! Mmmmm, I just love bags! So here I have 2 Jalda leather clutches ($200 or so each), 2 Rebecca Minkoff bags ($330 & $200), and finally the best one of them all….My Louis Vuitton Keepall ($1400) carry on bag for this very trip I’m on right now!! It is gorgeous and I even had My initials embossed on the luggage tag. This was a birthday present I decided to get with all the tributes I received on My birthday with the lions share of tributes going to usemeplease. Good pet!!! GREAT PET. you boys that contributed respectable amounts of $$$ have made Me a very happy girl!!!

I get home today and will be online sometime in the next day or 2…I know you boys miss Me and can’t wait to place that cash in My greedy little hands!! New clips and pic sets from paradise coming soon!!

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