Super Spoiled Pt 1

Hey dumbasses!! Its the first installment of all My new presents…I am living it up on the beach right fucking now and you are at work. HA! Since today is My first full vacation day, I am going to show you exactly what I’ll be wearing today. This ENTIRE outfit was purchased by My favorite gifter, Submissive Aussie. This is how you do it idiots. This is why he is My favorite. Buy Princess an outfit from head to toe and maybe you can be a favorite too!! Favorites get rewarded for their good behavior. Anyway, I have the Vitamin A bikini ($200), a Becca cover up ($70), Dior shades ($200? not sure and dont care!), some Steve Madden wedges ($100) that are perfect for vacation and of course, My Kindle!! I love it all and these presents pleased Me very much. Right now, I am surely laying on the beach in that sexy green bikini, drinking a mojito or pina colada and I LOOK SO GOOD. I’m sure you wish you were here with Me…dream on fuckwads!!

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