Spoiled Princess!!

So a few weeks ago I received a nice fat chunk of amazon gc’s all at once from My dedicated cleavage slut…as you can tell he is very addicted to Me and LOVES spoiling his Princess!!

And with said gift card, I bought a fabulous new camera!! I love gifts that make Me even more money. Since My gorgeous cleavage has this particular loser so head over heels, I was able to buy not only my expensive new HD cam, but all the accessories I wanted as well!! I spent all $850 on the cam, the extra long charge battery, the wall charger, a video light, filters, and a camera bag. Worth every penny!! I’m sure you can tell the difference in quality with My new clips and I can’t wait to use it on My vacation. Yes I will be scheming and filming clips to get even more cash out of you while I’m on vacation…what can I say?? I’M GREEDY!!!

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