Mmmm, more presents!!

Hello My pets!! I’ve been under the weather a bit this holiday season, but at least My Christmas presents helped Me feel better. I love being so spoiled. Of course, this is only a small portion of the gifts I received…I have more on their way to Me from My USA mailbox!! And obviously, I am only showing off My favorites, you losers sending those small worthless gifts don’t get a mention until you spend much more! So of all the gifts, I really love My white coat (submissiveaussie) and My new Tiffany necklace (usemeplease)!! Good work boys. I really love My new flat iron too, My impossibly gorgeous hair looks even more perfect! I just finished the Lost series (which I LOVED) and the encyclopedia is hard to put down at night. And the new Lush products in the tall pretty boxes, wow! Lush overload!! I’ve had some lovely princess baths with tons of fluffy bubbles and silky scented water…bet you wish you could join Me huh? Yeah right!!

I have new vacation clips out, My pets! Make sure you snap them up for Me and make Me happy. I will be online tonight to abuse you losers one last time in 2010!!

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