3 New Clips & 3 New MP3s

Hello jerkoffs!! I’ve decided to spoil you with 3 new clips and 3 new MP3s before I leave on My fabulous vacation. Oh yes, tomorrow while you are slaving away at your boring pathetic job and living your boring pathetic life, I will be living it up in a tropical paradise…sucks to be you!! Luckily you can get your princess fix AND make Me happy by purchasing all My new addictive clips and mp3s. I also have received tons of new presents that I just haven’t had time to blog about, so I’ve set the posts up to appear every few days while I’m away. Make sure you come back to see how wonderfully and extravagantly admired I am!!

My goal? To turn you into a complete ASS ADDICT. These tight jean shorts on My curvy ass will accomplish that in no time!! Now come be My ass slave loser!! 7+ minutes of My gorgeous ass right in your face, wiggling around and taunting you!!

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6 minutes of turning you in My leg worshiping bitch!! My legs are so long and gorgeous, you can’t resist Me!!

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And your plastic LOVES Me!! I’ve taken your credit cards again and I tell you exactly what I’m going to do with him as you stare at My perfect body. There is no resisting!! your credit cards practically melt when I rub them on My smoking hot body!! 8 minutes

Buy the full clip at Clips4Sale or Niteflirt!!

NEW!!!  MP3s for your Princess Fix on the go!!

1. Tiny Dicks SUCK!!!

5 minute MP3!!  Ewww, is your dick really that small??  Disgusting!!  The only thing is good for is My amusement!!  My small penis abuse will have your shrimp dick hard all day long!!

Buy it at Clips4Sale or Niteflirt!!

2.  Pay Up Jerkoff!!

6 minute mp3!!  Get your greedy Princess Nikki fix on the go…I clean out your wallet and remind you why you deserve to pay…because you are a jerkoff loser!!  My voice is so sexy, you can’t say no!!

Buy it at Clips4Sale or Niteflirt!!

3.  Can’t Stop Laughing!

5 minutes of My sexy hypnotic abusive laughter directed at you!!  There are so many reasons to make fun you, I can’t help but laugh My ass off! And I tell you exactly why jerkoff!!  Hey at least you are amusing right??

Buy it at Clips4Sale or Niteflirt!!

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