New presents and an update from Me

Hey losers! I know, I know you guys miss Me. I haven’t been posting much this week due to some family drama, a canceled trip, and My busy life in general. So what is new?? I booked My tickets to the Caribbean for mid December!! I am so excited!!! Where am I going you ask?? Well you will just have to wait til I get back to find out!! Unless you are one of the privileged few I share those deets with of course 😉 Anyways, its definitely somewhere spectacular and I am staying at a beautiful resort. Can’t wait to drink yummy frozen drinks all day while relaxing on the beach. Fab life losers!! I get to go on vacation and you losers get to pay for it lol.

Oh! I want you losers to make sure that ANYTIME you buy something from Amazon, you click through My link. Especially with Christmas coming up. I want you to pay Me in any way you can, I want as much $$ as possible and this is another way you can tribute Me. When you are doing your Christmas shopping for your boring wife or whoever exists in your pathetic world, click thru My link so I get the affiliate commission on it. The link will stay active to My affiliate acct for 24 hours and don’t worry, its totally anonymous. And since you can buy virtually ANYTHING to amazon without getting off your loser ass, if enough of you losers do the majority of your holiday shopping thru My affiliate links, it will add up to a nice holiday bonus for ME!!

Shop for shoes and accessories through!! They give a bigger commission to Me (15%!!) and you bitches know how much Princess loves shoes!! Free overnight or 2day shipping as well!

And don’t forget to send Me a gift or gift card while you are at it loser!! you know My hot body and sparkling personality deserves to be spoiled, much much more than anyone else in your life!!

Now back to Me!! I have some presents!! One of My Canadian losers sent Me a gift card to La Senza, one of My favorite lingerie stores. He knows I love to be spoiled with sexy things. And it was also thoughtful of him to take the time to mail Me an actual gift card, so I could enjoy of day of shopping at the mall versus e-gift certificates online. Good work loser. So yesterday I enjoyed a lovely lunch at an upscale healthy resto with surprisingly fabulous drinks before spending the whole gift card!! I picked up 9 bras, 5 pairs of sexy lace panties and a bottle of perfume. Also pictured is a sexy outfit a loser who needs to step his game up sent Me and 2 of My fave candles from Slatkin & co that came anonymously!!

Love it all!! Also Niteflirt has been having some problems lately…it may take you 2-3 tries to connect. If you can’t connect, message Me thru the webcam page here on My site to arrange for cam time. I can’t wait to abuse you and your wallet!!! Later boys!!

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