It’s My Birthday!!

I am having a fabulous wonderful birthday!! Last night, I went out on a champagne fueled, ass shaking adventure with My girlfriends. I was even kind enough to make a video for you before I went out, allowing you to admire My sexy outfit and demanding your credit cards!! What? you didn’t think I was paying, did you??? Lol!!

Its the most important day of the year! My birthday! And of course, you are paying. I tease you with My hot body, demand your credit cards, and allow you to kiss My perfect feet. Then I tell you to go fuck yourself. Literally!! 4+ minutes

Today, My phone has been ringing all day with lovely birthday wishes from My friends and family. I have lots of lovely presents on the way that I can’t wait for!! Don’t worry losers, you will see them as they arrive. Later tonight, I will be going to dinner at My favorite expensive steakhouse as I do every year. I will be eating oysters as an app and a sexy steak as My main. What will you be eating? your wifes pot roast?!?! Lol.

So I’m on NF for a few hours before I head out to dinner. I want MORE!! MORE tributes, MORE presents. And I know you wimps can’t wait to be used by Me, so make sure you call or msg Me and I will drain your wallet til its entirely empty!!!

And if you are too pussy to call, make sure you tribute the BIRTHDAY GIRL.

My Amazon Wishlist!!

Send gift cards to…do it NOW losers!! Happy Birthday to ME!!

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