40 Words to Describe ME!! Plus an update!

Hey losers, admirers, followers!! Long time no hear right? Well what can I say, I’ve been a busy girl!! Life of a Princess, duh!! I know you guys have missed Me terribly. And I’ve missed you. NOT!! LOL. I have been taking calls on NF here and there, just haven’t had time to pay attention to the blog and update regularly. I have been busy filming some clips for you to click, pay, stroke!! Those will be up in the next few days and I expect My little pets to snap them up with a quickness!! It will make Princess Nikki happy and of course, that is your #1 goal!!

In the meantime, here’s some words My new favorite pet Submissive Aussie came up with to describe Me. Clearly he is entirely addicted to yours truly!!

Breathtaking, Captivating,Stunning, Sublime, Alluring, Seductive, Glamorous, Tantalizing, Decadent, Assertive, Demanding, Vain, Spoiled, Pampered, Divine, Sexy, High-class, Flawless, Amazing, Confident, Superior, Intelligent, Adorable, Provacative, Powerful, Greedy, Materialistic, Self-indulgent, Overwhelming, Intoxicating, Mind-blowing, Perfect, Dominant, Controlling, Gorgeous, Bratty, Selfish, Inspiring, Beautiful, Exquisite

I think he summed it up fairly accurately!! Reading all those words just makes Me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Of course, its about My favorite subject – ME!! Some of you may be wondering how Submissive Aussie has become a fave…I know all of you want to serve Me better, worship Me better. Well, for one, he never whines or gets on My nerves. I hate whiners, I am the only one allowed to whine. And duh, he buys Me whatever I want!! To the tune of over $1k of gifts in only 3 weeks 🙂 Yes boys, you know that always puts a big smile on My perfect gorgeous face!!! So step your game up losers, I want more, I deserve more, and I know you want to give it to Me.

I will be on NF tomorrow taking calls and taking $$$…til next time bitches!!

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